Republican PCs threatened with arrest at AZ GOP HQs & UPDATE

First person account of April 18, 2015 AZ GOP newly closed executive meeting by LD 28 PC

Republican Party elected Precinct Committeemen attempted to gain entrance to the Republican Party executive meeting this morning  They were told that they were not authorized to attend the meeting.

The Republican Party PCs very calmly stood in the parking lot of the Republican Party Headquarters. They were met by Maricopa County Sheriff Deputies who threatened to arrest them for trespassing if they did not leave the parking lot.

The committeemen were told they could stand on the public sidewalk and they moved to the sidewalk as requested. I  (James Alberts ) asked the deputies who told them to arrest us for trespassing . They said their supervisor who was not at the Republican Party office.

I suggest that they go ahead and arrest me. I’m a registered Republican, and a Republican Party PC. I asked if there was an member of the Republican Party executive staff in the building who would come out and order me off the property. Deputies were very polite and said no we have our orders to arrest anyone refusing to leave the 24th Street Republican Party property in Phoenix.

We were considered protesters and forced to leave the property. When the Republican Party Sergeant-at-Arms (Alberto Gutier) came out of the building I reentered the property and identified myself and asked to be arrested for trespassing. At that time the Sergeant-at-Arms told the deputies not to arrest me, saying that I would cause a field day for the Democrats.

I responded by saying, “No, Robert Hussein Graham and the executive staff are causing the Democrats to have a field day with this, not me!”

James Alberts

PC LD-28


For additional background on this deplorable state of affairs, read Need more proof of McCain chokehold on AZGOP?


James Albert’s wife Carynn, who is also an elected precinct committeeman has written her own account expressing the thoughts of many frustrated and disillusioned precinct committeemen:

I am a new PC and eager to stay involved in my Precinct and Party (although no one from my LD has ever reached out to welcome me, or even send me the meeting schedule). Unfortunately, my ability to attend meetings or volunteer has been significantly curtailed by a recurrence of Oropharyngeal cancer, for which I am currently in treatment.

In an attempt to maintain the integrity of the vote, I believe strongly that only members of a given party should be allowed to vote in that Party’s Primary Election. Consequently, I was pleased when a motion to close the Republican Primary passed during the State meeting this year. However, four months later, I have been disappointed that Chairman Graham has not moved forward with this motion. I understand implementation will take time and money; however, I have not seen any updates or proposed timelines from the Chairman. I’m certain that I wasn’t alone in thinking that this topic may be on the Agenda of the Executive Meeting on 4/18. So when on Easter night Chairman Graham tweeted to LD 18 PC Peggy McClain to “get a life,” I was more than disappointed. That type of response from the State Leader of our Party to a concerned PC is inappropriate and unacceptable. Disenchanted, I began to believe as others, that perhaps Chairman Graham has no intention of implementing this resolution.

For those reasons, I decided to attend the Rally at AZGOP HQ on April 18th with my husband. Once we parked our vehicle we attempted to check-in for the meeting as Observers with the two women stationed outside. They were polite, but confirmed that the meeting would not be open to PCs, as it was closed to all but Party Executives. Shortly thereafter, my husband and I were approached by uniformed MCSO Deputies who asked if we were there to protest that the meeting was closed. We answered yes, and the Deputies very politely told that we could not be on the property and that we must stand on sidewalk. The Deputies further advised us that if we remained on the property that we could be subject to arrest. I was dumfounded. As a registered Republican who has been welcomed to attend other meetings, or volunteer my time at Republican HQ,
suddenly at the discretion of the Chairman I was no longer welcome to even step foot on the property! It’s my understanding the Party doesn’t have a regular income; it is funded by donations. So in essence, the hard earned money donated by my fellow Republicans, was used to hire off-duty MCSO Deputies, to keep me away from my Party’s HQ.

Once we were positioned on the sidewalk, obviously there was no place to sit. I had planned to rest in or on my car as needed, but since it was parked in the Party’s parking lot, that was no longer an option. There were a few large rocks I could have used to rest upon, however, they were located on the Party’s property, and being in ill-health, and unable to risk arrest, they too were out of the question.

After today, you can add me to the ever-growing list of people who will no longer donate to the GOP. I cannot in good faith allow money I donate to potentially be used against me should I question or disagree with my Party. Heck, as long as the Primary remains open, I just may re-register as an Independent. At least the never-ending robo calls and emails asking for money would finally stop.
Carynn Alberts
Precinct Committeeman
LD 28


63 Responses to Republican PCs threatened with arrest at AZ GOP HQs & UPDATE

  1. freedom4fighters says:

    I’m going to die from not surprise, now you know why I’m independent. Read freedom matters by Oliver Demille.

  2. jon jensen says:

    There must have been a reason for this. If anyone knows please inform me so I know what is going on.

    • Army Of One says:

      The information you seek is included in this post in a link in bold blue letters:
      For additional background on this deplorable state of affairs, read “Need more proof of McCain chokehold on AZGOP?”
      It’s right above the “Update” tag. Slow down and read.

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        Thank you for “explaining” to the perplexed person above. I wouldn’t have been so polite.

  3. ZOO says:

    Achtung! Die Partei has spoken!

    I wonder how long it will be before the AZGOP follows the lead of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and moves its headquarters to a high-rise ‘fortress’, or follows the lead of the ACLU and scrubs its physical address (in a high-rise fortress) from the phone book, the internet, etc. Maybe all three would be a hot prospect for a time-share hustler.

  4. East Valley PC says:

    Robert McGraham is out of control though obviously UNDER the control of the McEstablishment wing of the McPublican Party. Is there any means of dealing with this McEgo?

  5. Weary Of Lies says:

    These meetings have always been open. I’ve been a PC since long before Robert Graham even knew what a Republican was. Insultingly telling someone making an inquiry to “get a life,” tells me all I need to know about him.

  6. StetsonXXX says:

    Bravo to both James and Carynn Alberts for speaking out. I commend them both.

    • ZOO says:

      Here here! First screaming-in-the-wind out of 28 I’ve heard in years! Vernon Parker, Adam Driggs, and Kate Brophy McGee are all at Walmart shopping for new underpants.

  7. azgary says:

    Robert graham was overwhelmingly reelected, this speaks volumes of the azgop.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Graham’s a slick salesman. We were duped the first time. He also pulled a fast one at the last state meeting where he was reelected. He slipped McCain and Flake in after the ballots had been placed in the voting machines but before they were counted. He cleared the auditorium on a ruse to pull that maneuver.

      • azgary says:

        he has slipped McCain in prior to this vote in places he was not wanted. Robbie mcgraham as proven repeatedly, be it in business or in politics hes a snake, a dirtbag and numerous other adjectives I will not post here on SRAZ.

        he has proven repeatedly he is in it for money, power, the chamber of commerce and the establishment. he disdains conservatives, the grass roots and voters. he is anti-conservative, anti-American and an a$$h*** to boot. and has never been shy about his actions proving this out.

        he also was overwhelmingly reelected, this means he was overwhelmingly wanted or the azgop voters are very very uninformed or ignorant, either way, as I said, this speaks volumes regarding the azgop.

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  9. JadedByPolitics (@JadedByPolitics) says:

    Do like the left does show up and protest at his house notify the media that the PCs will be going there, let him know what you are going to do, either he treats you like the adults you are or you treat him in the media like the scum he is! A smart man named Breitbart said punch back twice as hard!

    • Orion says:

      Such an action might bring a momentary level of satisfaction, but I’m grateful we don’t emulate the uncouth left. On a separate note, yes…Breitbart is sorely missed.

      There are legitimate means of getting McGraham out. We should pursue whatever option is available.

      We can’t proceed without an electable conservative candidate. Any ideas?

      • Clair Van Steenwyk says:

        We need a candidate who’ll abide by the US Constitution and Platform, who’ll also remember they serve at the pleasure of the PCs and take direction from them not the Elite of the GOP.
        God Bless You; Van

      • JadedByPolitics (@JadedByPolitics) says:

        I can appreciate your level of common sense however the police being called on the very people who walk the precincts to GOTV who do the hard work that is unappreciated to have the police called on you has already overstepped any level decency. They have created an intolerable situation not you.

      • azgary says:

        we cant get out the word of what a d-bag graham is without media attention, that’s why jaded’s idea is so good.

        we must have information get out and jaded has offered up a means to do so.

        there have also been “legitimate” means to dump McCain, hows that working out for ya?

        we need media attention so it gets out to the low information folks who voted overwhelmingly to reelect little robbie

    • azgary says:

      great idea, media attention is needed so the lofo’s can hear what is really going on

  10. Clair Van Steenwyk says:

    Well, we have a Gov. that basically supports Common Core and vetoes bills to restore AZ lands and keeps the museum closed, along with an AG who won’t fight for SB1070, Supt. of Ed who surrenders to Gov. Legislators who pass SB1469 & SB2184 out of committee, and Fed Reps who won’t seal our borders or defund Common Core, along with Gov, AG, Fed Office holders fighting to keep a Casino out of the west valley that will cost AZ money to fight and a Chair of AZ GOP who calls the County Sheriff who we pay for to threaten arrest, does anyone believe any of these people serve us and by the way all of them are Incumbents, Voters Beware of the False messages of Incumbents, and hope PCs won’t support any of them in 2016. God Bless You All & Thanks for taking a stand. Van

  11. freedom4fighters says:

    You all put me in office by your votes in 2012, I served one term then was done and I went off the political grid to take care of our family. I don’t owe anybody any votes or favors, I just need your time and effort to get Conservative Red Blooded American’s in office united in one purpose to provide liberty and protection for her citizens. This is not a top down solution, it’s a grassroots community effort one family under God at a time. We are winning already around the country and locally with American Leadership Academy using the childrens leadership library and in Canada with the Wild Rose Conservatives also in Haiti, Australia and New Zealand and around the world in english, spanish, italian and french so far using the rascal radio app. United We Stand. cap

  12. Daniel Stefanski says:

    Today, it sounds like the board voted against funding a lawsuit for closing Republican primaries. As it should have been, Robert allowed the motion to be voted on, and the representatives of the precinct and state committeemen did what they felt was in the best interest of the Arizona Republican Party and election victories in 2015 and 2016.

    And for all the heartache by a select few over the closed meeting today, it was not closed to those who were duly elected in previous elections. Want to sit in and participate in future state party executive meetings that may be closed to observers? Run for election for one of those positions next time around. The process isn’t being obstructed. It’s being followed to the letter of the law.

    • azgary says:

      “let them eat cake”, huh Daniel?

    • azgary says:

      “The meeting reportedly went from 10 am until sometime after 3:30 pm. The butt weary attendees report they now have a clear understanding of the old saying, “The mind can only absorb what the posterior can endure.”

      Attendees report the meeting will take up again within six weeks because several agenda items weren’t addressed. The item of major interest – the closed primary resolution that was passed by the PCs/State Committeemen during the January 2016 Statutory meeting had the high priority of #15 on the agenda. When they reached item#15, attendees report Graham presented only one side of the issue – opposition to the ‘Closed Primary Resolution . Only those on the inside know exactly what transpired … so much for transparency.

      Perhaps tapes/recording by those in attendance will start surfacing within the next few days so there is an accurate accounting of what occurred in today’s Executive Committee meeting. – Editor Frosty Taylor”

    • CD 8 PC says:

      Your snide response is as slippery as the words of Robert Graham. Many of those shut out of yesterday’s meeting have been elected precinct and state committeemen or district officers since your parents were in diapers. They have devoted years of their lives to the AZ GOP.

      In a nutshell, they were locked out of a meeting that has been open to them under numerous other state chairmen because current chairman Robert Graham is John McCain’s biddable boy. McCain needs the squish “Independent” voters, many who are re-registered Democrats, in order to win in a state where Republicans are damned tired of his colluding with the most liberal elements in Washington. He doesn’t represent Republicans, let alone conservatives. Graham knew that there would be objections to his shutting down the agenda item that mattered most to McCain and slipped in the issue of closed primaries late in the overly long meeting. Elected state committeemen at the January 2015 statewide meeting voted overwhelmingly (1,225 to 596) to close our primaries. Of course they have also voted to censure McCain. His payback for that embarrassment was to use paid operatives to gut conservatives from the precinct committeemen ranks. Take this to its logical conclusion and it’s clear Robert Graham is a McCain shill.

      Ask your boss what he thinks of McCain. Even though he knew his chances of securing the nomination were slim to none, Trent Franks endorsed conservative California Congressman Duncan Hunter, Sr. over McCain when he ran for president.

      • Clair Van Steenwyk says:

        I agree with all you’ve said to Daniel, however his boss also endorsed Cardon twice to run and assure McCains hand picked US Senate Candidate and AZ SOS a victory and that’s why he did it. Cardon FEC records show he’s given Thousands to McCain, Kyl, Flake and other RINOs over the yrs. and was used this last time to get Reagan a win and cost Pearce his opportunity. McCain is sneaky and always has been, however more and more in the GOP are discovering that for the most part all the Incumbents play on the same field no matter the Rhetoric & sound bites they feed all of us.
        God Bless You; Van

    • Tempe state committeeman says:

      Daniel you doth speaketh from your behind and certainly suffer from the dreaded disease, constipation of the brain and diarrhea of the mouth. So with no respect shown, I say up yours and as a state committeeman I want to quote McGraham and tell you to “get a life.” You certainly need to inform yourself about the letter of the law as McGraham serves the pcs-not dictates to them.

  13. SmallGovt says:

    Amazing thread. Should not all Republicans complain about this process in writing and unless the transcript of the meeting is made public how are the party members to know anything. This is a case for revolt against the head of the party or resignation from the party. The Democrats, no doubt love to see this. I have said many times that the candidates you mostly tout will only elect more Napolitano’s, Sinema’s, and Giffords. I believe that even more so today. Is there a better chance to bringing the Democrats around or is the answer a Libertarian with vision?

  14. Lolly Hathhorn says:

    I was at the meeting and I have written to Frosty about her blog comments. I think that all the name calling, etc needs to stop! I have no qualms to say “Get a Life” or “Get to work supporting our Party”. I guess I am just a Patriot who wants to do the “RIGHT” think and continue as a Republican worker. With enemies like we have in our own Party, who needs others?

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      Frosty Taylor has had a career as a professional reporter in the days when they actually had integrity. She is a patriot who devotes countless hours each and every day to getting out the much anticipated and well read MCRC Briefs for the Maricopa County Republican Party. You can and should continue as a “Republican worker” if that’s your goal. I’ve been an elected precinct and state committeeman for years and I can tell you that we have never been more disrespected than under the “leadership???” of Robert McGraham. The people who are enemies of our party are those we have sent to the US Senate, Señor Juan McAmnesty and his underling Jeff the Flake.
      Keep knocking on doors for them if you like getting screwed without a kiss.

      • Clair Van Steenwyk says:

        Well stated and more direct than I’d dare to be, as get attacked for most comments as it is, however it’s true and becoming more apparent as the 2016 cycle gets closer. God Bless You; Van

      • azgary says:

        Frosty has more honesty, integrity and patriotism in her little finger than Robert graham and the “republican” sell outs in the azgop, gop and rnc have in their whole bodies combined.

    • Clementine says:

      One question, Lolly. How do you remove that purple Kool Aid stain from around your lips?

    • Clair Van Steenwyk says:

      I agree, the name calling isn’t necessary, however the telling of the Truth is and should continue. I’ve listened for yrs. now about if you don’t like it leave, and don’t believe that’s the answer as well or would have a long time ago. It’s also apparent that many accept the message of Unity which by definition of those who spread it really means for those who are truly Constitutional minded members, to just put up with the left wing of the GOP and get them elected. This is indeed a divided group, I believe the best way to fix a house is by staying in it, but to stay silent won’t work in the party anymore than it will in a family, shoving things under the rug is what has caused many to leave and others to just become apathetic, we need to fix the problems within the party or we’ll continue to have the Left side win and lose even more, I’d hope all will deal with real issues facing all of us and also realize the difference between Incumbents rhetoric and the reality of their Votes and support them accordingly, realizing no ones’ perfect, however also knowing you don’t allow that excuse to work for your children’s grades and shouldn’t allow it for those who set the rules for Generations of Americans in the future due to your liking someone. God Bless You All; Van

      • azgary says:

        sometimes a house is beyond repair, needs to be condemned, razed to the ground and built new

        that is the state of the republican party

    • azgary says:

      party uber alles huh?

    • Tempe state committeeman says:

      Lolly indeed your type o of do the right think is exactly what you need to do, i.e. THINK! The enemies within the Party are destroying it as you ‘go alongs to get along’ encourage them. What we need is to support Frosty’s first amendment right not try to silence it. McAmensty is the enemy within the Party! Get it?

      • Lolly Hathhorn says:

        Tempe, AZGary and Clementine. C you sound like a democrat. If I don’t agree with you, I’m wrong. Hogwash. Also, AZG, what makes you think you know more than I do since you were not at the meeting. Also, THINK was what I meant to put in that sentence. I would like some names of the so-called “enemies” you speak about. If someone does not agree with your beliefs, they are wrong! Did it ever occur to you that you might be the one that is wrong? So much for civil discussion. Furthermore, your minds are made up so why should any of us continue the arguing with someone who will not listen to reason. Have a great day and “THINK” about it!

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        I know plenty of people like Lolly in the Republican party. They’re screwed, blued and tattooed and still endure it. What I have found is that these types of people don’t know what’s really going on and seem to be quite happy that way – just to call themselves ‘Republicans’ and vote for the incumbent Republicans over and over. Democrats aren’t the only brain dead party. It seems that party politics is more corrupt than ever. It needs to be broken up not enabled.

      • Lolly Hathhorn says:

        Dear Conservative,
        Could you name a few of those people. At least I have the guts to put my name on what I say rather than Conservative ….. Can I have your real name? Also, these types of people? Give me a break. Like I said, it is easy to stay in the dark and say what you want without being known,. Get a life.

    • State Delegate says:

      Truth is not name calling. Ignorance of the facts and then citing such deception as authority is the real problem that has occurred. Sorry Lolly, but you need to get up to speed on information. I assume you’re a McCain supporter. I presume you do know how he has tried to rid the AZ GOP of conservatives and why it’s so important to him that we have open primaries that allow non-Republicans to select our nominee? He needs liberals to keep him in office. Why would you want a guy who is nearly 80 to run and (God forbid) win another 6-year term? Don’t you think we can do better?

      • SmallGovt says:

        Absolutely, term limits would take care of this problem but otherwise he needs to see that a large portion of his party is against him.

        All those wearing the scrambled eggs on their caps and who receive the nice pensions with COLA’S are who are keeping him in office. Forget the blather, McCain has never met a military spending $$$ he didn’t like.

    • SmallGovt says:

      Well Lolly, don’t you agree with the argument that there needs to be more discussion within the party about the coronation of John McCain for another term when there is so much disagreement that he represents the views of much of the party? Does any forward looking state need to re elect someone of his age and years of service? If he cannot be convinced to back away from the public trough should he be pulled away from the teat? All this is going to do is elect a Democrat at some point.

  15. Matt Papke says:

    Why in the world would our party want people from outside the party to elect our candidates?

  16. Lolly Hathhorn says:

    State Delegate,
    Why would you say I support McCain? You do not know me, but I do know people like you. Got a name? Why not use it? Why do you hide behind anonymity? That’s all I have to say about that!

    • azgary says:

      wow, you love looking for names, perhaps so john McCain can sic the i.r.s. on them, like he does other conservatives?

      • Lolly Hathhorn says:

        Sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t even know McCain. Do you? I only like to discuss things with people that have a name. azgary does not mean anything to me so why would I have a discussion with someone whom I don’t even know. Talk to the wall????

    • State Delegate says:

      I’ve been using the name “State Delegate” since I first began commenting on this site a few years ago. Many of us have positions where using our names would be a negative to our careers. Those running this site respect our need for privacy, although some use their actual names. My wife and kids have developed this habit of wanting food and shelter along with some additional goodies like clothes and a car that runs. Their existence would be compromised through use of my name. I suspect the same is true of other conservatives who routinely gather here. You, the newcomer, are the first one to raise the issue as a negative. My views would be the same if I was “Jim Smith” to satisfy you.
      As to McCain, since you’re an excuse machine for his protege Robert Graham, I came to what appears to be a logical conclusion that you also support his mentor McCain.
      One more thing on the topic of names….is Lolly an actual adult name?

      • Lolly Hathhorn says:

        Since I am an old lady whose name was given to her by her Cherokee father because he liked an old cartoon in the paper when I was born, I find it offensive that you, a grown up, would stoop so low. My birth certificate, driver’s license, etc show that name, so quit the slime and stick to the subject. As to RG, I voted for him and so did plenty of other people. I don’t think I saw State Delegate on the ballot. Ho-hum. So much for your willingness to do the work.

  17. g smith says:

    Graham is making the excuse that closing the primaries will cost too much money. We know that’s a lie because the Libertarians have already won in court to close their primary. Just to appease Graham how about we do a GO FUND ME just for this. Call his bluff. DEFUND THE GOP. Only give to your specific candidate.

    • Lolly Hathhorn says:

      I think that you need to read the letters from the attorney that did the work for the Libertarians and from the other attorneys that have been involved in this issue. I think that you will change your mind.

      • Braveheart says:

        Letters? There is no debate on the subject of the Libertarian’s success. They won the right to closed primaries.

  18. Tom Haney says:

    If you are going to allow obscenities (azgary) in this daily communication report as well as multiple comments in one day (azgary, state delegate, and others) or ridiculing of someone’s name (state delegate), you are going to turn off the majority of readers when they realize this is or has become a crackpot ragsheet. Get smart, editor, and impose some common sense rules. You don’t see this kind of talk in the Arizona Republic, the Capitol Times, or spoken by any responsible politician/officeholder/candidate.

    • Lolly Hathhorn says:

      Thank you Mr. Haney for your words of wisdom. You are a gentleman and a patriot! I hope people take heed. My name will always be Lolly whether it is adult (at my age it had better be) or not.

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      Your comment defending the indefensible is intriguing.
      Be advised that Seeing Red AZ does not aspire to emulate either the Arizona Republic or the Capitol Times. We are a conservative site. As to the commenters you berate, they are longstanding, valued conservative readers. As First Amendment supporters, we do not limit the number of comments they make and are unaware of any obscenities.

      Would you count John McCain who called an attendee at a forum “You little jerk” or his own wife and mother of some of his children a crude four-letter vulgarity that was noted in the press, among the “responsible office holders” you esteem? Do you approve of the tightly controlled venues where he and Jeff Flake pack the house exclusively with their own supporters? Are you comfortable with open primaries where our political adversaries select our GOP nominees?

      We are not worried about “turn[ing] off the majority of readers.” Our readership, including subscribers who receive SRAZ posts automatically in their email boxes continues to grow. Since you consider this a “crackpot ragsheet,” this is obviously not a comfort zone for you.

      Checkout our policy here:

    • azgary says:

      why do you wish to silence dissent?

  19. Vince says:

    I received a fundraising email from the AZGOP today. It began with the words “Friends.” Although state chair Robert Graham denies he is run by McCain, this salutation is very telling….

  20. SmallGovt says:


    What about an open letter to the State Republican party and available to be signed by those who choose of many of the points you make here and the lack of an open process for those who oppose coronation of any candidate, especially one with whom we have so many differences. Maybe you could get hundreds, thousands of signatures?

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      We do not generate activism here. We attempt to inform. Those at the AZ GOP read this site and can see the number of comments produced by the untoward and haughty actions at this past Saturday’s executive meeting. If you are interested in collecting signatures, by all means do so. You can also call:
      (602) 957-7770