AZ GOP election: Slime campaign reaches new depths

Robert Graham is hard at work as he runs for a second term as Arizona Republican Party Chairman. While he amasses conscripted endorsements and accolades, daily emails arrive in the in-boxes of state committeemen heralding Graham as a “defender of conservative principles” who has “delivered tremendous success.”

Confidence building is a requisite campaign tactic. What is troubling is the growing unsavory aspect of having surrogates send 11th hour messages disparaging the Conservative Team running in opposition to the current chair and his slate.

It was not our desire to enter this fray, but the unrelenting attacks against party chair candidate Lori Urban and first vice chair candidate A. J. LaFaro have reached a point where conservatives can no longer turn a blind eye. Not only are they coming at breakneck speed in the final days before the biennial meeting of the State Committee, but the level of animus has exceeded the bounds of decency. LaFaro is the immediate past Maricopa County Chairman.

When viewed by most reasonable people, mudslinging has a far worse effect on the originators of the attacks than the recipients. In a tactic reminiscent of John McCain, Graham’s hands appear to be clean. The dirty work is done by often nameless sycophants who somehow have access to statewide email addresses.  Reports of manipulative push polls, conducted on behalf of the “Republican Party” attempting to influence recipients, reward the undesired answers with gossip contrived to make uninformed newcomers fall into line. Dare we say the honey-voiced woman reading the alternative script, reminds us of John McCain in drag?

In addition to the attacks there are shenanigans relating to petition collections. Traditionally, gathering petition signatures to get a resolution to the floor of the statutory meeting is done in the parking lot as state committeemen arrive.  However, just days ago an AZ GOP restrictive directive was sent out that reads: “As the state committeemen are checked in with their credentials, they will be referred to the room for the purpose of signing your resolutions if they choose to do so.  NO RESOLUTIONS PETITIONS CAN BE CIRCULATED TO STATE COMMITTEEMEN IN ATTENDANCE BEFORE THEY ARE CHECKED IN WITH THEIR CREDENTIALS.”  Further, there will be no mixing of counties on a single page.

This is obviously a preemptive maneuver designed to prevent state committeemen from ever again forwarding another nationally reported, embarrassing censure as previously happened to John McCain at both the Maricopa County meeting and the state GOP meeting.

This meeting of the AZ GOP State Committee will be held tomorrow, Saturday Jan. 24, at the Grace Community Church in Tempe. Registration opens at 7:30 am. If you are a voting state committeeman, arrive armed with truth and eyes clear of the smoke and mirrors intended to deceive.

We support the actual CONSERVATIVE SLATE:

 Chairman:  Lori Urban  

1st Vice Chairman:   A. J. LaFaro 

2nd Vice Chairman:  Gabby Saucedo-Mercer

Secretary:  Lynne Breyer

Treasurer:  Ardith Hildebrant


20 Responses to AZ GOP election: Slime campaign reaches new depths

  1. State Delegate says:

    Thanks for this, SRAZ. I hope that attendees at the state meeting realize this vicious internecine battle is waged from one side only. I’ve lost all respect for the establishment-backed and self-important Robert Graham. The constant emails listing his endorsers are mainly a Who’s Who of McCain aligned RINOs. I have two (now former) Precinct Committeemen in my precinct who have registered as Independents because they are soured on the leftward lurch of many of those representing the AZ Republican Party, including those we worked to elect to public office.

    Overall PC numbers are down, and this is the paramount reason. McCain connected recruiters, paid per head for each uninformed PC they brought in, is surely another. My district lost many conservatives who were bumped from the ranks by these ringers.

  2. SmallGovt says:

    Hope it works out better than Diane Douglas! Do each of these people have a platform of principles they stand for…such as Smaller Government?

  3. East Valley PC says:

    What we’re witnessing is a real life example of the truism, “Absolute power corrupts, absolutely.”
    Graham wants far more than the office he currently holds and he is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it. I’m a great fan of an enthusiastic desire to achieve. It’s the crushing of others to gain that success that I find reprehensible.

    • Kimball says:

      All the more so if Team McCain is lurking just beyond our view. My level of trust in the party hierarchy took a nosedive some time ago.

      • azgary says:

        another American dead thanks to McCain, the gop, the chamber of commerce:
        Arizona Man Is Killed by Illegal Alien Felon Still in America Thanks to Obama’s Amnesty
        Grant Ronnebeck, the American killed by the illegal alien Altamirano, was just twenty-one years old.

        According to police, Altamirano shot and killed Ronnebeck when he was counting the change Altamirano was using to pay for a pack of cigarettes. Altamirano got upset over the time it was taking for the Ronnebeck to count the change. Ronnebeck handed Altamirano the pack of cigarettes. Altamirano then shot and killed Ronnebeck.
        much more…….

  4. Clair Van Steenwyk says:

    Facts are a terrible thing for some, however need to be viewed, if you claim we’re registering voters then why have we lost over 32,000 GOP voters in AZ, won elections statewide, well take a closer look re elected Brewer Brats and promoted others to state wide office and broke the so called 11th Commandment by with degrading comments about AG Horne for an another Brewer supporter, I know myself I’m still waiting for a hearing from Graham to be allowed into the West Valley GOP State office after being barred by just him without a fair hearing and also removed our Campaign Literature as well in the middle of the 14 Primary Cycle and now looking into Election Law Violations with the FEC since we’ve gotten nowhere with State GOP and have asked but no response other than maybe sometime in the future. I realize many don’t like to hear the Truth, However try to remember it’s the only the Truth is the only avenue for Real Freedom, so check the facts and set all the fiction alongside in the gutter where it belongs.
    God Bless You All; Van

  5. Tempe state committeeman says:

    “A political party cannot be all things to all people. It must represent certain fundamental beliefs, which must not be compromised to political expediency or simply to swell its numbers…. And if there are those who cannot subscribe to these conservative principals, then let them go their own way.” Ronald Reagan State Committeemen don’t be fooled by RG and his minions who stoop to the depths smear opponents. God help us to rid our Party of the power of McCain.

  6. SuzanneC says:

    I think they are taking lessons from the McCain/Romney play book. Look how McLiar tried to destroy JD Hayworth. Look at how Romney tried to destroy any candidate who was leading in 2012. I was working at headquarters when they asked me not to leave my office, they would resort to locking me in, John McCain was coming there to talk about the censures against him.

    Also ask Elaine Gangulff (spelled wrong) and or Wilma Swart how they were let go from a job they had for years. Secrets are a funny thing around there. There is no respect for Senior Citizens, not even mentioning to them they wanted to go in a younger direction, no just turning their backs on them.

    And yes I agree Robert did get a better computer system and walking lists, but that is all I have been told good about the state party. At one time he used the excuse the RNC was going to hire the Hispanic outreach person. I am not going to mention the name of the person who tried getting the job, all would be shocked he would not even interview her. He is trying to stop opposition to him right now with a hire he is stalling around using the same excuse, the RNC needs to approve it. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Same excuse different position.

    Before I left my position I asked if I could submit a bill for expenses after since I was having major surgery, and it was for things done before leaving, I was assure that it would be paid. Guess what they reneged, but I came out against them, you should have seen how fast I got paid.

  7. CD 8 PC says:

    Fellow State Committeemen reading this take heed to the wisdom of the words here. If you are a conservative, vote for the Conservative Slate listed in this post.

    We sent a message with the McCain censures, and now the establishment elites are out to bring us down. Stay strong and don’t fall for the BS being sent our way. My advice is keep your vote to yourself until you cast your ballot. You will be marked as a rabble-rouser otherwise and will find yourself out as a PC as so many already have. The McCain clique is enraged and targeting conservatives, seeking to eradicate us from the AZ GOP. Graham is a willing McPlayer, and is part and parcel to this effort.

  8. John Liberty says:

    The Modus operandi, which is the mode of operating or tactics, of unprincipled “leaders” shows us all that the curtain of OZ is alive and well.

    Where are those who are willing to show their faces to the public, and speak the words “for which” they stand? No operatives, no strategists, no misleading, just the words that MEAN things to ordinary people!

    Does anyone now wonder WHY politics is a dirty game of “I’ll scratch your back .. if you’ll scratch mine”. It’s time these parasites lusting for power, and with their corruption, be singled out for what they are … The Enemy Within … the Republican party. We are NOT DemocRATS for a reason, let us not become like them … just to get along.
    “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”-Winston Churchill.
    “If you set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise on anything at any time, and you would achieve nothing.”-Margaret Thatcher.
    “If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.” – Margaret Thatcher.

  9. Tempe state committeeman says:

    Promises promises and never to deliver. Mr. Robert Sustainability Graham, only sustains his love of Juan McAmnesty. Now he wants to change the dates of the Statutory and Mandatory meetings, by two bylaws in the call letter… duh, you can’t change Arizona Revised statutes only the legislators can. We can’t afford to have him be reelected. Ignorance and incompetency are deadly.

  10. […] push poll attacking Lori Urban) were too much for the editors of the Seeing Red AZ blog, who formally endorsed the Lori Urban slate this […]

  11. LD 23 PC says:

    I’m beyond disgusted with all of the negativity aimed at good people. AJ LaFaro would be my choice for state chairman based on his Maricopa County leadership alone. If he has chosen to run as first vice chair with Lori Urban, then I trust his judgement since I don’t know her.
    I also received the polling call and got the “alternative” response to my answer. This post referred to it as “gossip.” I would use much stronger language. Count me as a vote for the conservative slate.

  12. Clair Van Steenwyk says:

    When will the new AZ Gov. seal our border by using the authority given him under the US Constitution as laid out in Article 1 & 4 Sectons 8,10 & 3, Clauses 15 & 3, Brewer waved her finger and did nothing, Ducey has been told about this at meetings by me personally in question form and agreed so what’s everyone waiting for and we do have Prop 122 just passed to deal with Drivers licenses as well, Federal orders can’t be carried out by us paying for them, we have no leaders in AZ or the country for that matter, this is pathetic and will only get worse, we don’t need to complain we need to March on Phoenix and make it clear to those who’ve just been elected / promoted and re elected they serve US not special interests or lobbyists but US and if they don’t want to do as We the Citizens of the US & AZ demand them to do, then how about just resigning and we’ll have another election and support those who will Stand Up for US and Our God Granted Unalienable Rights, instead of pandering to Illegals, whether dreamers, born here to illegal parents or overstayed visas, What part of Illegal don’t they understand or is is just politics as usual until another Campaign full of Liars making Promises they know they have no intention of keeping, Time of Citizens to Stand Up. By the way didn’t hear a word on the news last night about him being an ILLEGAL, wonder why they won’t use the word ILLEGAL unless of course it’s to make someone opposed to ILLEGALS look stupid, so can’t trust however that’s nothing new to most of US.

    God Bless You All;
    Clair Van Steenwyk / Van
    Crossroads with Van / AZS Constitutional Conservative Coalition

  13. Sparky says:

    Vote for the WORKER BEES —the folks that are doers —- not THE “Tell’em what they want to hear and do what I want to”

  14. Hagar says:

    Years ago, when I was a district chairman, we were fighting for the Arizona GOP NOT to endorse the state constitutional amendment which would open the primaries. We knew at that time it would undermine our party, which it has. Lori Urban was one of our stalwarts who helped us in this fight. That’s why I know she is the only true conservative in the race for state party chairman. and I’ll be voting for her and all the others on the conservative slate.

  15. Francine L. Romesburg says:

    Francine L. Romesburg:
    We have removed the first paragraph of your comment which repeats hearsay about personal matters to which you were not a party. The rest of your comment remains intact.
    Seeing Red AZ

    I have known Robert Graham for a few years now and have seen him do good things. I’ve seen things I don’t agree with either. However, he has been a good friend of the Tea Party and works hard. He has made great technological advances at the GOP HQ; he has raised money for GOP and given it to quite a few Counties during the election for candidates.

    We all make mistakes. I do hope none of us is perfect. He is known to be a good businessman. The garbage I’ve seen come into my emails attacking Robert Graham is way beyond dirty politics. All this dirty politics coming from the Urban campaign. There have been out and out lies told about Robert Graham.

    He has done a good job. If no one understands, it is Urban that is under the McCain machine. Not all those on her slate, but she is. i like AJ Lafaro. Think and believe he is a good man. I support him 100%. I like Gabby Mercer and support her 100% as well. My own personal opinion is that the combination of Robert Graham, Chair, AJ Lafaro as 1st Vice Chair and Gabby Mercer as 2nd Vice Chair is a great Conservative team that can take our Arizona GOP back to its roots and be what it’s supposed to be vs under the McCain machine. McCain is out to destroy the Tea Party and control the State GOP.
    He can’t get that with Robert Graham in the Chair position of the State GOP. He knows that. With those 3 working together we can put the Az GOP back to the actual 1 page platform with Conservative values vs the 60+ pages of absolute nothing.

    Believe everyone really needs to put all their differences aside and actually look at what is going on and do everything to protect our rights, our Freedoms, and Liberties and the sanctity of the Az GOP and its credibility and integrity.

    • azgary says:


    • azgary says:

      “***BREAKING NEWS***
      Posted by Arizona Freedom Alliance on January 23, 2015 at 9:03am in Arizona News”

      “We know that Graham is behind the “windshield campaign” of using paid staff members of the AZGOP to place flyers making false/misleading claims against his opponent, Lori Urban. We have investigated claims against Urban but can find no documentation in public records to substantiate them except that she did give up her Notary appointment several years ago. There have been no charges for forgery, no legal or criminal actions against her in civil court documents, city documents or Superior Court documents when searching by name, current or past.

      Now our email has lit up with messages about live-person calls claiming to be a “survey.” At first, we thought these were random calls but when we started getting these messages from several counties and only from State Committeemen, it was pretty easy to connect the dots to the AZGOP. Messages were pretty similar: anyone who answered the first survey question as “undecided” or for Urban then got the commercial message making personal attacks on Urban. Then the caller asked if the recipient wanted to vote for such a person or wanted to change their minds. No one reported any attacks when the answer was “for Graham.” The caller than asked about votes being cast for 1st Vice Chair (LaFaro/Schneider) and Treasurer (Hildebrant/Lines).

      Our very smart and alert members asked who was “sponsoring” or “paying for” these calls and got a variation of “AZGOP” or “The Republican Party” or the “Arizona Republican party.” The calls use a ghost number so people see 520-204-1525. If these messages come in on a cell phone, it also shows an IA state origination point – Iowa. This phone number is registered to Maria T Gonzales, 3450 Flowing Wells Rd, Tucson. It is a landline and it’s possible that it is a blocked number. The carrier is MCLEODUSA TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICES, INC.- AZ Ghost_number.tiff

      It is what is called a “ghost number.” Ghost numbers are widely used by fundraising organizations, campaigns, advocacy organizations and some bad actors. It works through a central phone bank number and an Auto-Dialer system such as that purchased by Graham for AZGOP. It is designed to be used by those on site and those calling from their own telephones but not showing their personal phone numbers in caller ID. The caller dials in to the real phone number and the call is routed to the ghost number of the auto-dialer and the calls are made from there. That is clearly what was done here. Some reports are that there was considerable background noise such as children, dogs and other domestic noises, indicating the caller was probably a person working through a company using off-site callers who often take these jobs to supplement their income. There were a variety of callers, not just one.

      Let’s go one step further: AZGOP candidates attended a forum in LD25 on Wednesday evening. Candidate for 1st Vice Chair AJ LaFaro took exception to a statement made by Chairman Graham, a statement that we knew was not true. LaFaro was quite adamant in correcting the record when a man in the audience, who is a former elected official at the Arizona Corporation Commission, yelled out at LaFaro and a heated exchange erupted. LaFaro stood his ground. Several AFA members were in attendance and observed this action.

      Within a nano-second after the meeting adjourned, someone went into action, established several gmail accounts under pseudonyms and put out an email to…. you guessed it, State Committeemen… titled “AJ LaFaro Goes Unhinged.” Check MCRC Briefs today for a report by John Strasser on the exact names and gmail addresses. It becomes clear immediately that it is one person, using email addresses of State Committeemen that are supposed to only be used for official business of the party. It has been suggested by several who received these messages – across at least three counties – that only State Committeemen who will vote on Saturday got these messages. The message was then widely posted on conservative Facebook pages by Joe Romack and someone masquerading as Arizona Watercooler. These two accounts (it is known that Watercooler is a fake Facebook account and possibly both are Joe Romack having a “conversation” with himself) are trashing LaFaro and Lynne Breyer, candidate for AZGOP Secretary and a team member of AFA.

      Folks, facts are facts. Some will say we should not report on these facts. These are good people who don’t understand what is at stake in this seemingly innocuous election. This is connected to the McCain censure in 2014, McCain’s subsequent purging of conservatives from the party and the hold McCain has on Chairman Graham. There is plenty of evidence of this so we don’t make such claims lightly. AS A RESULT of the activities by Chairman Graham over the course of time and the pattern that is set in place, we fully support his opponent and would no matter who it was, unless it was yet another McCain operative.

      Those who have spent any time on this site know that we are dedicated to ridding the political scene of bad actors, no matter what level they are playing in. All politics are local and if we don’t start in our own back yard, we will surely fail.

      We would prefer not to have these facts to report. We would prefer that our site was not even necessary. We would prefer if, as was messaged recently, that all would play nicely in the sandbox. That is just not what we are facing.

      We know we will be targeted for this message of truth. We will not be intimidated into silence.”

  16. Christopher P P Brant says:

    I am sure that the great success of the Republican Party last November was due in part to the energy and the outreach efforts of Chairman Robert Graham. I am also convinced that the reason that Republicans from Arizona are turning away from the party and becoming Independent is because they are sick of the unhealthy, rude, vindictive and unprofessional behavior of a segment of the party. I have just stepped down from the program chair of a local Republican Club. Some people have vocally stayed away because we had “become too liberal”. I declare that is bunk and a ridiculous fallacy. All that a reasonable individual needs to do is to check back over the last two years and examine the diversity of our presenters. This segment of the Republican Party, that I refer to, have much in common with the Democratic Party. The Democratic definition of compromise is to do it their way. This segment of the Republican Party is that if you don’t agree 100% with their views you a RINO. The Party that I joined when I proudly became a naturalized citizen was the Party of less Government. Many of those (I say many and not all) who wear their, supposed, Christian values on their sleeve are some of the most unchristian people I have ever met. My relationship with God is none of your business. If they wish to call me a RINO behind my back that is their mistake but I will term them HYPO (Hypocrite) to their face. I am still the optimist and I will continue to focus on working to elect Republicans, even though I may not agree with every decision they make. I hope that the silent majority of Republican Party and those Republican Independents will do likewise.