Kids behaving badly? Study offers explanation: You must be an illegal

New study explains insecurities, criminal behavior in children of illegals

Nancy Landale is not exactly a name resonating off lips in Arizona, but the results of her latest study delving into the “special insecurities” and their links to “behavioral problems” of children of illegal aliens recently merited a front page report titled, “Fear of having a parent deported may increase risk of behavior issues.“ 

Daniel Gonzalez, who coincidently covers immigration and minority communities at the Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic), authored the news article. He calls Landale’s study, which provides justification for higher risks of behavior issues compared with children of legal immigrants and U.S. citizens, “groundbreaking.”

Prof. Landale’s research at Penn State focuses on family patterns and health outcomes of racial and ethnic minorities in the United States. She’s been at this for years, as her Curriculum Vitae attests —- currently investigating the health and development of Mexican children of illegals, with an emphasis on links between illegal immigration and assimilation processes, family contexts and multiple dimensions of health. These reports don’t come cheap. They are underwritten by massive research grants. As an example, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development:  “Mexican Children of Immigrants Program Project.” (2009-2016) Total Direct Costs: $3,851,858. Total Costs: $5,158,193.

The funding for these absurd studies ultimately comes out of our pockets. But even in Pennsylvania Nancy is feeling the extra pinch for education, health care, and incarceration —- costs that have obviously increased since this report detailing the $728 million yearly burden to native-born Pennsylvania taxpayers was released in 2009.

Previous generations of legal immigrants who came to America via Ellis Island would have been appalled to have little Giuseppe, Sean, Helmut, Abraham, Miklos or Casimir do less than their best in school and certainly would not have given them cover for chronic bad behavior or criminality. That change in attitude might be the reason the legal immigrants succeeded. They knew America provided opportunity and they expected their children to take advantage of the rare gifts they were being given. The families worked hard, educated their children and enthusiastically assimilated into Americans.

The $113 billion annual drain said to be the high cost of illegal immigration is also substantially higher since this 2010 report (revised in 2011),The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on U.S. Taxpayers.”

This video is from 2011:


8 Responses to Kids behaving badly? Study offers explanation: You must be an illegal

  1. azgary says:

    well, it makes sense but not in the way intended by the author.

    if you are taught by your parents breaking the law and criminal activity is how you get ahead, not to mention having things handed to you in life, then have that idea reinforced by the govt and law enforcement agencies, why wouldn’t you end up a life long criminal,

  2. mdhawthorne says:

    Seems to me the children would not have a fear of their parents being deported if their parents just obeyed the law and followed the legal procedures to become American Citizens.

  3. Clementine says:

    Liberals run the universities and self perpetuate what are now rightly known as Liberal Arts programs. This study is a classic example.

  4. John Liberty says:

    For this article to say that the children of illegals are possessive of “special insecurities” says that we LEGAL CITIZENS are the causation, and amnesty is the “cure all” … which is Marxist collectivism, and it’s political correctness run amok by more and more public debt.

    There IS A REASON that children of illegals cannot move up the ladder of “economic opportunity” that ONLY America gives them. In most cases its because they do not assimilate with our morals within society, our English language, our written laws that benefit citizens, and an educational directive to be the best you can be within this land of “opportunity”. Yes there are exceptions, but having had children in the Dearborn Michigan school system, I KNOW that “education” is not what it used to be. Most all of those classes in Dearborn are now taught in ARABIC with English being secondary. So how does one learn to write English then?
    Now I’m not saying that teachings done in Spanish would be the same, but the responsibility to raise children who enjoy the prosperity of America sure would get a leg up on the others if English was the only language taught, and spoken at home. That is a “behavior” lesson well taught that benefits the individual.
    Multiple school administration’s throughout this nation have given “a pass” to students who do not qualify into a higher grade class based on ability … not politics. The desire of academia is not the INCLUSIVENESS with the legalized citizens, it is the deception that government cares about “opportunity” … when it clearly does not. The Truth is that there is a political sickness endangering our nation of children, its not “special insecurities” of illegals who wouldn’t be here in droves if we had a SECURE BORDER. It is big government and its Debt paid by future generations of children.

    Throughout generations of immigrants those entering LEARNED what is was to be an American, today we have lost that and become a divisive, a segregated racially driven agenda for “chaos”, all at the behest of Obama’s exclusiveness and special privileges given by specialized man-made rights … that DO NOT exist in our Constitution. The real insecurity is how do those children pay back the debt incurred by this political correctness?? Is that ever taught as a special insecurity class?? No. It is the “behavior” that needs to be changed, for who is going to pay the tab of debt if no one knows what the big “transformation” of America is??
    Now that’s … INSECURITY.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Another excellent comment, John. You’ve been on a roll!!

      This type of excuse for failure and criminality is what we get from divisive study programs such as the MAS (Mexican American Studies) in Tucson Unified School District. American schools need to get back to teaching American Exceptionalism rather than how we are no better or worse than any other nation and how actual immigrants have been mistreated. Diane Douglas, our supposedly conservative, anti-Common Core state superintendent of public instruction is now going down that path after meeting with the TUSD chief. She’s rolling over hoping to avoid a recall. I voted for her once. Won’t make that mistake again.

      There is nothing wrong with instilling patriotism in our students and teaching them about our Founding documents. There is everything right about doing so. This is political correctness gone amok.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      I neglected to add political correctness gone amok….THAT WE ARE PAYING FOR… more ways than one.

  5. SmallGovt says:

    It is not only this grant which is foolish and wasteful, it is most grants are foolish and wasteful. Simply more large government growing larger.