Why not “Americans”?

“Default” white designation may become MENA?

The federal government is working on another way to further divide Americans. The U.S. Census Bureau is weighing the advisability of implementing a new classification to specifically designate another ethnic division. The acronym MENA would identify those of Middle Eastern and North African descent —- the majority of whom are Arab-Americans.

According to this report in U. S, News and World Report, these Americans “have previously been classified by default as white.”

The census is constitutionally ordered for the express purpose of enumeration for congressional representation. Article I, section II directs that the population be enumerated at least once every ten years and the resulting counts used to set the number of members in the House of Representatives from each state, and, by extension, in the Electoral College. 

In addition to enumerating the population, there is now intrusive data collection. Besides asking how many toilets you have in your home, the relationship of the residents, religion practiced and languages spoken, census data uses ethnicity to determine the configuration of race-based congressional districts, such as Arizona CD 3 and CD 7. Additionally there is $400 billion in federal aid programs and enforcement of civil rights laws to maintain these contrived districts.

A question about Hispanic origin, currently the only ethnic category, has been incorporated into the survey since 1980, though the census form instructs respondents that Hispanic is not a race.

CNN reports that during the 2010 census, some Arab-and-Iranian activists launched a campaign that urged people to check “some other race” on the form and write in their ancestry. The campaign’s slogan was: “Check it right; you ain’t white!

This trend toward ethnic-based separation rather than unity as Americans is troubling. “Balkanization” describes the destructive process of fragmentation of formerly united regions into smaller regions or states that are often hostile toward one another. 

“E Pluribus Unum” was the motto proposed for the first Great Seal of the United States by John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson in 1776. The Latin phrase translates to, “One from many.” That’s who we are.


9 Responses to Why not “Americans”?

  1. azgary says:

    everybody should lie to the census

    • MacBeth says:

      The census taker who came to my door several years ago was a Republican PC who took the job as a retiree to make some extra money. I knew her since she was active in my legislative district. When I told her I would give the basic information needed for congressional enumeration and nothing more, she got angry with me and told me she would ask my neighbors for the additional information. I immediately called the neighbors on each side and directly across the street and repeated what she had told me. They not only refused to “fill in the personal blanks “ for her, but all three said they would answer the way I did. I imagine she got paid based on the forms being fully filled out. She stopped speaking to me over this.

  2. Villanova says:

    The offensive race-based congressional and state legislative districts are enforced by the Department of Justice and paid for with our tax dollars. In Arizona, they are Hispanic and Democrat. In other states, the are manufactured to be solely black and Democrat.

    We now have two Muslim converts in Congress who represent black districts in Michigan and Indiana. Michigan Congressman Keith Ellison took his oath of office on the Koran in 2007. Like Obama who he reveres, he is far left of center and pro-abortion. Ellison’s district is home to the largest group of Muslims in the US. One of his bills was to make it even easier for Americans to send cash (remittances) to their relatives in foreign nations. Mexico alone receives approx. $20 billion a year in this massive transfer of wealth, as do numerous other nations including Middle East and North Africa (MENA).This information is from the World Bank:
    Ellison dodges questions on “Muslim Extremists.” His spokesperson said “The congressman just doesn’t respond to comments like that.”

    Andre Carson was elected in Indiana in 2010. He recently voiced his opinion that American public schools should be modeled on Islamic madrassas, which operate under the dominance of Sharia law. His false statements about Tea Party activists hurling racial slurs against another black congressman were finally withdrawn after scrutiny revealed them to be lies.

  3. kylelyles says:

    Good friend has registered to the Census and employers since 1990 that he is Black. He’s a pasty White mainly English guy, but when challenged by several employers, he replied “It’s the race I consider to be affiliated with, and since we all descend from Lucy, I’m Black” <– another way to stick a finger in the eye of Liberals.

    We list our main language as Dutch, and are legal Native Americans. So screw Fauxcahontus!

  4. Anna Gaines says:

    Upon reading the above comments, the realization of this formerly great nation is in deep trouble for it’s generosity on allowing all the discards of other nations. When all was legally done and by quotas, there was a semblance of rationality. It no longer exists. Soon the wars of racial descendants will wipe out what’s leftover of a once great nation…if, we allow it! What we need are true patriots in government, those who won’t sell out after one term in office.
    Make sure and research the candidates, and don’t throw away your vote.

    • azgary says:

      voting for ANY candidate who supports amnesty (anything allowing illegals to remain in the country) is voting for our destruction. this includes voting for the az5, who claim they are not for amnesty, but some of which have written articles for amnesty, just calling it something else.

      no matter how language is bastardized, or what scheme they call it, if illegals stay here it is amnesty.

      we need candidates who will deport, end chain migration and stop anchor babies anything else ends our culture, our greatness, condemns American workers to welfare and/or wageslavery all while creating a permanent democrat majority.

      stop voting for those out to destroy us (R) by a name on a ballot is not enough, many of them are anti American citizen bums who need to be removed from office.

      stop lesser of two evils voting, for you still get evil and destruction.

      we need candidates who choose Americans first. we do not elect politicians to do the bidding of foreigners and the chambers of commerce, we need advocates for Americans like this: