Hillary fails to put lid on email scandal, meets legal resistance

“The server will remain private”

As Hillary Clinton’s nefarious email saga continues to develop, one line given as her reason for withholding personal communications is shot through with cannon-sized holes by none other than hubby Bill.  Hillary’s claim that her private server “contained personal communication between my husband and me,” was exposed as bogus by the Wall Street Journal, revealing the fact that Bill Clinton still doesn’t use email. In fact, according to the article, he has sent a total of two emails in his entire life, the initial one in 1998. As president, Bill Clinton’s first email was a message to John Glenn, as the former senator and astronaut was making a return trip to space.

And speaking of outer space, Hillary, the presumed Democrat presidential candidate did herself no favors as she took the podium, aloofly playing the role of annoyed, elitist matron, while holding a terse press conference Tuesday. She acknowledged using only a private email account while secretary of state and grandly opined that only she is the determiner of what she releases and what she deletes. “The server will remain private,” she flatly declared —- saying she turned over 55,000 emails —- neglecting to admit that she waited two months to do so and never sufficiently answering questions relating to what was contained in those she deleted.

She also said using a private server while in a high level government post was a matter of “convenience.” The physical server was on her private property. Given that the Benghazi disaster, shrouded in lies, occurred on her watch, the issue becomes: Does her “convenience” trump national security?

While snappishly answering questions, Clinton repeated that she “followed every rule,” and  “did not email classified material to anyone.” She further claimed, “For any government employee, it is that government employee’s responsibility to determine what’s personal and what’s work-related” —- knowing full well that’s not the case.

“At the end, I chose not to keep my private personal emails. No one wants their personal emails made public, and I think most people understand that and respect that privacy,” asserted the woman who has long desired to be the ultimate and unquestioned authority.

When even the left-of-center Associated Press has filed a lawsuit in D.C. today to force the State Department to release Hillary’s email correspondence and government documents, all indications point to her grandiose goals looking bleaker. The legal action comes after repeated requests filed under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act have gone unfulfilled.


Video H/T: Washington Free Beacon


11 Responses to Hillary fails to put lid on email scandal, meets legal resistance

  1. MacBeth says:

    Hillary is beginning to look like dead meat and her rancid stench is permeating the air. It appears her arrogance has finally done her in. Where do the dems go now?

  2. SmallGovt says:

    The Clintons are like snakes and you can not simply shoo them away and expect them not to return. This is a major mistake from the past. Bill Clinton could have been put away during the Monica scandal and that would have taken Hillary too. But all Democrats and too many Republicans were afraid to insist on strong action.

  3. Anthem Al says:

    I’ve watched enough actual case histories on ‘Forensic Files’ to know that even deleted information stays on computer hard drives. Many homicides have been solved by using that retrieved information. Law enforcement is very sophisticated. Hillary can delete till the cows come home and it shouldn’t matter.

  4. Tucson GOP says:

    This was the lineup according to the New York Times Feb.18 Obviously nothing remains static.


  5. Kathy says:

    I’m sure Johnny McCain will be riding to her rescue soon. After all, he hearts the Clintons. I seem to remember he said he may vote for her????

  6. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Hillary is every bit as insidious as Barack Obama. We should all remember she was the first one to push what is now known as Obamacare. Her version would have forced the majority of medical students into general practice, limiting specialists. She also wanted to remove vitamins as over the counter choices and make them available only through prescriptions. Democrats have long regarded themselves as smarter than the rest of us and thus wanting to control our decisions — for our own good, of course.

  7. LD 23 PC says:

    Truth doesn’t exist for the Clinton’s. Their only reality is their continued political survival. Now even the liberals are fleeing Hillary’s ship.

  8. Maggie says:

    Erasing 30,000 emails is all in a days work for this has been. Thank God even the leftist MSM and her own worshipful Dems have had enough. Watching her implode on the basis of her arrogance and deceit is exactly what she deserves. It will be her legacy in the same way that Monica Lewinsky is Bill’s.

  9. Dennis O'Brien says:

    Although too many dems will continue bow in her direction, there must be embarrassment among those who still remember how to wince. I think she has effectively ended her political career. My fashionable and very savvy wife says if Hillary’s high handed actions don’t take her down, the “beyond frumpy outfit” she wore to make her pronouncements should!

  10. SmallGovt says:

    Nothing has changed since this for Hillary: