Need more proof of McCain chokehold on AZGOP?

Robert Graham closing meeting to elected Precinct Committeemen, shutting down information flow

MCRC Republican Briefs is the daily go-to site for party activists and those who are interested in the real scoop. These two revealing items from the Saturday edition were provided by editor Frosty Taylor, a former reporter who pulls no punches and is known for her integrity.

Precinct Committeemen Having Been Asking About The upcoming AZGOP April 18 meeting since it is traditional for interested PCs to sit in on the meetings (as observers, cannot vote). There has been no public announcement of the April 18 AZGOP meeting, so I sent an e-mail to AZGOP Robert Graham last night reminding him that – when elected in 2013 he had assured me that Briefs would receive the announcements/agendas and was welcome to attend all state GOP meetings. (Normal procedure for the past decade of prior state chairmen). This morning, Graham responded “… This is a new cycle and I am changing things up a bit. This will be a closed meeting. Those in attendance will be the Executive Committee, AZGOP Staff and the LD Chairman. Thanks for your interest. Have a Happy Easter.”  So there you have straight from the horse’s mouth… It’s a closed meeting.  Hmm… wonder how that is going to set with interested grassroots State Committeemen and PCs???

There Is Also Growing PCs Chatter about the lack of movement by the AZGOP on the “closed primaries resolutions” that were passed at the January 2014 and 2015 statutory meeting. Many are of the opinion that the AZGOP is delaying action on ‘closed primaries’ because they believe Sen John McCain cannot win a closed primary election.  They wonder if this one of the items up for discussion at the mysterious April 18 ‘closed meeting’?

At the Arizona Republican Party Statutory Meeting in January of this year, Robert Graham showed himself to be in the pocket of the McEstablishment by slipping John McCain, Jeff Flake and a contingent of Vietnamese McCain supporters —-  waving flags of the country they were eager to leave —- to drown out the expected boos and jeers from the conservative majority crowd.  This Seeing Red AZ post Sens. McCain, Flake rate boo-vation at AZ GOP meeting, also includes a video documenting the reception.

19 Responses to Need more proof of McCain chokehold on AZGOP?

  1. State Delegate says:

    We got snookered with both Robert Graham and Tyler Bowyer. The state and Maricopa County Republican Party are now both in the controlling hands of dedicated McCain cohorts.

    • azgary says:

      anybody that was “snookered” by these clowns are too stupid to be part of the apparatus, not to mention there are far more that approve of graham, McCain, the az5 amnesty amigos and the chamber of commerce owning the party than we would like.

      its just going to get worse with the recent purges of conservatives and more will be on the way.

    • Tyler Bowyer says:

      Hi State Delegate–

      I’m not sure why you would associate me in any way with the McCain folks. I was the only individual in the summer’s AZGOP Executive Committee who asked McCain not to run. I ran against folks in Chandler who were supported by the McCain group (Jerry Brooks & Co.) and won in 2012– the first time in decades that the Party structure wasn’t in their hands.

      Hope that clears things up. I am always available to chat and happy to answer any questions or concerns that are bothering you about the County or State. I definitely want to make sure I can best represent our PCs as I serve as Chairman and a member of the State Executive Committee.

      God Bless,

      Tyler Bowyer
      Chairman, Republican Party of Maricopa County

      • John Liberty says:

        “Few things can help an individual more than to place responsibility on him, and to let him know that you trust him.”
        – Booker T. Washington.

        Faith is led by Trust, and Trust earned by actions, where knowledge is dangerous to those who want to enslave us.

  2. azgary says:

    This is the norm for the republican party, state and nationwide. I wonder if the party was ever conservative, or if it is just wishful thinking or distant memories skewed by time.

    sadly, the party is not salvageable.

    we hear and say the same things all the time about “taking the party back from the inside”, while it drifts ever leftward and is more and more bought and paid for and the politicians ignore us more and more frequently and hold us in contempt for our values, because they know you will still vote for them despite their treachery.

    voters and party faithful refuse to hold them accountable chanting the “lesser of two evils” mantra while they sell us out to whatever special interest will put $$$ in their pockets. that is and has been the problem that has brought us to this this point of no return

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    These tactics are no different than the Obama people. They’ll get their way by hook or by crook. The ends justify the means. It stinks of McCain.
    * * * * * * * * *
    I received a request for money from the AZGOP (Robert Graham) and this is what I sent back.

    “Why not get money from John McCain.
    I understand he’s busy working against
    the conservative base of the party.

    As long as that scoundrel is involved in AZ
    politics, I’ll send my hard-earned money to
    the candidate of my choice.

    That goes for Jeff Flake also.”

    Also – voters have wanted “closed primaries” since McCain proved himself a Liberal. We need closed primaries. What a corrupt Republican party we have here in this state.

    I am not a registered Republican, but still get requests for donations.
    If they close the primaries – I’ll re-register.

  4. azgary says:

    *Just a little side comment, Frosty Taylor is wonderful, and what she does is much needed, too bad more “republicans” do not frequent her writings, the party would be much better if it was a daily stop for voters.

    a Big Thanks and Kudos to Frosty!

  5. East Valley PC says:

    You don’t know the half of it. Robert Graham and Tyler Bowyer are tied in more ways than goose stepping with McCain and Flake. Ask either of them how they honestly feel about the orchestrated ouster of Senate President Russell Pearce and the LDS Church’s involvement in recruiting Jerry Lewis and Bob Worsley to replace the anti-amnesty American patriot Pearce. Earlier it was immigration lawyer Kevin Gibbons running a Nathan Sproul led smear campaign against Pearce. Gibbons just happens to be Jeff Flake’s brother-in-law. Fortunately he lost and Lewis was a short termer. But Worsley (WORSE-ly) is still there siding with the Democrats and the Chamber of Commerce in support of open borders, encouraging more illegal immigration.

    • Tyler Bowyer says:

      East Valley PC,

      First off, thank you for your service as a PC. I am incredibly grateful for all of ours we have in the East Valley. I can tell you are passionate about the work and God bless you for that!

      I wanted to make sure you knew that I strongly stood with Russell before, during and after his recall. I even went out and knocked doors for him– if you don’t believe me, ask Talmage Pearce who helped him run his last campaign. Russell is a friend and the fact that some Republicans willfully participated in leftist, “Alinsky,” tactics to get him removed was shameful and shows the magnitude of issues we have within the current Party structure.

      Also, I was a part of the group who opposed the McCain-backed leadership that previously held the Legislative District in Chandler. Although cordial, it is public knowledge that Jerry Brooks & Co. (McCain’s first Campaign Manager and former Mayor of Chandler,) strongly opposed the conservative team we now have in Chandler since we ‘flipped’ the district 2 election cycles ago for the first time. Although I disagree philosophically with many of the folks who support Senator McCain, our strong conservative work ethic developed a special respect and even converted some of those folks– something we need to make sure we do at the County and State level as conservatives.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions– my phone line is always open to chat!

      Tyler Bowyer
      Chairman, Republican Party of Maricopa County

  6. Fed Up says:

    If you don’t like Graham’s secrecy and collusion with McCain, flood the AZ GOP with protest calls.
    Organize a protest campaign outside the building. That would surely make headlines! One of the tea party groups should take this on.

    The AZ GOP’s phone number is (602) 957-7770. You’ll end up getting the answering machine, but fill it up. The address of the state party headquarters is 3501 North 24th Street in Phoenix. This can’t be haphazard. We need to see lots of people with signs held high protesting this denigration of conservative precinct committeemen. McCain surrogates have gone through conservative precincts attempting to purge us for censuring him. In my district many new McCain allies replaced longstanding, hardworking conservatives who love their country. What he has done to this state and our nation is reprehensible. He and Flake are both practiced amnesty liars, taking different positions while campaigning and distinctly different ones after election day. STOP VOTING FOR THEM. They don’t represent US!

  7. Clair Van Steenwyk says:

    We’re upset about a closed meeting, well now I’m still waiting for a formal hearing by the So Called GOP Leadership to my being barred from the West Valley Office back in the 2014 Campaign when I was on the Ballot, Graham and LD 21 Chair decided on their own to do this and no formal hearing where I could defend my position on what I was falsely accused of. This was done by the RINOs that run the GOP, however I realize some agree due to my being as out spoken against them and those who always seem to believe Unity is better than fixing the real problem. The real problem is until you expel the RINOs who run the GOP we’ll have more done to us than for us in AZ and DC, hope this gets resolved but doubt it, McCain and his crew run the GOP in AZ and have for decades now or did we all miss what they just did to us & the children with the passing of SB1469, no hearings on two of Duceys’ appointees, which gives them a free 1 yr. ride and two others who really aren’t lay people but will be allowed on anyway, guess rules whether state or party platform really don’t matter. Just so you know Graham said I could have a hearing, however when asked by County Chair said he’d only accept an apology from me, must be nice to be
    King Graham the 1st of AZ GOP.
    God Bless You All; Van

    • Aaron Borders says:

      As I do understand some of the frustration. I set on the MCRC board as the 2nd VC. I will put it real simple. Those who do not like Tyler and Robert, so be it, but you all are giving John McCain way to much credit an reach.

  8. Clair Van Steenwyk says:

    I thought this was directed at Graham the State Chair not Tyler, as I’ve personally found him to be very helpful when asked, so wish all would direct this at the Target and not get wrapped up in personal feelings or misdirected intentions, believe the one Graham supported of County Chair was Gray.
    God Bless You; Van

  9. SmallGovt says:

    This article in yesterday Politico is interesting in comments on McCain and you see lesbian Sinema waiting in wings. Don’t forget Gabby and hubby too:

    • Doc says:

      SmallGovt-justa’ “heads-up”. Sinema is a “bi-sexual. Not just a lesbian. She can’t make up her mind which sex she “prefers”. Which is why she fits into D.C. so well. Everybody there swings both ways in 1 form or another.

      …th’ scary thing to me is…why did she have to share her bedroom activities with th’ world?

  10. SmallGovt says:

    As in most things, it is not McCain, it is those who have the most to gain if McCain wins.

  11. John Liberty says:

    It’s time for a “march” on the State GOP headquarters on 24th street in Phoenix.

    We WILL NOT be denied by RINO’s.