McParty time: Frosh class femmes frolic

Joni Ernst, the newly elected Republican U.S. Senator from Iowa blew into office with an impressive record. A former state senator, she campaigned as a conservative and won praise for her service as a company commander in Kuwait and Iraq. She soundly defeated an incumbent Democrat Congressman running for the senate seat.

Now we find her name oddly linked with John McCain’s for a swank Phoenician resort fundraiser to benefit McCain’s 2016 reelection campaign. Right up there with wife Cindy are freshman U.S. Rep. Martha McSally (R-CD2), Cheryl Flake, and the previously unknown in political circles, Angela Ducey —- wife of Arizona’s newly elected governor Doug Ducey —- a McCain and Flake confidant.  The men stumped the state together in the final hours prior to Election Day ginning up votes for Ducey. “We’ve got a lead, but we can’t take that for granted,” McCain said. His possessive words indicated a strange ownership role. 

For those keeping track, just a few more dots to connect.



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  1. Hagar says:

    …and Deb Gullett, all the usual suspects.

  2. State Delegate says:

    I wonder if Sen. Ernst is aware of McCain’s numerous censures from elected state committeemen at the annual statutory meeting? The majority of Arizona’s county GOPs also censured him. If she missed that news, she must have independent knowledge of his leftward bent. And unless she’s been living under a rock, she must know he’s an utter disappointment to conservatives. We view him as a liberal disgrace who has spent his overly long career aligning with Dems and promoting their issues over those of the American people or the GOP banner under which he runs. He and his underling Jeff Flake were heckled by Republican delegates at the state meeting last month. Is Sen. Ernst unaware of these facts or trying to give him an aura of respectability? Either way, she doesn’t meet the mark.

  3. Annie O. says:

    I told my husband that we should not donate to Ernst until we learned where she stood in her support of McCain. But no, he was confident that she was a conservative TEA Party candidate. The fool. That’s the last time he is going to give our money to a McCain lackey. The divorce papers have been filed.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Smart woman. NONE of these DC types need our money. Check out POLITICAL PARTY TIME:

      As they whine for money at home, there are events planned our of our eyesight in DC. I stopped donating to all but local candidates, and I’ve become even more selective in that arena also. Joe Arpaio is one strong exception. He can definitely use our help.

      • Doc says:

        EXCEPT for His unwaivering support of our new gubnah! I’m beginning to wonder where his loyalties lie….ducey’s ALREADY A HUGE dissapointment…..

  4. Ajo Joe says:

    The Phoenician Resort is an interesting venue for this event. It was built by McCain’s ally Charlie Keating (leaving his subcontractors unpaid). Remember the blockbuster Keating Five scandal that rocked the nation and destroyed the careers of several US Senators all accused of corruption? Keating went to prison. Survivor McCain survived.
    This is a good memory refresher:

  5. J-p A Maldonado says:

    Lie down with dogs, get fleas.

  6. Rambling Rose says:

    Won’t be able to make this star-studded (?) event. I’ve previously set aside some time to clean the lint out of my navel.

  7. SmallGovt says:

    But who could run against McCain from Republican side who could be elected? No one.

    You have to have term limits to get these people out of Washington. They never leave otherwise.

    • MacBeth says:

      AZ state Senator Kelli Ward is considering a challenge to McCain. Don’t scan this as you seem to do with most information. READ IT. Her resume is knock-your-socks-off sensational, she has the ability to raise funds, fight Obamacare from a physician’s perspective and…….Dr. Ward is a CONSERVATIVE.

    • cadillac25 says:

      Term limits is a auto-mechanism for the desperate to gain an artificial and unfair advantage over a dominating adversary.
      If a politician goes bad, vote him out of office. If he is comfortably ensconced, work harder; don’t rely on some law to do your legwork. It is the preferred method that the downtrodden, disenfranchised, reaching-for-straws voters resort to.
      A major reason term limits are bad is because when your favorite, patriotic, conservative candidate is finally in office, you certainly want him to stay there; but term limits now work against you.
      And when term limits are in effect, FEWER voters vote, not more, because the law takes care of the thinking: No use in slipping on my shoes and venturing to the poling place now; one more term and the bum will be out on the streets, so no need to even cast a ballot….

      • SmallGovt says:

        Sorry, I don’t agree. Term Limits are in place for almost all offices except Federal Congress. Term Limits gets new blood in office and should eliminate the current pensions. There is not a member of Congress who is entitled to his/her seat for the length of time they stay.

  8. ZOO says:

    Has anyone noticed that while Jeff Flake is still flashing the pearlies (dog doo scrubbed away) and pom-poming for a “clean” DHS funding bill, stump-humping for a GOP-crafted fatal adoption of Mexico, and boola-boola-ing for the nomination of Loretta Lynch for AG, McCain has been seemingly absent from comment? Rather, he has sidetracked for more ‘uniting’ events such as tributes to Prescott’s Kayla Mueller and ‘ISIS is a threat’ town halls.

    It seems the Clorox Cowboy is riding a different horse of late and has flipped the switch yet once again. Pre-election mode / on. Release the white doves!

    • Seen It All says:

      You nailed the so-called Maverick, ZOO! John McCain is a deceitful and cantankerous old liberal who has done more to tainted the word Republican and harm the GOP than anyone could ever imagine. Former House Republican Majority Leader Tom DeLay got it right back in 2008:

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      Those who align themselves with John McCain will never again get either my money or my vote. Doug Ducey is just one of a series of McCain supporters. After the statewide censures he’s received and the recent boos and turned backs from state delegates, McCain knows the high level of his own toxicity so he often hangs back and allows his co-collaborators (Flake and Kyl) and obliging, indebted toadies (such as the AZ amnesty supporting GOP congressional contingent, Bill Montgomery and Mark Brnovich ) to give endorsements that he approves. Be watchful. Remain wary.

  9. SmallGovt says:

    Much more important for Arizona:

    Headlines today:

    Peoria Unified School District studying 4-day class schedule

    Absolute terrible idea ad maybe a trial balloon. This will result in higher crime and even stupider kids.

    Every excuse for high cost of education except overpaid and benefited employees.

  10. Fed Up says:

    It’s no surprise that McCain’s words iindicate a “strange ownership role.” The McEstablishment owns Arizona’s new governor Doug Ducey lock, stock and barrel. Add Arizona’s just re-elected Republican chairman Robert Graham to that mix. We buy slick, we get snookered. When will conservatives understand that simple fact?

  11. Charlie Conservative says:

    Seen it All…….great link and on the same site there is this from
    Dr. James Dobson on not being able to vote for McCain, and what a terrible choice the voters had back in 2008.

  12. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I’m new to this site and I like what I see.

    John McCain is a poison to the Conservatives of Arizona. I heard he was skulking around in the background when Ducey was running for governor and it made me sick. What he’s doing with Joni Ernst, he did with Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire when she won the senate seat a few years back.

    He’s an evil old SOB who, for some reason, has Republicans in this state by the gonads. As long as I’ve lived here, I’ve never voted for McCain (except in 2008), Jon Kyl or Jeff Flake. None has my best interests at heart – going back to the immigration/border fights under that other establishment loser, the Karl Rove-driven, Dubya.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Welcome! This is where conservatives congregate. Sometimes our opinions on specific issues differ, but in general we’re a pro-Constitution, pro-family values, supportive of our military and sovereign national border protecting bunch. There are occasional needlers and a couple of RINOs who drop in from time to time, but they are the equivalent of gnats on an elephant‘s hide. From what I read, there are a good number of elected precinct committeemen and state committeemen who are regulars. The very liberal Phoenix New Times named SRAZ the ‘best conservative blog,’ but then used the “award’ to mock the site and its readers. You sound fearless enough to join us!

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        Thanks for the synopsis. We Conservatives are used to being kicked around. Especially in the present highly partisan (Obama) world we’re in.

        Really like what I see here. It’s a good mental health site for me. Keeps me sane.

  13. SmallGovt says:

    You can’t blame Ernst. She is a newly elected nothing and figures to gain off McCain’s persona. People outside Arizona don’t know how McCain is thought of here (at least by Republicans). Unfortunately in this you have McCain, Ernst, and McSally, three elected officials who have fed at the public trough and have no private sector experience. Expect any of these to cut pensions or Cola?