GOP 2016 hopefuls engage on issues in Iowa

Under the Obama regime, we are on the verge of losing our Second Amendment rights* as well as our country — 2016 is vitally important

Potential Republican presidential candidates assembled at the Iowa Ag Summit to take the pulse of America’s heartland.

The Des Moines Register live streamed the interactions and has excerpted what it calls some of the best of the conversations with prospective 2016 presidential candidates.

The Iowa Ag Summit is a forum on issues facing American farmers featuring national politicians.  Watch best excerpts with those currently weighing their chances at grabbing the 2016 presidential nomination. The videos include chats with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, former New York Gov. George Pataki, Wisconsin Gov.  Scott Walker, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum and others.  Walker showed up in his shirtsleeves — presumably indicating he was ready to get to work —- and Santorum mercifully ditched his ubiquitous Jimmy Carter-like sweater vest.

Take a gander and size them up. Each opportunity to see the candidates in action is revealing. Although there is a brief commercial proceeding each interview, it’s worth the short wait.

The Des Moines Register’s coverage, “8 things to watch for at the Iowa Ag Summit,“ can be read under link.

*Article from the Washington Examiner


7 Responses to GOP 2016 hopefuls engage on issues in Iowa

  1. Hometown Guy says:

    We are swiftly losing our country as Obama seeks to put the last stabs to its heart in the final two years of his presidency. There is one single issue that takes precedence over all others as I listen to the mostly canned rhetoric. If a candidate waffles on illegal aliens, they are off my list. Even in Iowa that should resonate, since the invading hordes are fanning out all over the USA. Failing to meaningfully address this massive problem doesn’t fly with me. Do the farmers welcome illegals as farm hands? If they do, they are part of the problem. I’m sick of those who say we have to show the invaders “compassion.” Where is the compassion for America’s citizens?

  2. Matt DeGennaro says:

    Well, we all know where Jeb Bush stands. He’s on record saying illegally entering our country “is an act of love….that shouldn’t rile people up.” Sorry Jebbie, but I’m riled.

    All of my grandparents were actual “immigrants“.…. LEGAL ones! The others are illegals, plain and simple.

    • Doc says:

      …worthless dynasty hunter…he’s a LOSER…along with th’ joisey idiot R.I.N.O. chris christie…& lindsey graham-cracker…it’s an insult to America that he’s even CONSIDERING a run…whatta’ moron…

  3. Orion says:

    We have to go in the exact opposite of Obama with the next US President or our country is gone. My dream ticket at this point would contain the names Scott Walker (in the top slot) and either Ted Cruz or Ben Carson as VP. After Hillary’s latest scandals, she appears to be DOA. Even the dems have a saturation point. Now they’ll be scrambling.

  4. Doc says:

    I’m going to say something here. And I’d ask that those here who know me from here, indulge me for just a minute…
    …Every single day some “HUGE” boolsheet news comes out about something egregious transgression some liar has said or done in D.C. EVERY DAY it’s SOMETHING…right? Well…(here it comes…) I’m not so sure there’s even going to BE an election in 2016.

    I have my own “favorites” as to who I would prefer to have living @ 1600 PA. Ave in 2017. But with this marxist pig we have now, and his minions, AND almost EVERY SINGLE ONE of the elected “representatives” that are in D.C…..I’m just not so sure…

  5. SmallGovt says:

    Unfortunately everyone went to Iowa and told them what they wanted to hear and will do the same everywhere else. No one tells the truth about the country debt and out of control spending on government.

  6. LEO IN TSN says:

    All of these campaign appearances will be carefully scripted to pose each candidate as a faithful conservative, which for many is patently false. Look past the campaign rhetoric to the actual records, and decide who has already shown their patriotism in the fight. Then look to who supports them. Then look to what heat they have already taken from the McEstablishment cronies, the McGOP and the McRNC. You will find the number of possibilities is vastly diminished.

    …and Rand Paul, he’s in the smoking room for a few.

    God bless America.