AZ driver’s license clash centers on “non-citizen” designation

Newly elected state Rep. Jay Lawrence (R-LD 23) is not reluctant to enter the illegal alien fray, exhibiting the boldness that got him elected this past November.

Lawrence is drafting legislation that includes a “non-citizen” designation on driver’s licenses issued to so-called DREAMers, given a pass —- along with their families —- by Barack Obama’s executive amnesty actions which enable them to avoid deportation.

Since driver’s licenses are one of the accepted forms of documentation when showing identification at statewide polling places, Lawrence views his legislation as a means of protecting the integrity of the voting process.

A press conference called Friday afternoon by Democrat Hispanic lawmakers and other activists warned the Republican caucus that they will be organizing against any efforts  to draft legislation to add a “non-citizen” designation on driver’s licenses. They offensively compared Rep. Lawrence’s proposal to Nazi Germany’s requirement forcing Jewish citizens to wear yellow badges and armbands emblazoned with the identifying Star of David, apparently unaware that Lawrence is Jewish.

Yet even in California where radically leftist Gov. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown sees no distinctions between illegal aliens and American citizens, (shocking 1-min. video) their licenses will carry a special designation on the front and a notice stating that the document is not official federal identification and cannot be used to prove eligibility for employment or public benefits. Colorado and Oregon are among states, including California, that require such designations.

Arizona House Majority Leader Steve Montenegro (R- LD 13), a naturalized citizen born in El Salvador, called  the Democrats’ press conference “a publicity stunt that serves no purpose other than to divide lawmakers and the public,” adding it appeared “more like political grandstanding than true concern for the people of Arizona.” Conservative Montenegro is a staunch supporter of securing our sovereign border.

The Governors Highway Safety Association points out that all 50 states have enacted graduated, (often three-stage) laws governing driver’s licenses for all novice American citizen drivers, who have higher than average accident rates. Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) programs allow new drivers to safely gain driving experience before obtaining full driving privileges. No one has ever claimed such restrictions are offensive.

Former California lawmaker and current Los Angeles City Councilman Gil Cedillo, a Democrat who repeatedly and unsuccessfully introduced a license bill for illegal aliens over 15 years, is not disturbed by the “non-citizen” designation. Cedillo says it won’t impede those eager to drive legally from applying for it.


11 Responses to AZ driver’s license clash centers on “non-citizen” designation

  1. Clair Van Steenwyk says:

    Why may I ask doesn’t AZ just enforce the Prop 122 we voted for in Nov. that eliminates any State funding for Fed mandates, as driving is not a right, plus it’s funded by state funds and not the federal government, it does no good to pass laws to stop the federal intrusion into AZ if those in office or about to take office won’t stand up for them and US. We passed it now lets see if Gov. Ducey will enforce it along with his US Constitutional Authority to close our border under Article I Section 8 Clause 4 & Article IV Section 3 Clause 4, of which we’ve spoken about on several occasions and he said he would, well being sworn in today so from here forward his job and now we’ll all get to see if his campaign pledges mean anything or not, I hope they do as I do believe some voted for him hoping they would and don’t need the same disappointment with him as with gov. brewer. God Bless You All; Van

  2. Scott says:

    It was a pleasure to vote for Jay Lawrence and see him emerge victorious over a squish Scottsdale City Councilman backed by Sue Gerard and a Jan Brewer endorsed candidate who had nothing at all to recommend her, except a spiteful governor.

  3. Army Of One says:

    Who and what will guarantee that these illegals have auto insurance ? They have evidenced no concern for our laws as they slithered into the United States. Why would anyone assume they will suddenly follow the laws the rest of us are required to adhere to? They trade in counterfeit and/or stolen IDs from the minute they illegally enter the USA.

    Rep. Lawrence’s bill is a good one and would not be unique to Arizona.

  4. SmallGovt says:

    I don’t understand why the Governor cannot just say that he orders no drivers licenses issued to illegals and that is the way it will be in his state.

  5. Clair Van Steenwyk says:

    Our New Governor was just sworn in, so hopefully Gov. Ducey will do just that, as he stated his duty is not to a party but to America & AZ, so lets start with enforcing Prop 122 and not fund or allow licenses to be given to any illegal, the grading starts today and we’re watching. God Bless You; Van

  6. Clementine says:

    Barack Obama has provided significant and continuing benefits to illegal invaders residing in the United States. This is a win-win for Obama, who is looking for a way to permanently increase the liberal Democrat base and make America “more diverse.” Remember, he wrote he was embarrassed by his white mother and stereotyped his white grandparents, calling the grandmother who raised him a “typical white person.”

  7. StetsonXXX says:

    The Hispanic caucus, claiming Rep.-elect Lawrence’s bill would bring negative publicity to Arizona coinciding with the Super Bowl, have called on Arizona Cardinals President Michael Bidwill to exert his influence to stop this legislation from moving forward. Oh No!! Please Mr. Bidwell…show us mercy.

    We also have influence. Ours is called ticket purchases — or not

    • Anna Gaines says:

      Bull! The illegals bring far more negative publicity…not only to Arizona, but the the country as a whole! The W/H illegal is coming to AZ on Wednesday. How many will go to welcome him with a protest?

  8. Robert Trent says:

    The federal government has placed a similar statement on certain classes of aliens for decades. If an alien receives a “Employment Authorization Card”, they get a social security account card. I think it says “temporary” on the card. Only valid as long as the period authorized on the EAC documen. I also believe this is true when certain non-immigrants are issued social security cards.

  9. Clair Van Steenwyk says:

    The point isn’t what you put on a license, it’s that they have no right to one and the Federal Gov. has no jurisdiction to order AZ to give them one, so Enforce Prop 122 or take it off the books, if our state laws mean nothing then we’re not a sovereign state and shouldn’t mislead those living here by telling them we are and we’ll stand against the Fed, this is just more Political BS given out by those either in or running who don’t intend to deliver so wave the white flag and be done with it then. God Bless You; Van

  10. Weary Of Lies says:

    One member of the Hispanic legislative caucus who outrageously compared Rep. Jay Lawrence to the Nazi regime’s murderous Third Reich, should know better. One of his previous boyfriends, whose house he shared, was Jewish. In fact, Sen. Robert Meza’s initial legislative campaign for the state House was launched in a Westside district while he lived in North Central Phoenix. Funny that no one ever revealed that major bit of deceit.