AZ U.S. Rep. Matt Salmon slips on pick


Imagine you’re an Arizona member of congress and could invite anyone in the entire state to travel to Washington, D.C. as your guest to attend Barack Obama’s State of the Union address last night.

With a wide array of worthy conservatives to choose from, U.S. Rep. Matt Salmon,* who gives lip-service to being anti-establishment, confounded many with his selection of KFYI’s marginal talk show host Mike Broomhead.

Broomhead devotes interminable time to sycophantically interviewing the repeatedly censured John McCain, and was a dependable fawning lackey to former Gov. Jan Brewer, who took her marching orders from McCain strategists. 

An A-Lister Salmon might have considered? Former Maricopa County Republican Chairman A. J. LaFaro, would have been an excellent conservative message-sending choice. The message Broomhead sends is one of subservience to the AZ GOP’s elites.

* Cartoon courtesy of Arizona Daily Independent


14 Responses to AZ U.S. Rep. Matt Salmon slips on pick

  1. John Liberty says:

    Just maybe Broomhead will have his own “awakening moment” by listening to this EVIL that is Obama firsthand.

    • ZOO says:

      Could be. But how do you awaken Broomhead to the EVIL that is the Arizona GOPe? This was the their way of compensating KFYI, their propaganda / McCain-sucking broadcast arm who are an integral part of the click. The good news is we know Broomhead isn’t their “designated survivor.”

  2. Army of One says:

    Even leftist Kyrsten Sinema used better sense than Matt Salmon. Her guests were the parents of an AZ vet who committed suicide. She used them in her commercials to show how concerned she (suddenly) is about our military.
    Salmon blew it big time by bringing along clown Broomhead. Doesn’t he have any savvy advisors?

  3. SmallGovt says:

    Broomhead will get him a lot more publicity than a political hack. Why waste taxpayer dollars with these vanity guest trips?

    • GOP PC says:

      A.J. LaFaro is a conservative hero. He stood tall in his role as MCRC chairman. I’m proudly voting for him at the GOP state meeting on Saturday.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    KFYI is a poor excuse for a talk radio station.
    Broomhead has NO credentials and seems to do his show prep by quickly scanning websites prior to airtime.

    And this new guy, who says that his other job is being a valet at one of the resorts in the Valley, this guy seriously needs to be drug tested.

    John McCain must really use his ball-busting tactics to keep KFYI and Clear Channel in line.

    A complete and utter waste of time. More than that—it’s an embarrassment.

    Phoenix is one of the largest cities in the US, and we have no decent news outlets locally.

  5. jon jensen says:

    how small do you want the republican party to be?

  6. Cave Creek Cal says:

    OK. I’ll give it to you guys…“slips on pick” is pretty good. I would have used “Salmon falls on head with broom.” But then I’ve never gotten paid the big bucks I deserve for my grand ideas.

  7. CD 8 PC says:

    On his KFYI page, Broomhead talks about his sadness as Jan Brewer “departs the governor’s mansion.” Doesn’t this idiot know Arizona doesn’t have a governor’s mansion? She lives in her own home which is hardly a mansion. The 9th floor office she occupied is in the Capitol office complex, facing the sunset into which I hope she is riding.

  8. Blackbeard says:

    I expect this move signals Salmon’s intent to run for the US Senate and his desire to have KFYI’s RINO support. The question is, will he challenge McCain or wait until the seat is open? he doesn’t appear to have the ability to beat McCain in the fundraising department. If you recall, both Salmon and Franks were making moves to challenge McCain in 2010 and got the “message’ that troubling information would taint each one of them. They both pulled back and neither one made a peep about mounting such a challenge again.

  9. Borderhawk says:

    McSalmon and Gosar are the only 2 who pretend to vote against Boehner or for defunding amnesty. I dont know if Franks or Schweikert will run for senate. Id expect if it is a Congressman it will be Salmon or Gosar. Gosar seems closer to Steve King than McSalmon who wanted to do Boehner’s bidding.

    Good news is Jeff Sessions and David Vitter will lead the Senate Judiciary and expose the lies coming from McSalmon, Congressman McCaul, Gowdy, Goodlatte and other RINOs trying to push fake enforcement bills.

  10. Hagar says:

    Except for Rush, I haven’t listened to KFYI for years. I go with Laura Ingraham on KFNX (1100 AM) in the morning and Hugh Hewit on KKNT (960 AM) in the afternoon. I could no longer stomach KFYI’s sycophantic tea bagging of McShame.

  11. LEO IN TSN says:

    The AZ5, along with McTraitor & McSnake, are preparing to drive the pick into the heart of our struggling country, and AZ will be one of the first to wither and die. The so-called Republican Border Security Package eliminates any plan for a southern border, and instead will require the expansion of the federal government and permanent federal spending while accomplishing AMNESTY one step at a time. And they say it with a straight face…

    This McEstablishment plan will kill what is left of our economy and enslave US to ever higher taxes and imported poverty. The AZ McGOP is on board the AMNESTY Express, and is selling US out. Don’t expect to hear a peep from any of them.

    Say, isn’t Robert McGraham up for re-election this Saturday at the state GOP meeting? Yes, I think he is. C’mon Conservatives, let’s clean house starting now.

    God bless America.