Randy Parraz closes shop, trades one scheme for another

Latest scheme is $5 million Democrat registration campaign

Were Arizona conservative Republicans given an assignment of compiling radical provocateurs, the name Randy Parraz would top many lists.  The hard-left, amnesty-for-illegals ideologue was behind the effort to unseat state Senate President Russell Pearce and shows up in the most unlikely of places.

In March 2013, open-borders and anti-enforcement extremists Parraz and his failed candidate wife Lilia Alvarez (video) were forced to admit their deceptively misnamed effort “Respect Arizona,” an attempt to recall Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio was doomed.  In addition to coming up short on cash to pay petition circulators, he was unable to energize rational citizens to engage in his trickery. 

Parraz, a pro-illegal, self-described “community activist,” has made a career of extremism rather than the practice of law in which he holds a degree.

But it appears Parraz’ vocation of deception has come to an abrupt end. According to the leftist Modern Times magazine, which glowingly refers to Parraz as “charismatic,” the agitating rabble-rouser is calling it quits. He recently sent out an email statement telling of his bogus handled Citizens for a Better Arizona closing shop.

“After considerable thought, reflection and debate, CBA has decided to: Cease operations as a 501 C 4 organization (effective March 1, 2015); and Initiate the formation of a $5 million fund called the Arizona Blue Campaign to register over 200,000 Democrats by October 1, 2016.”

His message caused nary a blimp on the “aw shucks” meter.


6 Responses to Randy Parraz closes shop, trades one scheme for another

  1. Anna Gaines says:

    Very likely the same population he serves will register (illegally as they’re used to do) to vote. The Democratic party seem to have an affinity for recruiting ineligible voters, as we have learned over the years.

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Randy Parraz is nothing more than a Hispanic community organizer just as Barack Obama was/is a black community organizer, both lawyers, and both with the same bottom line: destroy America as she was founded. Both are extremely dangerous.

    I wonder if the “Arizona Blue Campaign” to register 200,000 Democrats by October 2016 is receiving funds from the crooked world of Obama or Soros.

  3. ZOO says:

    Not much need to wonder about Parraz’ co-conspirator and gutter rat immigration lawyer Chad Snow. He and his ilk (including LD 28 state senator Adam Driggs and ‘others’) are quite busy these days using up rubber fingers by the box processing applications for invasionettes under Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional Obamnesty.

    While Parraz and Snow are like herpes (they never really go away), with any luck Driggs will become too busy to remain in the legislature. Perhaps the repeated smacks of the auctioneer’s hammer selling off America one block at a time are not all bad.

  4. jon jensen says:

    Every day in arizona 100 minority kids turn 18 voting age add undocumented and its 140 a day. Do the math.

  5. East Valley Conservative says:

    Parraz, Chad Snow and the rest of those who targeted Russell Pearce and supported the deceptive Jerry Lewis and his amnesty twin Bob Worsley are all vipers.

  6. SmallGovt says:

    Where does he get the $5 million? The Republicans should also work to register that many legal voters, and do it without seeking government funds.