Judge Katherine Cooper’s cringe-worthy lack of judgment


Convicted sex offender & fugitive live-in boyfriend arrested at judge’s home

In a startling report of a judge —- entrusted with life or death decision-making in the lives of Maricopa County residents —- KPHO-TV 5 exposes the personal reality disconnect of Superior Court Judge Katherine “Kay” Cooper.

Living in the digital age and surrounded by nearly daily technological advances, it would be a reasonable assumption that a trial court judge would be astute enough to at least do a free public records search on the honey she’s moving into her home. Exercising that bit of savvy is known as being judicious —– at trait judges should have in abundance. Judge Cooper has been on the bench since being appointed by Gov. Jan Brewer in 2011.

In the case of romance-blinded Katherine Cooper, her live-in boyfriend of two years is a convicted sex offender under indictment for extortion in New York.

In this in-depth coverage, complete with photos of the couple, reporter Donna Rossi notes the judge’s boyfriend, Michael Kent Krause, 42, was indicted recently in New York on a felony charge of grand larceny due to extortion.

Detectives tracked Krause down at the central Phoenix home owned by Cooper after they could not locate him at a small, ramshackle trailer at a Mesa RV park where he rents a space. The Mesa location is the address the state has on record for Krause as part of his sex offender registration requirement.

Krause has quite a rap sheet. He’s a registered sex offender, a convicted felon out of California and was recently arrested at the judge’s home on a warrant for being a fugitive from justice.

It has also been reported that California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation records show that Krause has spent time in prison for burglary, assault with a deadly weapon and assault with intent to commit a sex offense.

Though she claimed to be “shocked” when news of the allegations against Michael Krause became public, and stated that he no longer resides with her, it appears she has hired a former law school classmate to defend him.

Judge Katherine Cooper (her first name was misspelled as Catherine in this voter guide) was just retained by Maricopa County voters in November.


15 Responses to Judge Katherine Cooper’s cringe-worthy lack of judgment

  1. John Liberty says:

    I didn’t think it was possible for females .. to THINK with the wrong head. Oh say it ain’t so Joe.

    • MacBeth says:

      This pathetic saga of judge Cooper illustrates how wrong that assumption is! No matter how desperate she is for romance, she deserves to be removed from the bench for this legal breech. She was not only endangering her own life and those of her friends and family but also exhibiting a total disregard of the law. Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that she really didn’t know of his criminality. She knows now and is implicated by bailing him out and getting him legal counsel. How would you like this woman presiding over a case you had?

  2. Keen Observer says:

    Just move along, no corruption to be seen here. See what happened to Andrew Thomas when he looked? We turned him to stone! Don’t mess with the most corrupt judiciary and political hierarchy in the entire country! Oh, that’s right; this is john McCain’s state.

    • Villanova says:

      Judge Cooper is not accused of corruption. Using bad judgment in her personal life doesn’t meet that standard.

      Andrew Thomas? You must be kidding. He’s a political opportunist who ran for a second term, then once elected actually abandoned the position to run for higher office, which he lost. While county attorney he flagrantly misused the power of his office, targeting those he regarded as his political enemies on the bench and Board of Supervisors. He was disbarred for corruption and two of his complicit lawyers were sanctioned, one was also disbarred.

      Phil MacDonnell, Thomas’ own chief deputy, even advised him there was no proof of a BofS / judicial conspiracy and the racketeering (RICO) filing was a “misuse of the law.”
      Thousands watched the lengthy disciplinary hearing. It’s all here:

      • ZOO says:

        Aren’t you immigration lawyers thrilled that the sham Arizona Bar stepped in to rescue the Mexican invaders that put bread on your table? Andrew Thomas was driving your meal tickets out of Arizona. Absolutely nothing stands in the way of profits for the Chamberites and sleazy ambulance chasers – not even the rule of law. Of course, the criminals in black robes (such as G. Murray Snow) and the corrupt MCBOS are the guardians of the ‘community.’

  3. Seen it All says:

    Judge Cooper is either hard-up for romance or just plain stupid. Maybe both. Her lack of judgment is abysmal. But don’t look for the Commission on Judicial Conduct to take real action against her. They gave a pass to Judge Susan Brnovich for her obvious violations related to her Attorney General husband’s political campaign. Judges are specifically prohibited by the Judicial Code of Conduct from endorsing any candidates for public office, even if those candidates are their own family members.

  4. SmallGovt says:

    Bumbling Jan was a bad Governor in many aspects. Amazing how many around here supported her.

    • Kent says:

      Jan Brewer ultimately disappointed conservatives, but many of us rejoiced at the prospect of having her replace uber liberal Janet Napolitano. Before allowing herself to be co-opted by Team McCain, she had a reliably conservative record.

      • SmallGovt says:

        I agree, Kent. Press Release Janet began the out of control train of Arizona becoming California. Giffords and Sinema will continue this. Amazing to me that no one called out Janet for her lesbianism.

  5. J-p A Maldonado says:

    Time to remove her on conflict of interest and moral turpitude grounds.

  6. Clementine says:

    Brewer’s middle name is “Kay.” That might have been enough of a connection for her to select this lightweight for such an important position.

  7. Legal Eagle says:

    For this woman to be named as a replacement for the well-respected Judge Brian Hauser is a travesty.

  8. Paying Attention says:

    Judge Katherine Cooper stands as yet another mark against the scam known as “Merit Selection” of judges. We know nothing about these people and are forced to rely on the information provided by court insiders. The vast majority of Arizona Counties still elect their judges and the system works well. The voters have a real opportunity to meet those who will preside over matters crucial to their lives, whether personally or as related to county issues. The lists of supposedly “good” judges that float around prior to elections are unreliable, put together by political hacks who have no personal knowledge of the legal system. We need to elect our judges.
    Retention elections are a farce put in place as a feel good mechanism for the unruly voters who actually want a say.

  9. azgary says:

    FEC complaint filed against Robert Graham and the AZGOP

    January 22, 2015 therealazgop Uncategorized


    Contact: Ardith Hildebrant, 480-991-0804, ardith_h@q.com

    FEC complaint filed against Robert Graham and the AZGOP

    Ardith Hildebrant, candidate for Treasurer in the AZGOP’s upcoming January 24th election, has filed a formal complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) against Chairman Robert Graham and the Arizona Republican Party (AZGOP).

    The complaint documents dozens of entries and transactions that question the compliance with federal and state campaign finance disclosure laws.
    Hildebrant who’s career expertise is in accounting, operational and internal auditing, and legal research related to internal audits, said “Serious violations of campaign finance laws have been raised throughout Robert Graham’s administration. That’s the main reason I felt compelled to run for Treasurer”. Hildebrant added “now we have the evidence after weeks of investigation and review”.

    Robert Graham and Timothy Lee, the Treasurer for the AZGOP have been asked repeatedly to explain what they have been doing; however, they have refused.

    This is not the first time Robert Graham and Timothy Lee have been implicated in campaign finance law violations. Timothy Lee was the AZGOP Treasurer of record when the FEC conducted a full audit of the AZGOP and his activities from 2009 through 2010. Robert Graham was the President of Americans for Responsible Leadership (ARL) when California’s Fair Political Practices Commission indicted and fined ARL and Sean Noble’s Center to Protect Patient Rights (CPPR) a record FEC complaint filed against Robert Graham and the AZGOP $1 million for money laundering tens of millions of dollars.

    The current dark and dirty money campaign finance violations are too numerous and complicated to describe in this release, but appear to be far more serious than Graham’s and Lee’s previous campaign finance activities and violations.

    Tom Morrissey, former Chairman of the AZGOP said, “Graham’s and his supporters’ hypocrisy is stunning. They seem to be saying because they are the establishment, crony capitalists and wealthy special interest groups that campaign finance regulations and the law don’t apply to them. The FEC should make it crystal clear to them that the law does apply to them”. Morrissey went on to say “these egregious actions are not victimless violations”.

    Hildebrant urged “Robert Graham, Timothy Lee and the AZGOP to come clean and submit to a voluntary full audit by the FEC”.

    The treasurer has a watchdog role over all aspects of financial management, working closely with the other members of the Executive Committee to safeguard the finances of the AZGOP and its contributors. The treasurer of a political committee registered with the FEC is legally responsible for that committee’s compliance with the federal campaign finance laws.

    Hildebrant said “it’s imperative that anyone interested in running for treasurer of any organization make sure they audit the books first”.