Montini spew: More bile from AZ Republic’s stable

Arizona Republic columnist EJ Montini is in full meltdown mode over the fact the Arizona Supreme Court has ruled that three dozen Republican legislators have legal standing to challenge the hospital tax that is being used to fund the state’s controversial Medicaid Expansion program —- popularly known as OBrewerCare.

In 2013, Gov. Jan Brewer was aided in her efforts by six Senate RINOs who joined with a unified bloc of 13 Democrats in supporting the costly scheme. Throwing tantrums until she got her way, Brewer petulantly welded her veto pen as punishment. (Her May 23, 2013 letter to Senate President Andy Biggs justifying her reckless actions is in the preceding link.)

Montini, a far left ideologue, uses his column to goad incoming Republican governor Doug Ducey on the subject prior to his Jan. 5 inauguration. Hurling invectives and taunts is the marginal Montini’s stock in trade. He inquires if Ducey “will be benevolent or a blowhard,” and calls the Republican lawmakers who filed the lawsuit, “zealots” claiming they “have no philosophical opposition to human suffering.” The column questions whether Ducey will be “just anther border-security, immigration-fixated windbag.”

In the surreal terrain of Liberal land, being desirous of protecting the rights of citizens and securing our sovereign border from invasion qualifies as worthy of being nothing more than a loud and cranky eccentric.

When the issue is massive and unsustainable spending, the newspaper suddenly defends Brewer, the soon to be out-the-door governor, the newspaper has loved to hate. Throughout her 6-year tenure, in which she succeeded the leftist Janet Napolitano who took a midterm powder to join Obama’s cabinet, Brewer was the object of contemptuous ridicule. Barbs and hate-filled editorials and columns, along with unflattering photos and grotesque cartoons were her daily portion.  The newspaper gave her accolades when she vetoed SB1062, a religious liberty bill, falsely characterized as “anti-gay” and supported her 2010 imposition of a sales tax increase. 

For her part, the disappointingly Machiavellian Brewer not only endorsed all of the Medicaid expansion supporters, she loosened the purse strings of her Jan PAC*, spending nearly a half million dollars in support of accommodating candidates or supporting the opponents of those who defied her.

In the world according to Montini, Arizona is “spiteful and philosophically extreme.”  We’d have say,”back at ya, EJ.”

* H/T Center for Responsive Politics


10 Responses to Montini spew: More bile from AZ Republic’s stable

  1. State Delegate says:

    Like most Republicans, I was overjoyed when Napolitano left and Brewer took over as governor. She’d previously been regarded as a dependable Republican. Her political background is extensive and should have prepared her well for the tasks ahead of her. Instead of relying on her own experience, she allowed herself to be controlled by McCain allies, and surrendered her soul. I view her time in office as substandard. She had the opportunity to shine as a conservative and foolishly tossed it in an effort to win favor with the establishment

  2. PVPC says:

    In my opinion, Jan Brewer is a shining example of the Peter Principle at work: “Managers rise to the level of their incompetence.”

  3. ZOO says:

    I was spooked before Brewer’s re-election when it was disclosed that McCain and drive-in movie toilet film Grant Woods were on her board of advisors. Although Brewer has angered many over other issues, it is an anomaly that even with these two human suppositories as advisors she has never waivered on her fight against illegal immigration. On that top asset-draining issue, Brewer was the ‘toughest Governor in America.’ My money says ‘The Douche’ will not pick up the gauntlet.

    As to the Republica, if you watched Horizon’s annual ‘editorial cartoons’ episode, you witnessed once again that Steve Benson is a consummate leftist sick-a**, even irritating psychotic (as in Michael Lacey) butler/host Ted Simons. It was a reward of sorts to watch Benson whine about extra work the Republica’s staff must perform due to layoffs ‘in the newspaper industry.’ Maybe the demise of the Phoenix Pravda is at last in sight.

  4. goodyearconservative says:

    Brewer destroyed her legacy when she let John McScumbag and the Demorat endosing Rino Grant Woods control what she does.

    Do not think for one second that McDucey will get rid of Common Core and Medicaid expansion. He has Lisa Graham Keegan (who supported Demorat David Garcia over Diane Douglas) on his education committee and Jon Kyl (who despises conservatives) is heading his transition team. Oh and lets not forget Kirk Adams who is connected to John McLame and the Chamber of Corporate welfare is his chief of staff.

  5. Jim McAllister says:

    “drive-in movie toilet film”? LOL, love it , Zoo. I thought I had heard them all by now. I always enjoy a good adjective and although I am not that familiar with Woods, that description certainly applies to people like Montini, Benson, Valdez, and Roberts. I don’t know how Doug MacEachern can work with those fools. I guess it is the time old reason people get stuck with crappy jobs: “A guy has to eat.” I only hope I don’t see Doug selling papers on the corner once all the carriers say “Adios.”

    As far as Jan, PVPC, the Peter Principal definitely applies. The airport finger wag was cute but many have said it wasn’t intended as we had hoped. She was not really chewing out the impostor in chief.

  6. East Valley Conservative says:

    Columnist Robert Robb, who has more gray matter in his little finger than Montini has in his whole body, summed up Brewer’s time in office with these words: “Brewer inherited a fiscal mess. After six years, she’s leaving a fiscal mess. In my book, that’s a failure, irrespective of what happened in between.”

    • Orion says:

      Much of what “happened in between” was bowing to her McHandlers and forgetting who had been her longtime supporters through elections since the days when she was in the state legislature. Hard to believe today, but Jan Brewer was once considered a conservative.

  7. Ajo Joe says:

    Let’s be honest here. Has anyone ever accused the nearly illiterate Jan Brewer of being a genius….let alone up to the job of leading the state as governor? “We have DID what was right for Arizona,” is just a single example of how she expresses herself. Of course she needed handlers.

  8. Prescott Bisbee says:

    In reading the comments here, I noted a couple of compliments for
    Repugnant Columnists Bob Robb and Doug MacEachern. In addition to upholding the fish wrapper’s “Open Borders Orthodoxy,” Robb was once a consultant in business with Fred DuVal…(Remember Nelson, Robb, DuVal and DeMenna?) while MacEachern penned the loathsome ad hominem attack on Congressman J.D. Hayworth that was part of the newspaper’s endorsement of Democrat Harry Mitchell in 2006. Neither Bob nor Doug will get an ounce of sympathy from me when they join Benson, Montini and the other Leftists in the unemployment line following the inevitable demise of the Gannett-owned bird cage liner. Hard to believe that in the early days the Repugnant was actually named “The Arizona Republican!”

  9. Army Of One says:

    Seeing Red AZ: In your overview of Brewer, y’all neglected to mention that she also vetoed two bills that would have extended gun rights in Arizona. Both were endorsed by the NRA.