Breitbart covers AZ’s education standoffs

All dots lead back to John McCain

Breitbart’s Big Government, a premier national news site, finds Arizona’s Douglas/Ducey battle worthy of coverage. The report, Battle Lines Drawn Between Anti-Common Core Superintendent and Arizona Governor covers newly elected Gov. Doug Ducey’s overreaches and Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas’ actions and responses. 

Tucked in among the facts most state residents have been following and on which we have reported, is a fascinating connection that has previously been missed. In addition to Ducey bringing Common Core enthusiast Lisa Graham Keegan onboard his new education subcommittee, he has included Matthew Ladner, described as “a close associate of Common Core champion Jeb Bush.”

Keegan is a former-RINO-turned-Independent who endorsed Douglas’ radical leftist educrat challenger while lobbing insults at Douglas. She met the threshold of Republican establishment allegiance by serving as education advisor for John McCain’s failed presidential campaign.

And Matthew Ladner? Prior to joining the Foundation for Excellence in Education, founded by Jeb Bush and funded by liberals, Ladner worked for Clint Bolick at the Alliance for School Choice. Bolick then moved to the Libertarian Goldwater Institute, oddly favored by the leftwing Arizona Republic newspaper. Ladner followed. Clint Bolick and Jeb Bush co-authored a book, “Immigration Wars: Forging an American Solution,” which in retrospect sounds like a blueprint for Obama’s egregious amnesty actions.

We’ll connect the dots. Arizona’s junior Sen. Jeff Flake is John McCain’s doppelganger. Both are longtime proponents of amnesty for illegals. Flake, supported by McCain for the seat previously held by Jon Kyl, is a former Executive Director of the Goldwater Institute. Clint Bolick’s wife has twice run for a state legislative seat, losing both times.  This 2010 event was a Who’s Who of well-heeled McCain supporters. In this short video clip, Bush calls illegal immigration “an act of love” that “shouldn’t rile people up.’ Here Bush and Bolick openly push for amnesty minus the pretenses.

This is a gang that shoots in one direction —– aiming back at the law-abiding Arizona taxpayers forced to fund their schemes, while charging forward to open the border floodgates. If one doesn’t reach the destination, reinforcements are supplied by the Chambers of Commerce, and their illegal alien profiteer members.


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  1. East Valley Conservative says:

    I recall Diane Douglas supporting Robert Graham for Republican state chairman. I was very disappointed to see that since I supported her and have never trusted Graham’s guru McCain. Graham clearly showed his admiration for McCain AND Flake at the state meeting when he slipped them in the back way along with a contingent of Vietnamese McCain supporters who were given access to the balcony to hoot and holler and wave their Vietnamese flags for McCain. I was among the many elected state delegates who showed their disdain by either booing McCain or turning our backs to him. For Douglas to support Graham after he had intentionally left her off a state GOP pre-election mailer was foolish. I wish her well, but it appears she’s not getting good advice which creates additional hurdles she doesn’t need.

  2. SmallGovt says:

    Think also that on President’s Day, practically the only Americans that get a paid holiday are Public Sector employees whom we pay. Does that make much sense?

  3. CD 8 PC says:

    The truth is stated loudly and clearly here. Anyone who has been paying attention knows that John McCain and his willing toadies are behind the majority of RINO candidates in our state. State GOP chairman Robert Graham is working to make sure that trend continues. Graham will never cross McCain, since that would intrude on his own political aspirations.

  4. Ajo Joe says:

    I’ve spent my life in Arizona and remember when John McCain was recruited by RINO state legislative GOP majority leader Burton Barr to run for the congressional seat U.S. Rep. John Rhodes was retiring from. Rhodes was a respected member of congress with a first-rate record and a legal background. McCain had nothing to recommend him other than being a well-connected (father and grandfather were admirals) returning Vietnam POW, good looking (hard to imagine today) and with a brand new, young beer heiress wife for whom he dumped the one who waited for him while he was in Hanoi. The couple dutifully moved to the east valley and McCain’s carpet bagging career was launched. At the time, he had to be persuaded by the GOP leadership to run as a Republican. He was so cocky he thought he could walk into conservative John Rhodes seat as a Dem and win. At heart, he’s always been a democrat and has partnered with some of the biggest lefties in DC on damaging legislation ranging from destructive campaign finance laws to amnesty. Jeff the Flake is no different. Don’t be conned by those who have an “R” after their names. It often means less than nothing.

  5. MacBeth says:

    In many ways, Diane Douglas is her own worst enemy. She shoots her mouth off before considering the impact her words will have on her. She needs to pause and think before going off half cocked. The bizarre photo of her pushing the media microphones away will haunt her for the rest of her days. She hid during the campaign. As an elected official, she can no longer get away with that. I voted for her, but I’m a realist. She needs better advice than she’s getting or she’s a goner.

    • azgary says:

      so your complaint is shes not and/or doesn’t act like a professional politician?

      • MacBeth says:

        You appear to have a skewed vision of the word “politician.” Politics is a noble pursuit. George Washington and all of our nation’s Founders were politicians. Ronald Reagan was a politician. I find it comical when people are running for public office and proclaim, “I am not a politician,” as if they were announcing they are not pedophiles. They became politicians on the day they first file their intend to run and begin circulating nominating petitions. Diane Douglas is certainly a politician, which is fine with me. She’s been one for some time, running repeatedly for the Peoria District Governing Board, which is also fine with me. As to acting like a politician, she needs to use some common sense, which she is not currently doing. The microphones were placed in front of Diane Douglas because only she is the elected Superintendent of Public Instruction. The others sitting at the table are all appointees. She frequently was MIA during the campaign. She can no longer get way with that. I wish her success, but she needs to project a level of professionalism I’m not seeing right now. I remain hopeful.

    • ZOO says:

      Douglas only removed the mics because the crotch-sniffing media had placed them in front of her – and none of the others on the 11-member panel.

      Of course when I want to seek out truth from fiction, black from white, or right from wrong, I always rush to a leftist slop hole like Twitter or Facebook. It’s where the best minds congregate.

  6. ZOO says:

    Diane Douglas is not a professional politician, or even a politician. She is walking a mine field filled with pros, hos, and cutthroats in a battle against the biggest collection of manure in the state. But she is displaying fight and stamina in a gangster world she is unaccustomed to. We certainly can’t have that.

    By all means, let’s dog pile on Douglas for any infraction we can find until she is eligible for recall. If you’ll participate, Brahm Resnik will kiss you full on the lips. I think I hear the barking already. Arf! Arf!

  7. Matt DeGennaro says:

    Another fine post, SRAZ! Thanks for “connecting the McDots” for the ill-informed, low-information voters who think they are too busy to ferret out the truth but have plenty of time for sports and celebrity doings. Their kids and grandkids will be the victims of their self absorbed foolishness. There’s far more at stake here than whether or not Diane Douglas compors herself as a “professional politician.” Common sense has to come into play and I don’t see it.

    We seem to have memories of a gnat and have lost our sense of outrage. Americans have morphed into the Romans of old, watching their society crumble before their eyes but preferring to be lulled into mindlessness by the distractions of “bread and circuses.” The Roman citizens lost their will to defend what they had built. Their previously held concepts of civic duty waned and they became ripe for takeover as ignorance and complacency took hold.

    This was written by Juvenal a highly regarded Roman satirist around 100 C.E. as he expressed his contempt for his countrymen:
    “Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the people have abdicated our duties; for the people who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions, everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuses.”

    As a means of gaining and retaining power, the Roman elite provided cheap food, beer and free wheat to the citizens as well as gladiators fighting to the death or circuses as a diversion.
    Today too many are also content with sports, beer, and vacuous celebrities who our kids know more about than they do our American Founders and our own American history. They believe there is nothing worth fighting for and think political correctness is the answer to societal problems. That’s how we twice ended up with Barack Obama in the White House.

  8. American Dad says:

    I voted for Diane Douglas because of her opposition to Common Core. I will continue to support her. But she appears ready to implode. She needs to take a deep breath.

    • SmallGovt says:

      Many agree….opposing CC seemed like the in thing to do, just as home schooling seemed like the in thing. But it is obvious something should occur in Arizona education and it is not throwing more money at the problem.

      Today’s workforce is much more mobile than was the case 20-30 years ago and the idea of a education that works cross country is more valuable if it can be implemented. That was probably the purpose of CC.

      You also have to be willing to weed out bad teachers and there are plenty enjoying a paid day off!

  9. SmallGovt says:

    The looming problem of public sector pensions. See Arizona is $50 million underfunded on a day when its employees are getting a taxpayer paid day off:

  10. Jakesez says:

    Governor Ducey sided with the CC supporters despite his campaign talk. He is counting on the conservatives forgiving and forgeting in future elections. Well, Governor Brewer, opps I mean Governor Ducey, I will not forget. I will remember when you next run for election.