Fed. Judge stalls Obama’s amnesty executive order

Obama unable to suspend deportations

U.S. District Court Judge Andrew S. Hanen’s opinion and order cuts to the chase from page one of the 123-page document as he delivers a blow to Barack Obama‘s executive order on illegals, defining the issue in these terms:

This is a case in which twenty-six states or their representatives are seeking injunctive relief against the United States and several officials of the Department of Homeland Security to prevent them from implementing a program titled “Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents.” This program is designed to provide legal presence to over four million individuals who are currently in the country illegally, and would enable these individuals to obtain a variety of both state and federal benefits. It continues here.

Judge Hanen noted that the Department of Homeland Security “legislated a substantial rule without complying with the procedural requirements under the Administrative Procedure Act” because the executive amnesty provisions did not undergo “notice-and-comment rule making procedure.” He concluded that the Department of Homeland Security is “not rewriting laws,” but actually “creating them from scratch.” He also determined that Obama’s executive amnesty is a “complete abdication” of immigration enforcement.

Hanen said that if the program were allowed to proceed at this point, “The genie would be impossible to put back into the bottle.”  This video montage of Obama mocking the very executive orders he has been working to implement leaves no doubt he knew he was acting outside the framework of the law.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is no stranger to suing the Obama administration, having filed more than 30 lawsuits while serving as Texas‘ Attorney General. In this case, he filed the lawsuit challenging Barack Obama‘s executive order and was  joined by numerous other states. The collective Plaintiffs include the States of Texas, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, West Virginia, Wisconsin., Michigan, Mississippi, Maine, North Carolina, Tennessee and Nevada.

The Obama administration is expected to appeal the ruling to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans.


17 Responses to Fed. Judge stalls Obama’s amnesty executive order

  1. Army Of One says:

    America needs more judges like Texas U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Hanen and more governors like Greg Abbott. Imagine Doug Ducey taking such bold actions. He’d rather fight the state Superintendent of Schools and insert his own shadow McSuperintendent. The Republicans supposedly leading Arizona are all ready-to-fold weenies. While we rejoiced that they were elected, it’s time to admit most of them will deliver the same sucker punches to our citizens as Democrats.

    • California Dreamer says:

      In his first State of the State address yesterday, Gov. Greg Abbott identified five emergency items – border security, early education, higher education, transportation, and ethics reform — for expedited consideration by the Legislature. Topping his list is DOUBLING STATE SPENDING ON BORDER SECURITY!!!!

      Abbott called for more than doubling state spending on a comprehensive border security plan built around recruiting, training and deploying 500 additional state troopers to the border. In the meantime, Abbott said he had met Tuesday morning with the commanding general of the Texas National Guard and the director of the Texas Department of Public Safety and ordered the guard to remain deployed on the border until his new security plan can be implemented.

      “As governor, I have identified funds to keep the National Guard in place until the Legislature acts,” Abbott said. “As soon as DPS has the permanent resources needed to secure our border, we can bring home our dedicated National Guard troops.”

      Arizona is also a border state and the Nogales portal is the most trafficked in the nation, and yet we do nothing. I moved here from Mexifornia and see the exact same disaster happening here. Press 1 for Spanish.

  2. Clair Van Steenwyk says:

    The issue that someone who enters your home illegally then has the right to become part of you family is really beyond the pale and it’s time the Self Serving GOP puts an End to this, they promise but then back down and call it compromise. In fact it’s what the GOP Power Players want, you know who they are, Big Business, Chamber of Commerce, Bush Family, McCain, Flake and others like them. The Challenge for many in the GOP is it’s the only game in town, well if they march to the battle field and then retreat as normal, then it’s time for all who belong to then either go on vacation as we lose more of what those who obey the laws have built over the last Two + Centuries or Really Fight back by Removing all the INVUMBENTS from Office in 2016. If you Vote for them then you’ve just signed the Death Warrant to what Once Was a Great Nation and is Now a Memory, this in one of many issues they don’t stand up for and if in doubt just Read the US Constitution and check your Reps votes and you’ll hopefully realize what Liars most of them really are as they’ve Violated the Oath they all took in the Name of Compromise, it’s real name it Treason & no better than Obama or Benedict Arnold.
    God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk
    Crossroads with Van / AZS Constitutional Conservative Coalition


    • azgary says:

      “If a Republican majority in both houses of Congress can’t stop Obama from issuing illegal immigrants Social Security cards and years of back welfare payments, there is no reason to vote Republican ever again.

      To gin up votes, “Republican insiders” told the Washington Examiner last fall that “the results of the midterm elections” would determine how “aggressive” the GOP would be in fighting Obama’s amnesty.

      Voters gave you a blow-out victory, Republicans. You cleaned their clocks. (Have you seen Harry Reid lately?) Where’s that promised aggression on amnesty?

      Republicans and George Will tell us they can’t stand up to Obama’s executive amnesty because the media are unfair.

      Oh, well, in that case … never mind.

      This is news to them? They didn’t know the media were unfair when they were promising to block Obama’s illegal amnesty before the elections? The media have blamed the GOP for every failure of Republicans and Democrats to reach an agreement since the Hoover administration. This isn’t a surprise development.

      Why don’t Republicans attack the media? People hate the media! Their power is eroding — and it would erode a lot faster if Congress would challenge them. Instead of submitting to the media’s blackmail, my suggestion is, take their gun away.

      Tell voters what the media won’t: that Obama’s “amnesty” will give illegal aliens Social Security cards and three years of back-payments through the Earned Income Tax Credit, even though they never paid taxes in the first place.

      Could we get a poll on that: Should the government issue work permits to illegal aliens and give them each $25,000 in U.S. taxpayer money? I promise you, Obama would lose that vote by at least 80-20. Even people vaguely supportive of not hounding illegal aliens out of the country didn’t sign up to open the U.S. Treasury to them.

      If a Republican majority in both houses of Congress can’t stop Obama from issuing illegal immigrants Social Security cards and years of back welfare payments, there is no reason to vote Republican ever again. ”

  3. East Valley Conservative says:

    I’ve read that when most voters are asked about congressional term limits, they are strongly in support of them — for everyone except their own representatives. That clearly illustrates how brain dead most voters are and why Arizonans are saddled with dimwit amnesty pushers like John McCain, Jeff McFlake and previously Jon McKyl. It’s time to admit that the McCain cabal and the deep pocketed Chambers of Commerce who fund these people run the state and elect the phonies who claim to represent us. I’d like to have a candidate who admits what’s going on and refused to be part of the deception. I suspect such a candidate would win with overwhelming support.

    • State Delegate says:

      Retain no one! They will all try to find a way to shove amnesty down our throats.

      Congress and other elected offices were never intended to be lifetime careers. These folks put their pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of us. There is nothing superior about any of them. Like soiled diapers, they need to be changed regularly. And for God’s sake, stop applauding them for the mere act of walking into a room or hopping onto a stage. Their inflated egos already rival the size of their cushy salaries and perks.

  4. Clair Van Steenwyk says:

    We’ve had a couple of these type of candidates over the yrs. however the Kool Aid of Better of Two Evils or Most Electable is mixed and the voters drink it up and don’t forget the voters don’t give any $$$$$$$$$$$ to battle the Money Changers so we lose, this is why the Apathy is now at an Epidemic level and growing and the State & Nation are falling apart while those in office fiddle away our future.

    • azgary says:

      we the people cannot compete FINANCIALLY with corporate America and the bazillionaires, chamber of commerce etc…. in political races.

      we the informed have to stop electing those lesser of two evils candidates even if it means the other parties win, when we will not hold them to account why would they care?

      apathy is bad but voting lesser of two evils is worse and no different than suicide.

  5. jon jensen says:

    In texas over 40% of the population is hispanic; but make up 15% of the vote. In arizona its almost as bad. I hope they know what their doing, we all can’t move to idaho.

    • Matt DeGennaro says:

      Aren’t you a clever one.. It’s not Hispanic voters that are the issue, it’s ILLEGAL voters….Hispanic or otherwise. Hispanic American citizens aren’t the concern….it’s gifting citizenship or something that will morph into citizenship, to those who have entered the USA illegally. They have disregarded our laws, scorn our history and refuse to speak our language….all while sapping us dry with benefits they do not deserve.

      My own grandparents immigrated to the United States LEGALLY. You couldn’t hope to find more patriotic, law abiding Americans, who worked to make sure their children were all educated and also patriots.

      Your words are easily seen for what they are, an attempt at a slick con.

      • jon jensen says:

        Illegal aliens don’t vote they know what you would do to them if they did! American citizen hispanics do vote and half of the babies born in arizona hospitals are hispanic. In 2012 10% of the total USA vote was hispanic in 2016 it will be 12%. Look at sheriff arpaio’s vote totals in maricopa county it has gone down every election since 2000. The popular sheriff got 50.7% of the vote in 2012. Think what you are doing to the conservative future of arizona.

    • ZOO says:

      I’m not sure I understand what point Jon Jensen is trying to make (I rarely do), but I can’t agree that Hispanic voters are not an “issue”, as it pertains to the election of conservatives or alleged conservatives aka Republicans.

      The two most radical Reconquista Hispanics in the U.S. House are Democrats Raul Grijalva and Luis Gutierrez – with their histories well known to most. Their election victories over the last 12 years are hands down no-contests against their Republican opponents, even when those opponents are Hispanic.

      It could be argued that their districts are “heavy Hispanic”, but these victories could easily have been 50.5% to 49.5% in not-so-heavy Hispanic districts. A victory is a victory.

      With the U.S. Hispanic population estimated to be dominant by 2040, anyone arguing that conservatism’s days (as a political force) aren’t numbered is in denial. But at least corporate America’s expenses are down and profits are up for the foreseeable future. All it required was one huge garage sale.

      2002 Grijalva 59% Heib 37%
      2004 Grijalva 62% Sweeney 34%
      2006 Grijalva 61% Drake 35%
      2008 Grijalva 63% Sweeney 33%
      2010 Grijalva 50% McClung 44%
      2012 Grijalva 58% Saucedo Mercer 37%
      2014 Grijalva 56% Saucedo Mercer 44%

      2002 Gutierrez 80% Lopez-Cisneros 15%
      2004 Gutierrez 84% Lopez-Cisneros 12%
      2006 Gutierrez 85% Melichar 14%
      2008 Gutierrez 81% Cunningham 11%
      2010 Gutierrez 77% Vasquez 14%
      2012 Gutierrez 83% Concepcion 17%
      2014 Gutierrez 78% Concepcion 21%

  6. SmallGovt says:

    Hopefully the first of many rulings. Successful Republicans will give the legal Hispanic population issues they can vote for and not against.

  7. LEO IN TSN says:

    Yes, the illegal alien vote is a rapidly growing population, carefully nurtured by the Marxists to destroy US. But legal Hispanic voting blocks are indeed also a threat to our freedoms, as they tend to vote by rote. They come here from socialist roots and are never educated in free enterprise and capitalism. They come from gov’t dependency, and they register into it here because all of their friends and neighbors have.

    If they live in a district that has Hispanic politicians, they are likely dimocrats and get the Hispanic vote simply by name recognition and blind party ID (Grijalva & daughter, Gutierrez, Pastor, etc). The young ones are then educated into it by family and neighborhood ID and gov’t schools (La Raza studies). They end up timid and easily scared by the Marxist propaganda they are fed.

    A huge problem in the Hispanic voting blocks is that many Catholic bishops are total supporters of the Party-of-Death politicians, and convey that to Catholic voters. That is the case here in Baja AZ, where the bishop actively works to that end, and calls the local police to harass his own faithful Catholics who work for truth.

    And lastly of course, we have the McEstablishment “R” power brokers who would rather give a district to a Marxist that to a conservative patriot who actually embraces the Republican platform. We saw that played out when the McRNC led by McBoehner & crowd, as well as the AZ McGOP and the Pima County McGOP, did everything possible to torpedo the campaign of Gabriela Saucedo Mercer here in Baja. She is a poster girl for Hispanic conservative republicanism who ran against Grijalva, but these groups not only shut her out, they worked to destroy her.

    It’s up to conservative voters who have to get tough, get working to educate our Hispanic neighbors, and $upport conservative candidates.

    God bless America.

  8. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Late Breaking News!

    The Department of Justice will seek a stay of a Texas judge’s ruling that has forestalled President Barack Obama’s executive order on immigration, a White House spokesman said. CNN
    White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said the request will be filed by Monday. U.S. District Court Judge Andrew S. Hanen this week temporarily blocked the President’s controversial executive actions on immigration — announced in November — that were meant to ease the deportation threat to millions.

  9. SmallGovt says:

    Where we look totally foolish is allowing an illegal alien to give birth in the USA and then giving that child citizenship. Even tourists here legally often time it to give birth so as to be able to snag American citizenship. This is a total affront to legal Americans and was ever meant to happen.