McCain gets kid glove treatment from left-leaning Politico

This recent article about John McCain in Politico brings to mind the decades old couch in grandpa’s attic. It’s too outdated to be rehabbed, reeks of the mustiness of years of stagnation and its rusty springs gouge your backside if you’re not careful where you sit. No one wants it, but the idea of throwing it out somehow seems a difficult task. Uncle Earl was diapered on it when they still were made out of cloth and needed to be washed rather than tossed. Aunt Mae was proposed to on that very divan. Frantic family thought cousin Sally had been kidnapped by itinerant roofers wandering the area, when, as a toddler, she was just napping behind a back corner of the floral flounce. But finally reality has overtaken sentimentality and to everyone’s relief the relic has been moved out to the curb for pickup.

First elected in 1982, before many of Arizona’s residents were born, McCain is staring 80 in the eye. But his colossal ego can’t bear being ripped from the seat of power in DC. As he tells it, he “still has more work to do.” If he hasn’t accomplished his goals in well over 30 years, it’s time to give someone else a crack at the job.

It took two reporters to construct Politico’s McCain article. Each likely has a granddad who’s a McCain contemporary. Neither of them live in Arizona nor have a handle on the revulsion with which conservatives view McCain. The duo turn to McCain allies for substantiating comments to bolster duplicitous McCain’s bravado-packed statements. Conservatives are marginalized by being declared “tea partiers who are afraid of McCain.” Two-term state Sen. Kelli Ward, who has opened an exploratory U.S. Senate campaign, is demeaned as “little known.”  In fact, the family physician, married to a military flight surgeon has been traveling the state and being met with widespread support.

Unlike McCain, who receives jeers, boos and turned backs, Sen. Kelli Ward gins up enthusiastic crowds who see her conservative perspective as manna from political heaven. McCain has previously relied on the votes of the state’s senior population and newcomers who recognize his ubiquitous name and have little other information. His key advantage is the disengaged, apathetic voter. He carried his home state of Arizona by the slimmest of margins when running against Obama in 2008.

Well connected to the lobbyist money machine, he also uses his operatives to engage in the most loathsome version of politics. GOP members of the congressional delegation are not demurring in mounting a challenge to him because they respect him. They are staying put because they’ve all seen “The Godfather” and remember the message sent by the horse’s head in the bed scene.

The 1,150 to 351 censure vote against him by elected state committeemen at the 2014 Republican statutory meeting resulted in an orchestrated effort played out by his surrogates to oust longtime conservatives from the party ranks. He now has a chokehold on the state GOP, with ambitious chairman Robert Graham obediently falling in line.

According to Politico, these are merely “hardball tactics that seem to spook would-be challengers.” Only low information voters could possibly take that sentiment at face value. John McCain is a liberal poser who cloaks himself as a “maverick.” His viciousness is legendary and makes his renown salty speech pale in comparison. He does not represent Arizona or the Republican Party platform. Like the musty old divan, crusty McCain needs a curbside reality check.


14 Responses to McCain gets kid glove treatment from left-leaning Politico

  1. Seen It All says:

    John McCain is an embarrassment. He’s not very bright but been cagey enough to accumulate enough Chamber of Commerce and other leftist donors to buy his seat every six years. He originally wanted to run as a Democrat, but was persuaded not to by the GOP power brokers who supported him as a replacement for retiring House Minority Leader John Rhodes, a man of impeccable integrity. McCain had just returned home after being held in Vietnam and was a compelling figure at the time. He is a practiced liar and has been a committed amnesty supporter for years. He needs to be shown the door and Flake should follow him out.

    • Anna Gaines says:

      You and most of us know the Chamber of Commerce has been and will continue to be their best contributor.. After all, both McCain and the Flake provide them with plenty of illegals to work for them by advocating for amnesty. Shame on the traitors to our citizens who foolishly elect them, only to have the high unemployment because many of the low paying jobs for people who didn’t attend college are going to the illegal aliens.
      The two liars complement each other, but as effective legislators they definitely fail. We must do our best to get them off their perch!

  2. East Valley PC says:

    Politico is all too happy to give McCain a boost. He’s their kind of guy. As a lifelong Arizonan, I can tell you without any reservation, he’s not mine. I haven’t voted for the lyin’ RINO for years.

  3. Clair Van Steenwyk says:

    I agree that Graham is an opportunist and will follow the strongest wind at his back for his future, now move onto AZ Gov. Ducey and most of those in Statewide offices as well, along with the legislature that passed laws restricting the peoples control over education and then adjourned so as not to have to try to override his vetoes, this is AZ Politics. Now question is why, one reason want these issues off the table of 2016 Presidential and US Senate & Congressional Races as well as LD offices, they believe out of site out of mind and usually it works, so look at who votes with Ducey, McCain, Graham and GOP National Plan and then decide who you can trust as I for one don’t Trust any of Them no matter the excuse they give or the bills they say they didn’t read, remember they wanted a raise, well maybe SB1469 was payback for not giving it to them.
    God Bless You All; Van

  4. Orion says:

    Regardless of where we travel, when we tell people we’re from Arizona, we’re routinely asked why McCain keeps getting elected here in a border state when he’s for amnesty. The people we encounter appear to be more on the ball than the ones (rightly referred to as “low information voters”) who vote for nothing more than a recognizable name. They’d do us all a favor if they went bowling instead of voting. They’d be doing a lot less damage.

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    The Politico article is what is expected of them – denigrating the Tea Party and propping up McCain. I found this to be funny:

    “To that end, McCain allies have worked aggressively behind the scenes to install local GOP allies of the senator to key committee posts and oust right-wing Republicans. They successfully ejected Timothy Schwartz, who co-authored a McCain censure resolution last year, as well as other GOP agitators.

    McCain said he was not directly involved in the push, but he’s been pleased by the outcome.” …Not directly involved, like Obama’s never directly involved…

    From Wikipedia: (McCain was) “Nicknamed “Punk” and “McNasty” due to his combative, fiery disposition, McCain enjoyed and cultivated that tough guy image;”

    The above from his younger school days. He hasn’t changed – hasn’t mellowed with age. He’s still loathsome.

    This is a lot of ink for a guy who had no romantic relationship with a lobbyist: His staff asked why she was always there.

    He’s got as much crazy baggage as his ‘friend’ Hillary.

  6. Not Fooled says:

    What a joke quoting establishment operative Sean Noble saying if McCain were vulnerable, Schweikert and Salmon “would be in the race.”

    Sean Noble has been around the political block long enough hobnobbing with the top level GOP sellouts to know that his glib response is nothing short of bull. Politico ought to ask him why US Reps. Trent Franks and Matt Salmon decided not to challenge McCain previously. SRAZ’s horse’s head analogy is dead on. According to the very active rumor mill they were each given the word on what to expect if they moved forward with any such plans. John McCain keeps his hands clean, while his henchmen take care of business. It’s the McCain Mafia.

    • Clair Van Steenwyk says:

      Not Fooled I Agree completely. The Elite in the GOP will never challenge McCain or Flake, too much possible dirt etc. in his file to release on them and they’ll wait until he retires or dies in office, however could surprise them all and retire in office and work out a deal to have one of those who do his bidding to take his place, remember McCain sees himself as a King Maker and don’t believe he’ll go quietly into the night as some hope he will, meantime keeps all of them doing his bidding. God Bless You All; Van

    • azgary says:

      and salmon and schweikert (not to mention the rest of the az5) are very little different than McCain, particularly on the biggest issue facing us, amnesty.

  7. SmallGovt says:

    I am not sure Politico is totally left leaning. It may rile some here that they rightfully noted that Kelli Ward would not be a strong opponent. Most besides SRAZ would agree.

  8. MacBeth says:

    Politico wasn’t so much in McCain’s pocket when it wrote this story telling that as a presidential candidate McCain was “unsure how many houses he owned.”
    How many of the rest of us have ever had that problem? Nice being born with a silver spoon and having a beer heiress wife.

  9. SmallGovt says:

    Has there been an analysis of the pro McCain vote to see where it comes from and develop a plan to overcome it?

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      McCain voters are the same folks this site has repeatedly called out: Senior citizens who mistakenly view as a hero even tho those who were POWs with him in Vietnam say otherwise. Then there are the low information voters and newcomers to the state who are pretty much interchangeable, since it requires effort to find and process the information about what a liberal sleaze McCain actually is. McCain is actively fighting against closing the primary elections, because he needs liberals and registered Independent voters to keep him in office. He has little Republican support and none from conservatives.

      • Doc says:

        For the record: John McCain WOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN A P.O.W……if he had followed orders. He flew where he wasn’t supposed to fly & got shot down. That’s what we get for letting the bottom of the class fly JETS. I don’t discount what happened to him after, & I thank him for keeping his mouth shut while being held prisoner. Then, mr. mcMaverick busses in the viet cong to the January AZGOP State meeting & lets them waive the vietnamise flag. (my family has a reputation for holding GRUDGES, & I’m a PRIME example) Even the old folks who vote for him on his Veteran record should be DISGUSTED with this filthy display of arrogance & disrespect. Hence, the nickname, “mcTraitor”. I’ll bet he’s good friends with hanoi jane fonda traitor B!+C# ..