AZ legislator Anthony Kern’s bio lacks kernel of truth

First term state House member Anthony Kern (R-LD 20) has neither a bio nor photo accompanying his legislative member page.  Those omissions make it easier for the newcomer to misrepresent himself.

According to this report in the Arizona Capitol Times and this posting titled, “No, badge, no gun, no cop representing Glendale,” on the Rose Law Group Reporter, Kern, 53, isn’t quite on the up and up when it comes to his credentials.

His campaign website cagily skirts any mention of being a police officer, instead saying he owns a private investigation business. He says he graduated from the Glendale Law Enforcement Training Academy and is active in crime prevention as a member of Crime Free Multi-Housing and the National Institute of Crime Prevention. He notes he has been involved in the Block Watch program.

Open enrollment recruits —- those who are not sponsored by police departments —- must await sponsorship or employment before receiving full police certification. If his hasn’t arrived by age 53, Anthony Kern shouldn’t hold his breath waiting.


13 Responses to AZ legislator Anthony Kern’s bio lacks kernel of truth

  1. Vince says:

    Who’s Kern kidding? In most jurisdictions the maximum age to become a probationary police candidate is 35. A few high crime areas such as Chicago allow for a maximum age of 40. At 53 years of age….not a chance! Too close to retirement and too old to physically be on par with the 21 year old rookie officers.

  2. Maggie says:

    The link to Kern’s website provided my best laugh of the day. First sentence, third paragraph has this direct quote: “Anthony was born in a small town in central Minnesota together with his parents and 13 brothers and sisters.”

    That must have been a record setting pregnancy and delivery!! It sounds as though he, his siblings and parents were all born together. Quite a feat!! This guy should do standup comedy.

  3. Justin says:

    My Grandmother is involved in her neighborhood block watch, too. She bakes cookies for every meeting. Seriously!!

  4. Ajo Joe says:

    This Anthony Kern reminds me of good ol’ Duke Tully. He was the onetime respected publisher of the Arizona Republic newspaper before it became a liberal rag. He was also a close friend of John McCain. Tully’s aspirations were military in nature rather than law enforcement related, but he was the same type of guy as Kern, who needed to pump up his stories and his ego.

    Tully inflated himself by wearing the dress uniform of an Air Force officer at formal events and talking about his adventures as a fighter pilot during Vietnam and even Korea. But Tully, though a pilot, never actually served in the military. Former Maricopa County Attorney Tom Collins, an actual Marine and political foe, exposed him as a sham and Tully left Phoenix in disgrace in the 1980’s. Being outed as a liar stuck to Tully more than any of his other accomplishments. The only good that came out of the expose was that John McCain ultimately shunned him. That would be a plus…..

    Bottom line is that these truth-stretching liars always get found out and end up being remembered more for their ego enhancements than any actual worthy efforts.

  5. harristimes says:

    Please understand that most if not all of the P.C.s members in LD20 knew of Rep. KERNS’  background and police experience. At no time did he suggest that he was employed as a police officer. In fact he was attending the academy while he was running for the office he was subsequently elected to.  Mr Ken is a forthright  and upstanding person and I believe he would never knowingly mislead anyone. The timing of this article suggests that some powerful people resent the fact that our Representative Kern has taken on the “big boys” at the State Bar Association who are looking to discredit”the messenger”‘.  That old adage “that when you are taking flack, you know you are over the target” seems to fit this situation.

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    • Blackbeard says:

      WHAT “police experience”? Did you miss the fact that he has never worked as a police officer? Sheesh.

  6. azgary says:

    pardon my cynicism, but very little any politician says or does involves much truth.

    why should this asshat be any different?

  7. CD 8 PC says:

    Kern is a typical “lttle guy” with a big need to inflate himself. Doing it in this way is reprehensible. Actual police are under assault in inner cities throughout the country. We need to support them, not pretend we are them.

  8. In the know says:

    Check all the freshmen bio/photos, they have yet to be put up yet. He has no control over that. This post is a cheap shot. Kern is upstanding, and is serving the public. More than armchair bloggers can claim.

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      Since when did truth become a “cheap shot?” It will be interesting to see if Rep. Kern refers to himself as a police officer when his bio finally goes up. We’re not quite amateurs, since we’ve been at this each and every day for nearly eight years. Did you also write to the Capitol Times and the Rose Law Reporter declaring them to be amateurs?

      • beth4life says:

        Seeing Red AZ is an important source, for me. I am discouraged that the “truth” has not been better researched or reported, here.

      • In The Know says:

        Well said, Beth4Life. This blog feels like sour grapes to me. Blogging in your basement does not a professional make, no matter how long you have been doing it. Okay, from your front room, either. Of course Kern does not refer to himself as a police officer, he considers the certificate hanging on his wall as completing the academy a great honor and is what he was referring to. If he misspoke, I am sure he is sorry and will correct it. Now, do you have issue with his voting record? He is a solid conservative and because you are attacking him I am embarrassed once again at the infighting within our party. Circle the wagons and shoot inward. Shameful.

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      We neither blog from a basement nor a “front room.” We have set up shop in a cave in the Superstitions where we are protected by bats and native spirits.

      You state Kern “considers the certificate hanging on his wall for completing the academy a great honor” and even appear to know his thoughts, saying, “If he misspoke, I am sure he is sorry and will correct it.” You have a lot of knowledge as to where his GCC certificate hangs and how “sorry he feels” for misrepresenting himself, and even that he “will correct it.” When will he be calling a press conference do that? We’ll likely miss it, since the bats in our cave often hold us hostage, similar to those bats you deal with.

      We checked your IP address this evening and were dismayed to find it attached to 13 other names you have used since 2008, including those of state legislators and candidates for office. You signed yourself with both male and female names. That doesn’t fly here. Take your con on the road. We now understand why you’re defending Anthony Kern.