Gov. Ducey fearing AZ Ferguson throws police under bus

Fear of mob rule causes governor to veto protective measure

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey vetoed legislation Monday aimed at protecting police officers and their families from harassment or worse. Senate Bill 1445, was a reasonable piece of legislation designed to delay law enforcement agencies from releasing the names of officers involved in serious or fatal shootings for 60 days as the investigation into the case proceeded.

Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson was subjected to death threats and forced into hiding, ultimately resigning from the police force following his acquittal on charges relating to the shooting of Michael Brown. The small town became a hotbed of prolonged violent protests based on the “Hands up, don’t shoot” myth.

Critics of the delay, referred to the measure as “hiding” the officers identities, include the dynamic duo of the  Arizona Republic and the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona, which both sent letters to the governor requesting his veto of the measure. This is the editorial view from the hard-left New York Times, which also urged a veto.

Ducey complied, folding like a cheap suit.

The bill allowed the officer’s name to be released if he or she was arrested or formally charged, or gave consent. Supporters of the law contended it would protect officers without compromising the public’s right to know the facts of a case, noting that information about the officer, including any disciplinary record, would, in fact, be released.

The legislation enjoyed bi-partisan support, passing the House by a vote of 44 – 12 and the Senate 23 – 6.

Primary and co-sponsors of the bill can be viewed here. They deserve our thanks. Ducey? He needs to be reminded which side law enforcement is on. They put their lives on the line each and every day to protect the people of Arizona.

Including Doug Ducey.

12 Responses to Gov. Ducey fearing AZ Ferguson throws police under bus

  1. Fed Up says:

    With this and the majority of his other vetoes, Doug Ducey has shown himself to be a captive of the Chamber of Commerce and the GOP establishment, which leans left. This is not a revelation to anyone who has been paying attention. Just like John McCain, Jeff Flake, the AZ 5 and Bill McMontgomery and the rest of the deceivers, they say one thing as they campaign and act in the opposite manner when elected. I’m beyond disgusted.

    My campaign contributions and politically active enthusiasm have been rewarded with nothing more than disappointment. The new faces are interchangeable with the old faces since that is the source of money and the seat of power. Commenter AZGary has it right. We need to replace them all.

    • Maggie says:

      The people you describe are known as Republicrats. They will sell their own mothers in order to retain power.

      • azgary says:

        speaking of the ‘crats with R by their name on a ballot:

        “Defeat of Arizona Common Core Repeal Bill Shows Grassroots’ Worst Enemy Is Establishment GOP”
        “The Arizona Senate rejected a bill Monday that would have abolished the controversial Common Core standards in that state. Some Republicans joined with Democrats to defeat the bill, 16-13, a fact that underscores that while Democrats could be expected to vote in favor of keeping a federally-funded initiative like the Common Core, the worst enemy of the conservative base of the GOP is actually other Republicans.”

        the fix was in the whole way, it was obvious common core would not be defeated, that the political will is not there, we are fortunate to have a fairly conservative house, though it too is sliding, it barely defeated Kelly wards legislation to take power from voters and give it to unelected stooges with HB2184.

        we have very few actual conservatives in elected office statewide and NONE of our national office politicians are conservative

  2. Kent says:

    If they request it ,law enforcement officers, elected officials, judges, and prosecutors are afforded protection from vengeful nut cases. As I understand it, their home addresses can be removed from voter lists. I see nothing wrong with that. Why should they or their families be harassed due to them doing their jobs?

  3. SmallGovt says:

    Did Ducey have a reason for this and an explanation…or is that not important?

    • CD 8 PC says:

      Your ongoing hostility to this conservative site makes me wonder why you keep coming back and flooding it with your always negative comments. As to loosey goosey Ducey’s reasons, they are made pretty clear to me. I take it you prefer to put your faith in this politico’s high paid scripters….

      His veto letter is here. If I could find it, you could.

      • SmallGovt says:

        Thanks and I think it is a clear explanation and what we don’t need is layer upon layer of new laws that try are basically just for publicity and fund raising. There seems to be plenty of protection for the names of the police now.

        Our legislators need to focus on getting the state back in the black and overcoming the huge potential disaster in pension obligations that never should have been made rather than time on messages.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Gee – I thought Gov. Ducey would have signed this bill because, after all, he calls himself a Conservative. [Sarcasm]

    Along with the other RINOs who touted Ducey during the campaign, another loud supporter was Hugh Hewitt, who calls himself a Conservative. (cough-cough) I almost can’t listen to him anymore. He was obnoxious about Ducey when he was running, he’s sickening pushing Jeb Bush, although he says he’ll listen to all who run. Yesterday, he protected Jeb from a caller who didn’t like that the Bush family is close with the Clintons. Hugh was turning inside out trying to defend the Bushes. He wouldn’t have done that for Ted Cruz.

    We should have a law where it’s not allowed to define yourself as a ‘conservative’ just to get elected – then go on and let the RINO out after you win. It seems every elected politician from this state has done it. There are a few exceptions – Judy Burges, Sylvia Allen and a few others.

    I hope the crap doesn’t hit the fan with Al Sharpton’s people in Arizona if a shooting “goes wrong.” We’ll know that Ducey chose not to defend the police.

    • Blackbeard says:

      I’m a great fan of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, but he was somehow persuaded to throw his support to Ducey, which helped push him into the governor’s office. Immediately after the primary, Ducey removed Arpaio ’s endorsement which he previously highlighted to win over conservatives. I suspect Joe’s campaign strategists also were on Ducey’s payroll. That’s not unimaginable. Ir would be interesting to check, but I imagine the information is neatly obscured.

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        Sheriff Joe’s political ad for Ducey featured the fact that Ducey is the son of a cop. His support certainly was influential in Ducey’s win. How shabby to throw Sheriff Joe under the bus when no longer needed.

        Ducey also had the support of Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz and Trent Franks. More conservatives used to win the election. It just proves the GOP needs the Right to win – but then they revert to the ‘moderates’ they really are and throw them under the bus.

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      Good points and a fine reminder about Joe and the “cop” angle, which I had forgotten. My lone qualifier is using the word ‘moderate,“ to describe radical leftists that now are the face of the Democrat Party. Moderate is tepid. Liberals are anything but. They have a desire, as Obama has often reminded us, to “fundamentally transform America.” Nothing moderate about wanting to undercut our Constitution, Bill of Rights, the generosity of spirit that makes us unique and the heroism that has won two World Wars.

      There is an old adage that you can’t ride two horses with a single backside. In politics, you are usually for something or against it. There is rarely a middle ground since the two parties are nothing alike. Their platforms are vastly different. One is based on promoting individual responsibility, keeping Americans secure in their homeland and celebrating life. The other has the cradle to grave mentality with ever growing government as our nanny. They support flooding the USA with illegals and with their bonding to abortion, they are adherents of the culture of death. There is nothing moderate about liberals. Just a gentle “chide” from one who reads and agrees with your comments, since I am also a “conservative since birth.” We need to increase our ranks. John McCain’s folks tried to decimate us during the last PC election.

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        I don’t like the term “moderate” either. It’s a euphemism for liberal/far Left. It can also be applied to Republicans, e.g., John McCain. McCain is actively working against real conservatives to keep them from running for office (and winning).