Brnovich flies under radar as he caves on illegal enforcement

It’s all about $aving taxpayer dollar$, doncha know?

Unless you’re an eagle-eyed reader, you might have missed the latest news from Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich. It was tucked away and hugging the bottom of Page 3 in a travelogue sounding section called “Around Arizona.”.

The Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic) couldn’t be more gleeful to report that Brnovich filed a motion on Friday asking a U.S. District Court to dismiss the Ninth U. S. Circuit appeal of a policy charging illegal aliens as co-conspirators with their well-paid coyote transporters as they smuggle themselves into Arizona.  By pulling the appeal, Brnovich will let stand an injunction against enforcing the statute.

In a statement to the newspaper, Brnovich says he is “committed to defending Arizona from federal overreach and enforcing our immigration laws.” Then comes the “but,” which in legalese morphs into “however.”

“However, I also have an obligation to be responsible with taxpayer dollars and defend the state where we are most likely to prevail. That is why I filed for the dismissal of the state’s legal challenge to the human-smuggling portion of SB 1070 today.”

Karen Tumlin, a lawyer with the far-leftist, pro-illegal invasion National Immigration Law Center in California, cheered, “The chapter of the smuggling law is now officially over.” But she noted that litigation continues on others, including the “Show me your papers” statute that requires law-enforcement officials to inquire about the citizenship of people they stop and statutes regarding day laborers and impounding the vehicles of people harboring illegal immigrants. “This is a sign that the state may move away from this litigation,” Tumlin hopefully added.

In an astonishing double standard, The Republic evidenced no reluctance to use scare tactics in editorials and news reports including declaring citizens would be unable to board an airplane without an intrusive national ID card as it promoted legislation on a “Show me your papers” law for American citizens.


16 Responses to Brnovich flies under radar as he caves on illegal enforcement

  1. Kyle says:

    Brnovich needs a primary challenger. So sick of McFlake Republicans running as conservatives and then governing as liberals.

    Hope his check from the Chamber of Commerce was worth siding with coyotes and drug dealers.

  2. SuzanneC says:

    Is this any surprise? Please tell me who endorsed him, McCain, Montgomery, Flake? I was on FB and two very conservative people said some were giving McCain too much power, I said what naive people they are. People destroyed Tom Horne an old McCain trick, remember JD Hayworth? Have any charges been filed against Tom? The FBI witnessed Tom hit and run accident, oh please if that was true do any of you people believe it would get out that they witnessed it but did not tell the police? Sorry SRA but until charges are filed and Tom is found guilty I will not believe the lies told about him. On another kick because this man lied to all of the people who voted for him, trying to tell us how he was going to fight Illegal Immigration, who believed that with McCain supporting him? Now did he have an affair? OMG who really cares? If his wife forgave him who are we a bunch of self-righteous people that think they are God?

    These are the same people who tell us the people who were fooled by BHO were uninformed voters, what were they? Informed and fooled by the RINO establishment? McCain is taking over the state party because of the ambitions of Robert Graham, no different than career politicians

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Tom Horne did the job he promised conservatives he would do, successfully arguing cases before various courts…state, federal district, appellate and even the US Supreme Court. He removed the anti-American LaRaza endorsed Mexican American Studies (MAS) program from the Tucson Unified School District. Guess what? The disappointing Diane Douglas, who ran as a conservative but is really just confused about what we actually stand for, has been cutting deals with the Tucson Education Superintendent to reinstate minority grievance classes. We are not doing a good enough job of vetting candidates to make conservative claims. Douglas knew three magic words to get our votes: “Stop Common Core.” That was the sum and substance of her campaign. Then after winning, she buckled under pressure.

      • ZOO says:

        In March 2014, it was John McComish, Adam Driggs, Steve Pierce, Michele Reagan, and Bob Worsley who voted with Democrats to keep Common Core.

        In March 2015, it was Adam Driggs, Bob Worsley, Steve Pierce and Jeff Dial who voted with Democrats to keep Common Core.

        How about we make Diane Douglas the scapegoat, reelect Driggs and Worsley and Pierce over and over and over and over, and elect Michele Regan Secretary of State?

        There! That’s the ticket! That’s the Republican way!

      • Maggie says:

        Diane Douglas is as much of a problem as those Republicrats you correctly named. She’s so fearful of being recalled that she ihas met with and agreed to the demands of the leftwing TUSD Ed Supe. i voted for her. Sorry to say it but she was a paper tiger. Weren’t you proud of that photo of her looking like a possessed ghoul as she pushed all of the news microphones off the table? She obviously was not/is not ready for prime time. Her words should not be something to hide from the public.

      • ZOO says:


        I stated the obvious (for the remedial) here months ago. Ridding Arizona of Common Core had to be accomplished by:

        1) the vote of the state board of education (Ducey appointees)
        2) an act of the state legislature

        For two consecutive sessions nearly the same Republican senators have stopped the killing of Common Core. The butt-ignorant/butt-corrupt Republican voters in their districts just keep bringing them back for more or rewarding them with a higher office.

        Douglas condemned the legislature’s failure to end Common Core and stated she had witnessed “a change” in Ducey’s attitude in regard to stopping it; that was a nice way of saying the CoC’s human condom had no intention of ending Common Core, duping the drool cup electorate that he would “fix it instead.” Your “much of the problem” argument doesn’t deal with Common Core, but spins away to other topics – a liberal M.O.

      • Maggie says:

        Accusing me of having a “liberal M.O.” is a dodge, and a laughable one at that. I’m as conservative as they come, but have lost all faith in Diane Douglas, especially as she colludes with the liberal TUSD Ed Supe Heliodoro Torres “H.T.” Sanchez on reinstating oppression studies from a Reconquista perspective.

        Board member Adelita Grijalva, daughter of Alinsky Marxist AZ CD3 Congressman, Raul Grijalva
        praised his 2013 hiring as “a vote of hope for the future of TUSD.” Not much of a leap to guess what she finds so compelling about Sanchez.

  3. SmallGovt says:

    I don’t believe it is McCain….he is just the dummy,,,it is the people who have the most to gain who are there speaking as if it was from McCain. Identify them and then try and get rid of them.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      Of course it’s McCain. He micro-manages this state’s politics. He ‘approves’ just about everything that happens. He’s as dirty and underhanded as any politician can be.

      As far as ‘most to gain’ – McCain would be mortified if he lost his (probably) last election and went out a loser.

      • SmallGovt says:

        I don’t believe McCain is that smart and he is totally focused on snagging more taxpayer dollars to give to the military and making himself look important to world leaders. There are others here who are calling the shots.

  4. East Valley Conservative says:

    Anyone surprised by Brnovich’s begging the court to dismiss the action he should be pursuing has not been paying attention. His actual legal experience is not quite what his campaigns ads proclaimed, saying he was a career prosecutor. He was actually the state gaming director for years before he ran for attorney general, where he was tasked with overeeeing gambling at casinos and race tracks. No courtroom duty there. Prior to that he was employed by the same libertarian Goldwater Institute where Jeff Flake got his RINO feet wet. He had two nominal stints as a prosecutor, but they were not recent. He was just the guy for the establishment to warm up to. They knew he wouldn’t pursue anything connected to the illegal invasion.

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I voted for Tom Horn. He tried to do a good job. Then the forces turned against him. He was Alinsky’d and they got him out of there. So we voted for Brnovich rather than that obnoxious female Democrat in her second run for that office. And it’s the same story. They turn on us. The very ones we put in office.

    Good, solid citizens don’t want to run for office because of evil doers like McCain. If you go up against him – you’re done. And we the people lose.

    SRAZ: Thanks for bringing the above to our attention. I don’t read the AZ Repugnant but probably wouldn’t find this tidbit where they put it anyway.

  6. Seen It All says:

    Mark Brnovich owes his political existence to the McEstablishment cabal. The only non government job he’s had was at the Goldwater Institute…..a pro-amnesty group whose membership roster looks similar to that of the pro-amnesty Chamber of Commerce. Those are his funders and endorsers. Conservatives who supported him and gave him their votes were hoodwinked.

  7. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Latest poll on illegal immigration. The politicians are out of step with the rest of us. Rasmussen, dated 4/6//15

    • jon jensen says:

      Jeb bush has decided to become hispanic! He wrote hispanic on his voter registration card! Move over chief elizabeth warren.

  8. David (Red Baron) Casey says:

    It is McCain politics all over and Arizona will put that “Butt Head” back into office along with his flunky Flake. Wake up Arizona! Get it together and kick him out along with Flake. The primaries are the key to change. Look at LD-1 there was no one running against Steve Pierce and he’s back in office doing the same old crap.