Common Core: Making news for all the right reasons

The Arizona House Education Committee voted 5-2 approving a proposal that would scrap the state’s imposition of Common Core “standards” and strip the Board of Education’s ability to adopt new ones. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Mark Finchem, (R-LD 11), now moves to the House floor.

Read the amended version of H.B.2190, which was approved after testimony from those on both sides of this contentious issue. A video of the hearing can be viewed here.

Seeing Red AZ has frequently covered the various incarnations of the Common Core back story and deceptive name change —- once it became too toxic. In the end, it comes down to the GOP establishment, with John McCain yet again playing the manipulator behind the curtain vs. the grassroots conservatives who put the underestimated Diane Douglas in office.

When Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas acted within the purview of her office, she was hammered by a Hamer. The establishment view is summed up by this obnoxious comment by obliging tool Glenn Hamer, president and CEO of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce. “It’s bizarre and outrageous and offensive and she should apologize to all she’s offended,” Hamer is quoted in the New York Times. “Her comments and behavior aren’t necessarily following a linear pattern at this point.”

In other words, for having the temerity to disagree with the elites, Diane Douglas can deliberately be deemed nuts by the diminutive, insult-hurling Hamer.

The superintendent’s remarks were “intense even for Diane Douglas,” blasted Lisa Graham Keegan, who had previously called Superintendent Douglas “erratic.” Name calling has become commonplace among Common Core proponents. John Huppenthal, the troubled man replaced by Douglas referred to opponents as “barbarians.”  Like newly elected Gov. Doug Ducey, Keegan is closely tied to the McCain faction.  A RINO-turned-Independent who supported Douglas’ radical leftwing educrat opponent, Keegan served as McCain’s education policy advisor during his failed presidential campaign.

The conservative base of the Republican Party supported Diane Douglas. As the establishment choice, Doug Ducey had the backing and financial network of the GOP hierarchy.  He was also the beneficiary of scattered votes in a 6-way Republican primary field. A Libertarian and Americans Elect candidate further diluted the pool. 

Ducey needs to reassess his victory and realize he is the governor. He owes John McCain and his political kneecapping cronies nothing more than a courteous greeting when they meet at public functions. They don’t belong in his office and when they call, his secretary can honestly tell them he’s busy.  After all, he’s got a cash-strapped state to run. By virtue of her election, Diane Douglas is already in charge of the Arizona Department of Education.


10 Responses to Common Core: Making news for all the right reasons

  1. g smith says:

    Gotta love Diane. She actually is doing what she ran on. Heads up Republicans, RINO’s, included. McCain is poison. We’re tired of his bullying and buying candidates. Support Diane she’s the one true person leading the pack. Good for those on the Education committee for standing up for students.

  2. American Dad says:

    Let’s hope our Republican legislative majority in both the House and Senate act in the best interests of Arizona students and support their concerned parents in ditching this mongrel known as Common Core. The Chamber of Commerce can pound salt..

  3. PV PC says:

    I was hoping for more background here on Glenn Hamer for those with short memories or AZ newcomers. I finally found what I was looking for by going back and clicking on the link with his name. I hope many of you will do the same. You’ll get a more complete picture of who this guy is and where he comes from.

    If your state legislative candidates gleefully wave their Chamber of Commerce endorsements around, BEWARE. With the endorsement comes campaign funding, meaning they are going to cave to many of the liberal positions of the Chamber. These are the strings that bind.

    I have to admit it took me far too long to finally come to the realization that the Chamber of Commerce is a leftwing amnesty promoting organization and not really a group advancing business in Arizona or anywhere else.

    • ZOO says:

      The AZCOC (along with other domestic terrorists) opposed Prop 200 in 2004 and have never let up. They sued Arizona in 2008 over the Employer Sanctions law and lost the case in SCOTUS.

      We can revel in the fact that the CoC staff will all be wearing black armbands for the next year. Danny Hendon (Danny’s Family Car Wash) will be incarcerated for a year beginning March 24th for re-hiring puddle jumpers (about 900 of them) after getting popped for hiring them originally. Now if we could only find the money to put up billboards all over the valley and state: “Hire Illegals, Go To Prison!”

  4. AZ Conservative Guy says:

    Good information. Now, we need to hold our Republican majority Arizona Representatives and Senator’s feet to the fire to ensure HB2190 is given the smooth sailing it deserves.
    House members contact info is here:
    Senators are listed here:

    Call them!!! It matters!!! If they don’t hear from us, they’ll think we don’t care and will go along with the wishes of their deep pocketed Chamber of Commerce donors.

    If you’re unsure who your legislators are, you can easily find them by going to this site:

  5. SmallGovt says:


    Peoria Unified School District studying 4-day class schedule

    Absolute terrible idea ad maybe a trial balloon. This will result in higher crime and even stupider kids.

    Every excuse for high cost of education except overpaid and benefited employees.

  6. LEO IN TSN says:

    As SRAZ has spotlighted, the McEstablishment cabal of the GOP has morphed straight left, adopting the agendas and Alinsky-taught tactics of the Marxist dimocrats. Knowing they lose on the issues dear to conservative patriots, they resort to campaigns of lies and name-calling, the “campaigns of personal destruction” right out of the Alinsky handbook. It worked so well for McTraitor 2010 and McSnake 2012, they used it in 2014 against Diane Douglas from the primary on, continuing today (but failing). They used it for the boyish Mzzzz McMcMcSally in her primary against a conservative veteran patriot, and they used it against the courageous Gabriela Saucedo Mercer and in support of super-marxist Raul Grijalva (D-Sonora MX), the co-chair of the House Communist Caucus. That’s our CoC McGOP.

    That’s the snapshot of our AZ McGOP, confirmed and expanded by the brain-dead votes of the zombie-like state delegates last month. McGraham and company will continue their public attacks on Diane Douglas, and will continue to support the left in AZ. They will go “behind the curtains” with their money guys to try to intimidate state legislators into betrayal.

    Support our good AZ legislators and Diane Douglas openly. Call them email them and let them know we stand with them against the sharp-fanged leftists. Keep fighting this “transformation.”

    God bless America.

  7. Wesley W. Harris (@wwharris) says:

    Well said…Lisa seems to be trying to set Diane up for a recall. It will not work. No candidate in recent history has been elected by virtue of a complete grass roots effort spending little money and relying totally on an army of Common Core exponents to defeat the establishment while being out spent 700 to one. The Governor will do well to support Diane as she is the true popular elected representative in our state.

    • Pima Pal says:

      Diane Douglas is about to fold like a wet noodle on Common Core AND the anti American, Mexican-American studies in Tucson Unified School District. You people are being snowed by a woman who is in over her head, knows it and is terrified of the life altering embarrassment of being recalled. Mark my words, you’ll be able to pour maple syrup on this waffle.