Weekend reading guaranteed to make you smarter

Powerline’s John Hinderaker has written a must-read column titled, “Obama’s Amnesty: It’s even worse than you thought.”  This fact-filled commentary is guaranteed to infuriate, which is all the more reason you should read it. Knowledge is power and you’ll get an impressive dose on Powerline.

Author John Hinderaker’s bio can be read here.


6 Responses to Weekend reading guaranteed to make you smarter

  1. John Liberty says:

    WTFreaks …. This proves the point WHY the Republican party in Arizona is losing its base to the Independent political status.

    Republicans don’t seem to profess any principled conservative values and only want to be MORE LIKE Democrats. The exceptions are few, and those that are … have no power to change the pathway of evil deceit.

    The majority of Latino votes have NEVER GONE into the Republican camp, they side with the Socialist notion that if you give me what I WANT … I’ll take it … so long as there are no strings attached that would make me responsible for taking what is given to me. The DANGEROUS road we’re on is that … if there is no principles for Conservatism … there is not value to being a Republican … then we are all slaves to that political master called apathy … and we by our silence be complicit with our Constitutional Republic’s demise. Ever heard of a “conservative” Democrat?

    Since Obama has come into POWER we have taken in more illegals than all new JOBS PRODUCED !!!

    So all this political grandstanding by “establishment” Republicans that we need visa’s for more workers … WHEN THERE ARE NO full-time jobs produced and it means a bigger PIMP government, and we are their prostitutes … more and more. We are governments Cash Cow.

    Elections used to have consequences … now it appears they don’t, for the “establishment” cronies in Congress love their “New World Order” name … Repub-li-cRats. We already have an immigration law .. has your Congressman READ IT?? The problem is that Republicans have succumbed TO COERCION by a small percentage of total voters in the hopes of not being called a politically correct name … “racially insensitive”. We don’t need “reform”, we only NEED enforcement ! If this “reform” is passed what guarantee is there … that it will be followed ????? None.

    What is our alternative, Recall Petitions … hello is anyone home??

  2. MacBeth says:

    The two most willing ‘Repub-li-cRats’ to sell America out to the invading multitudes live right here in Arizona and have jobs it appears impossible to wrest them out of: JOHN McCAIN and JEFF FLAKE. The fact that they were elected to the US Senate in the first place speaks worse of us than it does of then.

  3. LEO IN TSN says:

    It has been crystal clear for two years or longer that the AZ4, and now the AZ5, are totally in the tank for AMNESTY. So what happens?–the 4 don’t even get a challenge in their re-elections, and the AZ McGOP and the RNC launch into a shower of dirty tricks to get the boyish McMcMcSally elected to the “team.”

    A very smart lady said in another SRAZ post:
    “It will take a lot of time, courage by the conservative base, and the removal of the RINOS to bring this country back to what it was meant to be. Let’s make sure we do our best to educate the politically ignorant and truly support the candidate who will restore this nation’s respect by the rest of the world.”

    I would consider the “politically ignorant” to be the low-info “R’s” “I’s” “LDS’rs” and maybe an occasional “LP’r” if we can reach them between highs. It will be sweat, time and shoe-leather, and $$uppport of conservative candidates, that will counter the big-pocket lies of the McGOP establishment. And give up the clabber about some good guy being “too conservative.”

    God bless America.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      My very serious question to you, LEO, is who are the actual conservative candidates and how do we vet them to verify they are who they purport to be?

      I find far too many who run as conservatives and then govern/vote as liberals. I’m a lifelong conservative and have been an elected PC for years. I’ve also been duped by far too many pretenders, including our AZ US Reps. whom I believe will ultimately cave on amnesty which they will reconfigure as something showing “compassion” to the illegals who have invaded the borders of our sovereign nation and cost us $ billions in benefits.

      American Thinker has an outstanding article which I heartily recommend. The New Privileged Class: Illegal Immigrants. I’ve sent it out to many of my friends and family.

      The author Michael Bargo Jr. concludes his article with these powerful words: “This is not due to an immigration law that is broken.  That is as silly as the idea that if someone speeds, it proves the speed limit laws are broken.  What it proves that is that Democratic Party of the U.S. continues to take steps that elevate illegal immigrants to a status above that of citizens. That America cannot afford this is shown by Obama’s huge expansion of the national debt and support of the financial system through quantitative easing.  It is not a sign of what may come but proof of what is already here.” 

      • John Liberty says:

        http://www.americanthinker.com SHOULD BE is a daily morning read for all true conservatives. Excellent stuff.

        “The world is in a constant conspiracy against the brave. It’s the age-old struggle: the roar of the crowd on the one side, and the voice of your conscience on the other.” – Douglas MacArthur.

  4. LEO IN TSN says:

    You vet candidates on their historical records, not on the campaign fantasies they project; you vet them on their friends who have records. For example, when candidate McDucey comes along with his magical claims, you see he has no record except his work in the Chamber of Commerce – that’s a clue. Then you see his campaign manager is little Jonnie McKyl, an arrogant AMNESTY monger who brazenly told AZonans that he would do all the thinking – that’s a clue. Then you see he has every RINO who has been trying to sink conservatives in AZ for decades on his campaign – that’s a clue.

    By contrast, you see one candidate who had worked very hard at making a history of prosecuting criminal illegal aliens and their facilitators for years. He had a history of rooting out and prosecuting public corruption, but discovered that RINOS hate anti-corruption patriots as much as marxists do, and would Alinsky him to keep him out. He was the ONLY primary candidate that did NOT go slithering up the throne of McTraitor begging for an endorsement. Those are clues.

    When you see your fed reps (AZ5) who talk openly about what they will do BEFORE they talk about AMNESTY – that’s a clue. When you read that they are meeting behind closed doors to formulate AMNESTY by small steps – that is a clue. When they criticize and ostracize their peers who are trying to investigate muslim brotherhood in our government and try to repeal obamaocare and try to elect real conservative leadership in the House – that is a clue. When they refuse to meet or communicate with AZonans about AZ concerns but will hold kumbaya sessions in spanish on their front lawns – that is a clue. When they circle their toy wagons around McTraitor, McSnake and McGraham – that is a clue.

    And oh yes, most of these issues were reported by SRAZ and SRAZ people time and time again. SRAZ is a very good source.

    God bless America.