Tillman resigns local NAACP top job, unusual replacement named

After nearly three decades as president of the Maricopa County Branch of the NAACP, Rev. Oscar Tillman is retiring.

In the news account of his torch passing, the 69-year old Tillman was quoted as saying, “I’m an old-school person who knows when to let someone else step up to the plate. Somebody else gave me that chance.”

For that reason we imagined a young black leader would have been chosen to lead the organization. Instead, his replacement will be Donald Harris, a local lawyer, with a libertine bent. At age 76, Harris is seven years older than the retiree. He is also white.

That fact should be enough to drag Al Sharpton protégé, Rev. Jarrett Maupin, II, out to hurl racially charged insults. Instead he was busy with a Tuesday press conference to announce his latest campaign, “Black Lives Matter,” which Maupin says ‘addresses the violence of systemic racism in America and Arizona.” Maupin says, “Black communities throughout America suffer untold violence at the hands of aggressive police. His not-so-veiled threat, “We are counting down to the Super Bowl, but who’s counting down to the next police killing? There are consequences.”

In January 2013, covering the Phoenix City Council race we noted that race-baiter Maupin reprehensibly referred to then-candidate Kate Gallego, a Harvard grad with an MBA from the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania, as “a white political patsy.”  He also called her “a power-hungry white…who not is openly campaigning as white.”

Maupin, who we still expect to hear from regarding the Harris appointment to the local NAACP post, momentarily dipped his toe into the congressional race in 2014, to replace retiring CD-7 Democrat Congressman Ed Pastor. But Maupin would have been unable to vote for himself due to a felony conviction.

Kate Gallego, the subject of Maupin’s vile invectives, had the last laugh.  She won the District 8 council seat and her husband Ruben has been elected to congress in the same race Maupin had a yen for. Both Gallego’s are Democrats.

As to Donald Harris, who has served on the NAACP executive board, the Gamma-Rho Chapter of the U of A Kappa Sigma fraternity has this bio of the Brooklyn-born Democrat. In 2004, the Phoenix New Times gave the loose cannon lawyer some less than flattering coverage during his unsuccessful bid for County Attorney. He had previously been a short timer heading that office in the 1970’s when he was appointed interim county attorney to complete the term of Moise Berger, who resigned.

Just days ago we posted, NYC officers murdered, Maupin crawls out of Phx rat hole. Of particular significance is the comment from ‘State Delegate,’ following the post, containing a letter from Rev. Clyde Bowen, Chairman of the Arizona American African Republican Committee (AAARC). exposing Maupin —- referred to by Rev. Bowen as “Kid Sharpton.”

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  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    Off topic, but this morning on breitbart.com—McCain to lead “purge” of AZ Conservatives
    Here’s the link:

  2. MacBeth says:

    Dragging out the long in the tooth, white Don Harris to head the NAACP speaks to the organization’s irrelevance with younger blacks. Today professional doors are swung wide open to minorities and women. In fact they are often given special consideration due to diversity concerns. The black voices raised today are those of race baiters such as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Jarrett Maupin, who are shamefully defending the criminal element within their community and shifting blame to police officers. Sharpton and Jackson have become wealthy using these despicable tactics, while doing nothing to address the need for intact black families led by responsible fathers. The soaring rate (nearly 75%) of out of wedlock births to impoverished teen mothers and lack of emphasis on education is the problem.

    America has twice elected Barack Obama. Many conservatives are strong supporters of Dr. Ben Carson. The racism was the basis for the founding of the NAACP in the early 1900’s is clearly gone. The problems faced by blacks today are mostly caused by blacks.

  3. Justin says:

    Why in the world would a retiring 69 year old head of a black organization be replaced with a white 76 year old? Is this a joke??

  4. John Liberty says:

    Don’t these progressives KNOW that they are being led to the “relocation camps” of this evil man sitting in the White House?

    They proclaim that the police are to blame for their own consequences of violence caused by absentee fatherless households, and undisciplined responsibility for themselves, at the VERY SAME time Obama is setting them up for a coercive tyranny by nationalizing the police !! The dyes are being cast NOW for that state of tyranny in our nation.
    Isn’t it time to connect the dots .. ALL OF THEM.

    Obama issued an Executive Order #1684 on Dec 19, 2014 which establishes what he called for in 2008 … the establishment of exactly what Hitler had by his “brown shirts” by way of a police state. Obama planned to have a Civilian Security Force by saying .. “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” He knows the military cannot do domestic security because of the Posse Comitias Act, so he thinks he’s justified to make one up without the military’s direct involvement.

    The NAACP was founded by a Communist, and the Obama excuse makers are “Determined not to “allow a crisis to go to waste,” for the administration is enticing violent rules of conduct and manipulating a multiplicity of divergent political interests, keeping them cohesive enough to support an ideological conquest over America “from within”. This potentially explosive combination inevitably leads to a bloody outcome.” http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/publications/detail/from-lenin-to-obama?f=must_reads ….

    Amidst all the rhetoric for bipartisanship and endless racial discord, what WE ALL MUST KNOW is that with each liberty movement proponent, constitutionalist, or freedom fighter around the world needs to understand, is that while we will be told that the enemy is Muslim extremism, Russian aggression, racial mistrust for “peace” … the real target will be YOU the patriots who know what separation of power means to our national foundation and Liberty to choose.
    Domestic violence all plays into the global establishment of elitists, who’s primary function is to co-opt, demonize, and/or wipe out legitimate opposition during the Cloward-Piven defined “chaos”. Didn’t we hear that THEIR words “you never let a crisis go to waste”??? If you have ever noticed that this Obama administration seems progressively more hell-bent towards endless confrontation, not assimilation into society, then you might want to ponder the possibility that the New World Order does not end with the fall of the American empire – it BEGINS with the fall of the American empire … by any means … for as Karl Marx said “the ends justifies the means” !!!
    Thank You so much … Al Sharpton … Jesse Jackson … Jeremiah Wright … Harry Reid … and of course Herr Obama.

  5. American Dad says:

    I notice the local NAACP site has a page that also features the ACLU. What a surprise….
    This is a far left grievance organization, so it makes sense that a liberal lawyer like Don Harris would be selected to run it. Color is less important than keeping the pot stirred and fundraising based on discrimination claims.

  6. Kent says:

    Among the names mentioned in the post and comments (Tillman, Sharpton, Wright, Jackson, Maupin and Bowen, every one is a “Reverend.” The black theological seminaries must be bursting at the seams. How does Don Harris fit into this mix?

  7. Tucson Voter says:

    When Blacks speak of “the community,” they speak of themselves. Ditto Hispanics. Their “community” is always just other Hispanics. When the rest of us use the term, we mean our neighborhood, irrespective of our neighbor’s ethnicity. It seems to me, something is very wrong with this picture. Those who complain the most about being on the outside are the very ones who separate themselves exclusively by appearances that have nothing to do with who they are.

  8. Rev. Jarrett Maupin says:

    Seeing Red Leaders/Readers,

    Happy New Year.

    I’ve recently lunched with and have had many conversations with new Maricopa County NAACP President Harris and I’m a supporter. He was elected by NAACP members in an uncontested election.

    As a proud life-member of the NAACP, I look forward to advancing the cause of civil rights along-side progressive leaders, black and white. Mr. Harris certainly fits in the catagory of “progressive leader”.

    His parents, strong Jewish labor unionists, were pioneering early members of the NAACP. Mr. Harris grew up in a house where some of the NAACP’s greatest leaders came for food, fellowship, and to forge bonds across racial and economic lines. Remember, the NAACP was founded by black and Jewish leaders in the early 20th century, who were concerned about the direction our nation was moving in.

    Mr. Harris has known me most of my life and was involved in advocacy work with my grandmother, a civil rights icon, and many of my “aunts” and “uncles” in the movement locally and nationally.

    In 2015, the civil rights community is focused on unity. We won’t allow others to divide us by race, age, or class – as we push forward against the rising tide of inequality, racism, and violence that seeks to drown our nation’s potential to become a more perfect union.

    With every good wish.

    Very truly yours,

    Rev. Maupin
    Keep The Faith, Baby!

    • MacBeth says:

      Rev. Maupin,
      I find it interesting that you sign your comment with the tagline, “Keep The Faith, Baby!” popularized by the corrupt womanizer, US Rep. Adam Clayton Powell. This multi married practiced deceiver spent more time on the island of Bimini with his latest in a long line of honeys than he did at home or in his DC office. Powell, also a Reverend, was succeeded in office by another crook, Charlie Rangel.

    • CD 8 PC says:

      By the way Reverend Maupin….. What theological seminary did you graduate from and where is your congregation located? Also why are you a married Reverend instead of a celibate priest? You attended the expensive and exclusive Jesuit run Brophy College Preparatory and later St. Mary’s High Schools, so I assumed you might well be Catholic.

    • Vince says:

      Why are you withholding all of those fine adjectives from Don Harris you used against Kate Gallego? You could call him “a white political patsy,” or “a power-hungry white…who not is openly campaigning as white.”

      Being black doesn’t keep you from being a racist. In fact skin color often provides blacks with cover to be able to say the most outrageous things, You’re a race hustler no different than your mentor Al Sharpton, who Clyde Bowen (President of the Arizona African American Republican Committee) so accurately compared you to, recently calling you “Kid Sharpton.”

      Just a couple of days ago you were agitating against the police. Being an ex-con it’s understandable you’re not fond of law enforcement. Most of the rest of us regard them with respect as they put their lives on the line to protect us. Your timing in view of the young Arizona officer being killed in Flagstaff was unconscionable.

      You must not have received enough attention as a child to suit you, which is why you act the way you do. Pathetic.

  9. jon jensen says:

    If they picked a white person he is probably very militant and they need want someone with no fear and could care less about retribution! The protesters marching outside the downtown hotel where the naacp was holding its awards dinner giving out achievement awards to the highest bidder might have something to do with this.

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