Alert: Beware of & UPDATE

The Arizona Daily Independent reports on a scheme ostensibly devised to facilitate voters connecting with their legislators on pending legislation. It was sold to those on West Washington Street as having the additional benefit of freeing up legislative staffers from the grinding business of having to deal with answering the calls of those pesky constituents.

The ADI did the investigative work that reveals there is far more going on here than simply improving contact through an electronic system that works as a survey of public sentiment. The online newspaper names the schemers behind the system and details its deceptive practices.

The legislature’s own multi-faceted, direct system of communication remains in place. Any Arizona voters can contact their state House members or state Senator by clicking on these roster links. Their email addresses, office phone and Fax numbers —- along with each legislator’s bio, linked under their names—- are provided for ease of access. Toll-free numbers are even included for statewide constituents. For those who are unsure of their legislative district, this is the place to locate that information.

Do yourself a favor and read “ is not what it appears to be.” Should you become aware of pending legislation you would like to share your views on, contact your legislator directly. Third party smoke screens and subterfuge are not how our system was intended to function.



We neglected to mention the Arizona Legislature’s own official page, which includes this Bill Status Inquiry and Request to Speak. It’s clear the Arizona Legislature is user-friendly and interested citizens don’t require intercession by or through  any third party. 


12 Responses to Alert: Beware of & UPDATE

  1. East Valley Conservative says:

    Governing and being governed require vigilance. Laziness that permit others to do the job we should be doing results in phonies like Bob Worsley (Worse-ly) usurping our authority. Freedom goes downhill from there.

  2. Kevin Myers says:

    I have no skin in the game, living in California. However, this is where one files a claim against someone for the Top Level Domain (.gov).

    Here are the rules:

  3. Boom Slang says:

    Ah, Wes Gullett is an Officer on the Board of Directors. That says it all. It is amazing who so-called conservatives like Bennett mingle with. Next thing you know, we are sold a bill of goods from newly minted, high paid ex-somebodys who lobby for this junk – and then the taxpayer ends up paying for all of it down the road. Birds of a feather …

    • GOP PC says:

      These RINOs and liberals are Wes Gullett’s political kin.
      I never regarded Ken Bennett as a brain trust, but I’m surprised he would get onboard with promoting a system this insidious. Let’s hope we never have to hear him play is geetar at GOP meetings again or sit through his exciting Kleenex box budget presentation.

  4. Annie O. says:

    You have got to be kidding me. But this is not April 1. Take a look at the Board of Directors on the link. They are all McCain operatives (Wes Gullett) RINOs (Lattie Coor) or Dems (Carolyn Warner). Thank you Ken Bennett for another put-on. Way to go Shiree Verdone getting Bennett elected as LD 24 Chair.

  5. SmallGovt says:

    “freeing up legislative staffers from the grinding business of having to deal with answering the calls of those pesky constituents.”

    This is the arrogance of the elected and public sector to those who pay their way.

  6. MacBeth says:

    Thanks to both the Arizona Daily Independent and Seeing Red AZ for bringing this to light. This is the first I’ve heard of the shady maneuver. Most interesting was seeing the leftists, RINOs, and lobbyists on the Arizona Voices Institute Board of Directors on the ADI’s site.

    • m arrington says:

      ADI is the one newspaper I feel like I can trust. So far I’ve never seen anything they have gotten wrong. They have taken the hits and arrows from the likes of Emil Franzi, Bruce Ash, and Frank Antenori. What a shame Frank turned into a party man.

      • Seeing Red AZ says:

        We agree. The Arizona Daily Independent has been a reliable and trustworthy news source. They did a fine job exposing this charade.

        The Sonoran News, which bills itself as “The Conservative Voice of Arizona,” is another reputable source.

  7. azgary says:

    Off topic but:
    A conservative state senator from western Arizona might take on Republican Sen. John McCain in next year’s GOP primary for the U.S. Senate.

    State Sen. Kelli Ward of Lake Havasu City, a physician entering her second term in the Legislature, confirmed late Sunday she is considering a run against McCain.

    Ward would bring with her a fervent “tea party” base that has rebelled against McCain, pushing through a censure of the senator last year by the Arizona Republican Party. McCain allies recently failed in their attempt to install a new chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Party, the source of much of the senator’s political heartburn.

    I would love to see Steve Smith primary McCain, but Kelly ward is much more acceptable than the az 5 amnesty amigos