Matt Salmon’s backbone takes a hike

Spineless actions earn AZ U.S. Rep. Matt Salmon sarcastic “Profile in Courage” award as AZ GOP delegation — except for Paul Gosar — disappointments 

Conservative Review’s Steve Deace takes us back to Tuesday and the vote for Speaker of the House of Representatives. He appropriately titles his commentary on disappointment, “The Day the Music Died,” saying it was the worst column he’s ever had to write. Describing brand new Congressman Jody Hice (GA-CD 10), Deace minces no words:

A man I thought I knew. A man I had high hopes for. A man of God. An actual Southern Baptist pastor who graduated from the same seminary as my wife–Luther Rice Seminary in Atlanta, Georgia.

See, he’s only been a congressman for about 15 minutes, but it appears we’ve already lost him to the system. And on his first official vote, no less. That sure didn’t take long. Maybe that’s a record or something. Sadly, he’s going to share it with several others.

Hice was one of several freshmen Republicans who despite pledging not to do so, voted to re-elect John Boehner, perhaps the best Speaker of the House the Democrats have ever had. The same John Boehner who has gone out of his way to punish conservatives and push through the Obama agenda, even to the point of repeatedly passing legislation through his chamber a majority of the majority Republicans oppose. The same John Boehner a super majority of Republicans nationwide just said in a recent poll they opposed as Speaker.

In writing about betrayal and a “treachery that still stings,” Deace mentions numerous Republican members of congress who filled the bill with their votes for Boehner. Save for Paul Gosar, (CD-4) the entire Arizona GOP House delegation caved on this vote. But he specifically mentions Matt Salmon, with this barbed comment:

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t hand Matt Salmon a profile in courage award for waiting until the second time through the roll call to finally vote for Boehner as Speaker, once it was clear he had the votes. The people of Arizona haven’t seen such bravery since Pat Tillman.

Writing of his dashed hopes in Jody Hice, Deace offers, “If men of his caliber succumb to the corruption and cronyism within the beltway the first time they are tempted with it, then I truly don’t know where we go from here as a movement.”

Don’t be tempted to disregard this masterful piece as old news. It is as fresh as the new dawn and provides a bright line indicator of what we can expect from those go-along-to-get-along Republicans we have supported, worked for and voted for: Martha McSally (CD 2), Matt Salmon (CD 5), David Schweikert (CD 6), and Trent Franks, (CD 8).

With this crucial vote, only Paul Gosar (CD 4), put principles above political considerations. Remember that in 2016.



11 Responses to Matt Salmon’s backbone takes a hike

  1. Gary Darby says:

    I am extremely disappointed in my Congressman, Matt Salmon! I guess that Matt has finally caved in to the Mc Cain machine that owns Arizona politics.

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      Matt Salmon didn’t “finally cave in to the McCain machine.” This has been ongoing. I’ve never forgotten when then-former Rep. Matt Salmon joined with (former Rep.) Jim Kolbe, (best known for his sleazy attempts to sexually seduce male teenage congressional pages), and RINOs Jeff Flake, John Shadegg  and Trent Franks as they ALL endorsed John McCain over conservative JD Hayworth. For a self proclaimed conservative, Salmon has a habit of making strange bedfellows.

      • Kimball says:

        Salmon was resentful of Hayworth’s popularity with the grassroots of the party and blatantly insulted him with references to a cartoon character….then later weakly tried to walk it back. I’ve never trusted him since. That episode appeared to be contrived to garner points with Team McKyl and McCain. Hayworth has more integrity in his little finger than the majority of the GOP delegation possess in tandem.

    • Seen It All says:

      Salmon’s “associations” worked. When he ran for congress again they did all come out to endorse him…Kyl, Shadegg, Franks, even amnesty supporting Jeb Bush!! McCain keeps a low profile since his endorsement is poison after repeatedly being censured by elected Republican party leaders statewide and in numerous counties. He has his cohorts do the job for him.

  2. azgary says:

    “provides a bright line indicator of what we can expect from those go-along-to-get-along Republicans we have supported, worked for and voted for: Martha McSally (CD 2), Matt Salmon (CD 5), David Schweikert (CD 6), and Trent Franks, (CD 8).”

    question sraz:
    will you again be endorsing them in future election even though you know they spit on us without remorse because they are the lesser of two evils or grow a spine and finally decide to stop enabling your destroyer?

    those who lie to us and stab us in the back must be defeated no matter the cost, no matter the race be it a primary or a general election, an (R) by the name on a ballot is not enough.

    if we do not punish treachery by stopping “lesser of two evils” voting and send the message that if they screw us they will lose, they will never stop choosing the establishment and the lobbyist money over we the people.

    why would they stop when they know you will not hold them accountable for their actions.

    stop being sheep, stop being bullied, stop voting rino.

    • Anna Gaines says:

      I have already seen Franks vote on the left. But, my congressman Dave Schweikert truly disappointed and all his conservative supporters who re-elected him again. What a shame that so many of us called his office and received laconic responses or no access to the D.C. phone. We’ll remember in November when all of them will nicely remember our names and addresses to send their usual promises and requests for votes and or donations. Boehner will again rule over the morons who voted for him. I hope they remember Boehner’s actions will forever harm their own families as well as their constituents.

      Too bad those with real ethics and wisdom will be affected. But as I said, we’ll remember where the donations will go. Thank you Congressman Gosar!

  3. CD5 GOP says:

    Although I understand the significance behind the title, “The Day the Music Died,” I think the Deace commentary should have been called, “Heartbreak Hotel.”

    As a resident of Congressional District 5 misrepresented by Matt Salmon, the “heartbreak” lyrics appropriately suit my thoughts….
    Well, since my baby left me
    Well, I found a new place to dwell
    Well, it’s down at the end of Lonely Street
    At Heartbreak Hotel
    Where I’ll be–where I get so lonely, baby
    Well, I’m so lonely
    I get so lonely, I could die

  4. Hagar says:

    Remember these sell-outs at the Maricopa County Republican meeting Saturday in Tempe!

  5. Fed Up says:

    Teary eyes, a snotty handkerchief and that bizarre orange face are the hallmarks of Pelosi-kissing John Boehner. I hope Arizona’s Boehner endorsing members of congress get an earful where ever they go. They sure as hell shouldn’t think this betrayal doesn’t resonate with the home folks. They probably think it’s just a blip that will be forgotten next week. It won’t be with any committed conservatives.