Police shooter in custody — Obama, Holder fanned flames

Police in St. Louis have confirmed that the man who shot two police officers in the early morning hours Thursday is in custody.

A known Ferguson, Missouri police protestor, Jeffrey Williams, 20, is reportedly charged with two counts of first-degree assault, firing a weapon from a vehicle, and two counts of armed criminal action. The shootings took place outside the police department in the wake of the resignation of the city’s police chief.

Although Williams admits firing the shots that struck the officers, his claim that he didn’t intend to shoot them verges on implausible. At the time of the shooting, the young black parolee was the subject of an arrest warrant for failing to meet with his parole officer in connection with a previous conviction of receiving stolen property.

Although the Justice Department claims that Ferguson police have been  too aggressive in their interaction with black residents, a credible case could be made that police weren’t vigorous enough. If Williams had been tracked down and arrested pursuant to the outstanding warrant, chances are he would not have been on the streets and able to shoot the officers.

On Friday we posted “Chaos in Ferguson fueled by Obama, Holder.” In it, we noted Attorney General Holder called the gunman “a damn punk” who was “trying to sow discord in an area that was trying to get its act together, trying to bring together a community that had been fractured for too long.”

But Holder’s Justice Department also released a separate report asserting that racial profiling was at play in the city police force, and the municipal court system was driven by profit on the backs of the town’s predominantly low-income black residents. 

As SRAZ commenter Frankly Speaking noted, Barack Obama appeared on comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s show talking out of both sides of his mouth after the police officers were shot: “What had been happening in Ferguson was oppressive and objectionable and was worthy of protest.” And “whoever fired those shots shouldn’t detract from the issue. They’re criminals. They need to be arrested.” Read his words carefully.

Obama skillfully sticks to the narrative alluding that the protestors had every right to burn down stores and overturn police cars, characterizing any authority as something that needs to be assaulted and destroyed. This is the same president who characterized shooting victims Trayvon Martin as his “son” and robber Michael Brown as a “gentle giant.”

Kevin Jackson of Blacksphere reports Brown’s mother posted these vile comments on her Facebook page after the police shooting.

The racial divide in our country has worsened under the nation’s first half-black president.


9 Responses to Police shooter in custody — Obama, Holder fanned flames

  1. Kimball says:

    I’d like to add one other bit of information. This post neglects to mention that the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” chant that received national media attention and the gesture was even copied by congressional liberals, was finally exposed as a complete fabrication. Still it became a rallying cry given a life of its own by the eager to enflame MSM.

  2. azgary says:

    Breaking: 2 Officers Shot And Injured In Los Angeles…Update: Cops Shot In Their Car, Police Believe They Were Targeted

  3. Maggie says:

    If race relations are so awful, why are there so many interracial relationships between American men and women? Take a walk through the mall……

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      The “race problem” in this country is ginned up by race hustlers.
      I see the interracial relationships everywhere. People like Obama, Holder, Sharpton are purposely dividing the whites and the blacks for their personal gain be it votes or money.

      Before Obama and Holder came on the scene, Sharpton was a local race hustler. Now he’s got his own TV show that nobody watches, he goes to the White House regularly, owes the federal government $4+ million in taxes, and shows up all around the country at fake uprisings, sponsored by George Soros money.

      We all could get along like pro-athletes do. The best man wins. Competition is good. Affirmative action is bad. The government should stay out of our way.

  4. Orion says:

    Blacks, just like anyone else who strives to improve his or her lives, have done well in the USA. Witness Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan. and BET founder Robert Johnson who are all BILLIONAIRES. Many black athletes are mega millionaires, Tiger Woods. Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson among them. This is an older Forbes list, so the number probably has grown from the ones listed here.

    Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who don’t have full time jobs are mega-millionaires. They have both made race hustling pay off. Hatemonger Louis Farrakhan, who has threatened to “tear this G’Damn country apart,“ is a multimillionaire.

    Black celebrates in the motion picture and music industries (Diana Ross, Tina Turner. etc.) as well as business entrepreneurs, have done very well as this 6 page list shows.

    The only people who lack opportunity in America are the ones who slam their own doors shut by dismissing education and compounding that with their disproportionate involvement in crime.
    The family structure also needs to be repaired. Over 70 % of black babies are born to single, uneducated mothers, and grow up without a father. This is a recipe for disaster.

    • Tucson Voter says:

      The real recipe for disaster is sitting in the
      Oval Office, aided and abetted by his like thinking chum Eric Holder.

  5. jon jensen says:

    Well that is what democrats do otherwise why would they be democrats? Why do you think minorities vote democrat? As the minorities become the majority along with mixed race voters they will do it more and more. What is to stop them?