Obama: Radical Islamic terrorists an “organization”

The first order of business in defeating an enemy is admitting it exists

Barack Obama, shamefully revealing himself as the master of understatement, remains unable to utter the words “radical Islamic” and “terrorists” in the same sentence. Here he responds to reporters questions regarding the video showing the sadistic burning alive of the caged Jordanian pilot held captive by the radical Islamic terrorists who are now cutting large swaths through the Middle East and beyond.

Obama describes it this way:

“It’s just one more indication of the viciousness and barbarity of this organization. And I think will redouble the vigilance and determination on the part of a global coalition to make sure that they are degraded and ultimately defeated. It also just indicates the degree to which whatever ideology they are operating off of, It’s bankrupt.”

Then he quickly segues back to promoting his lie-based Obamacare.

Use of equivocating terms such as “organization” and “whatever ideology they are operating off of,” adding he “thinks” the global coalition will redouble efforts to defeat these sadistic maniacs is disgraceful.

The savagery exhibited in acts of burning the pilot alive, routinely engaging in the macabre beheading others, and launching a systematic massacre of nearly 150 innocent school children, so their enemies could “feel our pain,” is what these monsters are about. A CNN report including video can be seen here.

Let’s be clear. The “organization” is radical Islamic terror. The aim of their ideology is to establish global Sharia law. How can there be a cohesive plan to defeat this evil, if the leader of the free world is unable to bring himself to identify it?


8 Responses to Obama: Radical Islamic terrorists an “organization”

  1. John Liberty says:

    Yesterday the burning alive of the Jordanian pilot brought out the best in Obama. Hussein Obama WAS NOT even planning to talk to the King of Jordan .. UNTIL .. the video was posted on the internet! Jordan is one of our close allies in the Middle East, does Hussein Obama thinks so little of the King of Jordan? Yep sure does, for he despises any other national leaders … except Putin of Russia.
    The in action of Obama tells much more than his cheap Sociopathic rhetoric.

    • MacBeth says:

      Exactly! Jordan’s swift response to the evil act of burning their pilot alive was absolutely correct. They executed the two terrorists they were holding and using to negotiate a swap for their pilot. The King of Jordan has said there will be “earth-shaking” future responses to such brutality. He needs to give lessons to Obama, who can’t even accurately describe this grotesque Islamic enemy of freedom.

  2. Army Of One says:

    Can you imagine how the limp, liberal Obama would have reacted to the Nazis, Soviets and Japanese murderous aggression during World War II? He would have thought America and her allies needed to tone down their response to that evil. We need a Winston Churchill today.

  3. Frankly Speaking says:

    The PTA and NRA are “organizations,” Barack Hussain Obama will never correctly identity extremist Muslims — for obvious reasons.

    • John Liberty says:

      A Muslim wouldn’t dare speak out against his own Islam, for to do so would make him an “apostate” to Islam.
      Remember as a boy he was enrolled in a school in Indonesia and on that enrollment application it showed his religion as ISLAM !! Since he has never retracted that in ANY way … one has to assume that he still is a Muslim. We would know more about that … but since his passport records are “missing” … and the “key witness” to this fraud is now murdered and DEAD. We can only guess why that passport record of travel to a “police state” (as labeled by our own Department of State back then) he must have been a national of Indonesia … NOT an American born in Hawaii. Americans were NOT ALLOWED to travel there … period !!! Read the article: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2008/apr/19/key-witness-in-passport-fraud-case-fatally-shot/

  4. Ajo Joe says:

    It wasn’t all that long ago, Obama referred to ISIS as a JV team. He pointed to Yemen as a success story. Now its leadership has been toppled and it’s in the hands of Iranian rebels defined by the Wall Street Journal as a “powerful anti-American militia.”

    America is being led by a Muslim-cozying moron who is more concerned with being politically correct than stopping this vile encroachment and protecting freedom.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    And now we learn that Obama is lifting all the sanctions on Iran.

    He’s a cheerleader for the wrong (JV) team.

    • Fought For My Country says:

      The coalition Obama speaks of is a figment. It does not exist. ISIS is not a mere terrorist “organization,” but one that operates like a well financed and growing army, gaining new blood lusting recruits from around the globe.
      B. Hussein Obama is no leader. He is conflicted on anything that has to do with Islam, even the most extreme factions. He was raised in Indonesia as a boy and registered in a Muslim school as a Muslim student by his stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, who like Obama’s own father, was a Muslim.
      This is what Barack Obama has said is the “prettiest sound he’s ever heard”