Looking small: Ducey disses Douglas

Is Lisa Graham Keegan Ducey’s shadow education superintendent?

KPHO TV 5, the local CBS affiliate, reports on the most recent Republican snub lobbed in the direction of Diane Douglas, Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction. This time the salvo comes from newly elected Gov. Doug Ducey, a fellow Republican, who neither informed Douglas of his education town hall nor invited her to participate in the Thursday event.

Since his Jan. 5, inauguration, Ducey has focused on education issues —- clearly excluding the state schools chief. Previously it was state Republican Party chairman Robert Graham who omitted Douglas from this “Your Republican Team” mailer in advance of the General Election.

Douglas was recognized as the lone conservative among the statewide top-tier of elected officials, waging a winning grassroots campaign due to her resolute opposition to the fed’s heavy handedness in promoting the increasingly unpopular Common Core. Her message resonated with voters, carrying her across the finish line with a stunning 58 to 41 Primary victory.  In the General Election she defeated a heavily funded, leftist educrat opponent.

Yet right out of the chute, and before his actual swearing-in, Governor-elect Ducey announced the formation of an education subcommittee which included Common Core enthusiast Lisa Graham Keegan, a former RINO turned Independent, who endorsed Douglas’ Democrat challenger.

During the campaign, Keegan attacked Douglas, stating she was “promoting a sort of a paranoia” by opposing the federal education scheme. Keegan, who was John McCain’s education advisor during his doomed presidential bid, referred to Douglas’ opposition to Common Core as “destructive.”

In announcing the formation of his education team, Ducey claimed he was looking “forward to working with education professionals to identify the best policies to improve our schools, find the most talented people to assume key positions in my administration and ensure we are putting Arizona students, teachers and parents first.”

Ducey’s town hall brush-off of Douglas while Keegan participated in the forum, puts a lie to his claim of “working together” for the betterment of Arizona’s students, teachers and parents. The Arizona Constitution provides for both a governor and a superintendent of public instruction in addition to other elected state officers. Each job has specific duties and oversight. It’s time for Gov. Ducey to govern and let the actual superintendent do her job.


22 Responses to Looking small: Ducey disses Douglas

  1. Anna Gaines says:

    Totally unacceptable for a newly elected Governor totally politicize, and take over the job Diane Douglas was elected to do by the majority of “Educated Voters” As a retired Educator, I think that Governor Ducey is way out of line even as a Governor!!

    Diane Douglas is the legally elected Superintendent of Public Education in the State of Arizona! A Governor’s appointee such as someone like Lisa Graham Keegan has no business making education policy or even interfering in our State Education Dept.

    We all need to make a visit to the “Newly” elected Governor and remind him of his duty to uphold our State Constitution. He must stop politicizing the Department of Education. He has no right to pay back McCain’s — or anyone’s political favors by putting their puppets as interfering appointees who will only promote their own agendas. The voters spoke loud and clear! Enough is enough!

    • Beth4Life says:

      “The voters spoke loud and clear”. Yes, they did, Anna. Many supported Doug thinking he would work well with Diane Douglas against our foes.

      Yours for Life and Divine Providence

    • Clara Davis says:

      Governor Ducey has put Diane Douglas in the DEEP FREEZER.
      I tried to warn people but no body would listen to me.

  2. Anna Gaines says:

    Apologies to the public reading the above comment. I was actually SEEING RED and missed some grammatical errors :[ unacceptable for a retired educator!! Sorry!

  3. John Liberty says:

    So now we see the “unification” of both the establishment Republicans with the “social justice” Democrats. We all should HAVE KNOW what Brewer & McCain loyalists were setting us conservatives up for .. 2 foxes in the hen house.
    1 Black and 1 of propaganda Red. Look deep into the heart and you will see EVIL snake of deceit slithering away under the brush of “republicans”.

  4. Beth4Life says:

    Thank you for this article. This is certainly cause for concern and prayers

  5. LD 23 PC says:

    Sniff, sniiff. Doug Ducey reeks of the foul odor of John McCain. There is no mistaking the McCain connection to both Doug Ducey and Robert Graham. Look no further than their supporters. Graham pulled the McScam at the state meeting bringing McCain and Flake in through the back door along with McCain’s Vietnamese supporters waving their national flags and providing his only cheering section as most of the elected delegates at the meeting either booed or turned their backs to him.

  6. Maggie says:

    Ducey is melting quicker than the ice cream he peddled, and it’s still cold outside.
    Hold on, “my friends” (as the friendless McCain insincerely says) … we’re in for a rough ride with yet another jumbo shrimp.

  7. East Valley PC says:

    We’ve been McHad, yet again.
    I trusted Joe Arpaio’s endorsement of what has turned out to be a very dicey Ducey. Joe has long been my favorite on the political scene, but he was snookered here, and by extension, so was I.

  8. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    These are the complimentary twitter exchanges between Doug Ducey and Lisa Graham Keegan. They claim they had 5,000 in attendance at their tele-town hall held in conjunction with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and with warm congrats from Common Core supporter Jeb Bush!
    Be afraid. Be very afraid.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      Ducey calls the education tele-town hall his first. That means others are to follow. With the effort to recall Diane Douglas biding its time until the required 6 months passes, I see Ducey’s efforts as pumping up John McCain’s education advisor to slide her into the spot she previously held in the 1990’s. He’s playing the obedient govboy to papa John.

  9. SmallGovt says:

    While Douglas was fawned over here on SRAZ, I was skeptical because of her non answers. However, the Governor shows a lack of political astuteness by excluding her from these events. He should make sure she understands who is Governor and then try and bridge the public gap between them while getting his priorities enacted.

    I am disappointed in the first few months of this Governor and was always disappointed by Douglas.

    All this just plays into the hands of very liberal Democrats. California more each day.

  10. mdhawthorne says:

    Not listening to the will of the voters. Appointing who HE wants to run a department. Gee, I hate to say it, but he’s starting to sound like Obama.

  11. azgary says:

    why does this surprise anybody?

  12. Fed Up says:

    I wonder how many ‘too busy’ voters actually researched what this McKyl endorsed snake stood for? Too many followed the recommendations of endorsers such as McCain loyalist Sarah Palin who knows nothing about Arizona — or even her own family, as she trots around the contiguous states and neglects her brood and husband.
    Cathi Herrod also gave accolades to Ducey. She was cozy with Jan Brewer and that relationship resulted in a judgeship for Herrod’s husband. This time around she endorsed Ducey. Being with the power base is important to her, but Brewer pulled a fast one on her by vetoing 1062 and allowing the religious freedom bill to be mischaracterized as “anti-gay.”

    • Former GOP PC says:

      A good adage for Cathi Herrod to commit to memory, “Sleep with dogs, wake up with fleas.”

      Herrod’s organization is hosting a ‘Day at the Capitol’ this Wednesday with none other than Gov. Ducey as the headliner. And why not? She endorsed him. One hand washes the other….until the suds fizzle.

  13. Dennis O'Brien says:

    Funny, Jan Brewer was the stand-out, stand-away leaving Doug Ducey for Mesa mayor Scott Smith,
    Smith supported her on the Medicaid Expansion, so it was a quid pro quo. Besides, she no longer needed to lick the boots of the McCain advisors who had body snatched her when she took on the governorship after Napolitano fled for DC mid term.

  14. barries1 says:

    Diane has not tweeted since before the election so I tweeted – don’t comply

    • SmallGovt says:

      She was fawned over on SRAZ while she was running and gave nothing but candidate platitudes and no serious answers to any questions.

      Just because some is republican and says they are conservative means absolutely nothing. It is what they do when they get the power.

  15. Seen It All says:

    To refer to Doug Ducey as a tool of the McEstablishment is engaging in understatement and self-delusion. It’s abundantly clear conservatives who voted for him were conned. We might have elected a slew of people with R’s after their names, but can anyone name a single true conservative statewide office holder?

  16. SuzanneC says:

    Well ,lets see, Andrew Thomas could not win, so all fell in line for Ducey. I never till Andrew dropped out. I am sick of even the Tea Party listening to the Congressman they support tell them who to support because the real conservative has no chance. Get a spine people, is that not what we are telling others?

    Oh please Scott Smith, remember his chief of Police Gascon? Smith defied all of us with his nasty promotion of Gascon to 4 star Police Chief. Smith just another RINO, who support amnesty.

    Our only prayer was an Andrew Thomasand Sheriff Joe combo. Hell you people even elected Brnovich, where is the charges? Hell many of you passed the rumors around to make yourselves feel better. Now what?

  17. Matt DeGennaro says:

    I voted for Diane Douglas, but she appears to be caving on “multiculturalism,” focusing on the “trials and tribulations” suffered by every ethnic group that immigrated to the USA. In my opinion, it’s time to teach unity rather than divisiveness. The ethnic pity parties need to go and instead let Arizona students realize that this is the land of vast opportunities, where rich or poor can succeed by applying themselves. The United States is the where that truth flourishes. Why else to so many people struggle to get here? It’s not because this is where some southerners once held slaves or other impoverished minorities, such as my grandparents, lived in cold water tenements when they first arrived on our shores. Multiculturalism divides us. We need unity now more than ever before.

    Walter Williams gets it right in this column: