GOP poised to cave on Obama USAG nominee, Loretta Lynch

So-called “Charm Offensive” is offensive

Politico reports on the one-on-one private sessions Loretta Lynch, Obama’s choice for U.S. Attorney General, is having with members of the U.S. Senate. Lynch, the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York is the hand-picked successor to Eric Holder, who is resigning from the administration’s top law enforcement post after a tumultuous term. 

Reports of the preliminary meetings sound like an effusive gush-o-ramas with smitten senators pledging their support.

Although Republicans vowed to use the nomination process to take on Obama over his executive actions nomalizing million of illegal aliens, in which he flagrantly bypassed congress, Lynch’s success serves as an early indicator she will sail through the confirmation hearings. This comes despite revelations of her controversial background which includes membership in a radical, anti-Semitic and pro-terrorist group while at Harvard Law School. The activities of the Black Law Students Association were condemned by the Harvard Crimson.

“I want to see what happens in the hearings,” Sen. John McCain unconvincingly droned. His following words were more honest, as he said, “But certainly I’m supportive.“  McCain and his senate doppelganger Jeff Flake said they have met with Lynch privately and are inclined to vote in favor of her nomination.

What a surprise. Don’t expect any tough questions from the always eager to acquiesce to the Left Arizona senators.

This Aug. 2012 post is a reliable remainder of the numerous liberals whose nominations John McCain and senate seatmate, Jon Kyl previously supported. They were solidly onboard voting to confirm leftist federal judges, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder (senate roll call vote) and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (senate roll call vote). The duo was likely in the tank for Janet Napolitano as Secretary of Homeland Security, although there was a sly omission of an on-the-record roll call vote for that contentious vote.

After the November shakeup in which Democrats were soundly defeated, Senate Republicans pledged to make their mark when they take control of the chamber in January. Making good on their pre-election promises appears unlikely given the current warm climate surrounding Loretta Lynch.

When immigration issues surfaced during her meeting with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Lynch told him she agreed with an opinion from the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel that found Obama’s executive action on immigration was legally sound, telling the senator the opinion was “well-reasoned.”

“We didn’t get into the details, but she’ll have to explain what that means,” Graham said. But “I’m not going to just say that anyone who disagrees with me about a particular legal issue is not qualified to serve.”

Get it?

11 Responses to GOP poised to cave on Obama USAG nominee, Loretta Lynch

  1. lowadobian says:

    A quick look at the Harvard Black Law Student facebook page picture shows it for the lawless, racist, anti-jurisprudence group that it is. Another Alinski-ite in power. And McCain & Flake stand around and pick their noses. What, no able lawyers from the rest of the country? How does a self-described minority end up holding the majority of these senior governmental roles? WHAT diversity?

  2. goodyearconservative says:

    What’s the point of having a Republican majority when they’re just gonna vote for the Demorats.

    2016 is around the corner. I really hope Gabby Mercer will run against McLame. She’s a legal immigrant who understands the dangers of amnesty. She could’ve beaten Grijalva, but sadly the GOP Chairman is a COC and John McCain lapdog.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      There is no point. Even holding the majority in both chambers, watch as the GOP cowers to the minorities and even the Dems.

      Although I’m a fan of Gabby Mercer and her message, she has run twice against well-funded Marxist race hustler Raul Grijalva and lost.

      We need to find another candidate to wage a successful campaign against McCain. It can be done. Other congressional long timers have been ousted. Look no further than McCain’s senate buddy Russ Feingold. He was a Democrat who was often more conservative than McCain. Sen. Mary Landrieu was crushed in the recent senate runoff. But let’s not forget what happened to former Congressman JD Hayworth when he took on McCain. He was outspent nearly 10 to 1 by McCain, in a campaign that was largely based on lies and into which the bono fide jerk Jimmie Lee Deakin was inserted to siphon off tea party voters. What credentialed Republican wants to go through that same political meat grinder?

    • azgary says:

      voting republican is now a mistake, they are wholly owned by a handful of people who have no concern with the best interest of our country or us citizens.

      “US Chamber of Commerce Threatens GOP on Immigration, Spending”

      Not only does the U.S. Chamber of Commerce think it is the only reason the GOP won in November, it is now threatening Republicans with opposition next go round if they don’t lay down and give the Chamber precisely what it wants, including on immigration, increased spending on transportation, and economic deals that sweeten the pot for big business.

      Naturally, the Wall Street Journal is there to carry the Chamber’s water:

      The U.S. Chamber of Commerce flexed its muscle in the midterm election, winning 14 of 15 Republican primaries in which it was involved and helping the GOP recapture the Senate. Now it wants the Republican majority in Congress to get to work.

      Forget small business, or the average Jane or Joe, the Chamber wants what it wants. Unfortunately, the WSJ either overlooks or is ignorant of how this would leave the GOP completely open to attack from the more populist wing of the Democrat Party. If, for example, a Hillary Clinton could win over that wing, and the GOP ran yet another Bush, totally beholden to corporatist America, 2016 might not be such a good year for Republicans, no matter how much noise the Chamber may make.

      Chamber Chief Executive Tom Donohue said in an interview that the GOP has two years to enact “a vigorous program aimed at meeting the needs of the American people” or risk losing their majority. The Chamber wants Congress to act on business priorities such as an immigration overhaul, transportation funding, tax breaks and trade agreements.

      And of course immigration is first on their list, with more government spending and big business-friendly financial policies right behind.

      Mr. Donohue wants Republicans to act on immigration despite the political furor created when President Barack Obama in November eased deportation rules for millions of illegal immigrants already in the country.

      “There’s one thing they could do right now, and quickly—pass a bill,” Mr. Donohue said, referring to the Republican outcry over Mr. Obama’s executive actions. “You’re the dog that caught the truck. Now, figure out what to do with it.”

      The Chamber head thinks the 2016 presidential race offers both parties further incentive to change the current system. “Would you want to run for president in either party if you were opposing an immigration bill?” he asked.

      The Chamber is also taking credit for beating more conservative Democrats, claiming they’ve now been replaced by moderate Republicans. But the Chamber’s post election wish list may end up flying in the face of what those same Republicans campaigned on. Few, if any, of them were singing the praises of Obama’s unilateral action on immigration. But damn the voters, apparently; the Chamber seems to want what it wants, and the voters who elected Republicans can go hang. Perhaps those same voters will let the GOP go hang next election if they turn out to be little more than shills for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

      Despite the polarization, Bruce Josten, the Chamber’s head of government affairs, sees more room to compromise over the next two years because expanded Republican majorities and an “enlarged moderate GOP wing” will make it easier for congressional leaders to negotiate with the president. “There are more opportunities to cobble votes together,” he said.

  3. Doc says:

    I’d say call these two clowns, but it wouldn’t do any good. Can we recall them both, NOW???

  4. ZOO says:

    I can’t repeat it enough: all the GOP has to do is stall on the amnesty issue for about 90 days, legalizing documents will be in the hands of millions of Mexican squatters, and then they will never be taken away. That would be “cruel” and endanger a 2016 presidential victory.

    It won’t mean much after the irreversible adoption of Mexico, but a journalist on Horizon predicted Jeff Flake will be appointed the first ambassador to Cuba. Let’s send him a set of nitro glycerin-laced maracas as a farewell gift.

  5. MacBeth says:

    NY Mayor Bill de Blasio, (who is a close friend of Al Sharpton, who in turn is a close friend of Barack Obama) charged forward and urged the Senate to confirm Loretta Lynch’s nomination immediately after the White House announcement of her name being put forth to succeed Eric Holder. Holder is the worst U. S. Attorney General in my memory. This reeks of race based musical chairs.

    De Blasio doesn’t even support his own police force and has not earned their respect, but interjects himself into nation’s top law enforcement position. It’s all about race. His wife ( who says she is a “former” lesbian) is black and they have two kids.

    • Matt DeGennaro says:

      Bill deBlasio’s actual name given at birth is Warren Wilhelm, Jr. His military father didn’t desert the family although the parents later divorced. His father was an Army officer during WWII and committed suicide while suffering inoperable cancer.
      DeBlasio took his mother’s maiden name, legally changing it 2002 Weird? It seems so. But think of the large Italian voter base in NYC. and this seemingly bizarre act by a socialist passing himself off as an aspiring democrat politician makes more sense.

      • John Liberty says:

        This wouldn’t be the 1st time that evil deception has been the M.O. for politics in NY .. but it does remind me of the south-side Chicago way of political life come to pass upon America.

  6. Saguaro Sam says: reporting on Saturday that No one from the GOP, except for Rudy, showed up for the funeral for Officer Ramos in NYC.

  7. Borderhawk says:

    David Vitter the biggest name in 2015 GOP politics is only one opposing Lynch. Vitter returns to the Senate Judiciary. Vitter was kicked off the judiciary some time in 2009 or 2011.

    The GOP has 3 statewide races in Louisiana, Kentucky and Mississippi in 2015.

    The Kentucky GOP with Randmesty Paul and Mitch McConnell have butchered their chance at winning the 2015 governor race. Mississippi with Thad Cochran and Mexican lobbyist Haley Barbour have little unity.

    The good news is that David Vitter is back on the Senate judiciary. Jeff Sessions was the lone voice against mass legal immigration.

    The judiciary is still filled with RINOs. But the bigger problem is the house judiciary with Trey Gowdy aka Trey Gomez is going to send of over some amnesty bills eventually. We need allies for Jeff Sessions to debunk this. Vitter and Jeff Sessions can slow down the hearings and put all kinds of poison pills in the bill. Also force 24 RINO Senators up in 2016 to take tough votes. Chuck Grassley is also up for re-election. Grassley is not great on immigration but is far better than most. Steve King should threaten to primary Grassley over the immigration agenda of the congress.

    Vitter is a Rhodes Scholar and has united the Louisiana GOP while the other GOP state parties are being divided by McConnell, McCain, Haley Barbour and others.