U.S. SC Justices’ bias void impartiality claims

Justices Ginsburg, Kagan have taken public stance in favor of same-sex marriage

Should U.S. Supreme Court justices who effectively endorsed same-sex marriage by officiating at such ceremonies be ruling on whether or not the Constitution grants states the right to ban them?

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg performed a same-sex marriage in Washington, D.C., in August 2013. Justice Elena Kagan officiated at a same-sex marriage for her former law clerk and his partner last September. 

Herbert Titus, a nationally recognized constitutional authority, is quoted as saying the two justices must have known at the time that it was almost inevitable for the issue to be put to the Supreme Court, “yet they went ahead and put their official imprimatur on same-sex marriage.” Titus said the likely response from the justices will be that they believe that they can be neutral on the issue of same-sex marriage.

“It tells you an awful lot about the culture,” he continued. “These people are immersed in the homosexual culture to the point they would step out of their role as a justice to officiate in a wedding that would put them in a position of lending their name and prestige to same-sex marriage when they had every good reason to believe the issue would be before the court.”

April 28 is the day the Supreme Court will hear arguments in an appeal from the Sixth Circuit regarding the constitutionality of state constitutional bans on same-sex marriage. A helpful guide intended for fledgling reporters covering the challenges can be read on the SCOTUS blog

The American Family Association (AFA) provides a way for citizens to tell their congressional representatives that both Ginsburg and Kagan need to recuse themselves from the case.

“U.S. Supreme Court Justices Elena Kagan and Ruth Bader Ginsburg should recuse themselves from any cases involving the homosexual marriage issue on the basis that they have conducted same-sex marriage ceremonies,” the campaign letter states.

Joining AFA is the Coalition of African-American Pastors, (CAAP). It has also called upon the justices to recuse themselves, since each has revealed a pro-homosexual bias.

“A Justice of the Supreme Court is called on to avoid the appearance of bias—especially on a highly controversial and sensitive issue that is currently before the Court,” said Rev. William Owens, president and founder of CAAP. “And yet, both Justice Ginsburg and Justice Kagan have taken a public stance in favor of same-sex marriage, even going so far as to officiate at a same-sex wedding.”

“Not only is this a breach of ethics, but it calls into question the integrity of the Court and the supposed balance that the judicial branch is meant to provide in constitutional interpretation. It is beyond objectionable that no action has yet been taken to ensure that the case will be adjudicated fairly. And so it falls to us, the people, to take action. CAAP is launching a petition urging Justices Kagan and Ginsburg remove themselves from decision-making on this issue and prevent a crisis brought on by the taint of a biased judiciary.”


17 Responses to U.S. SC Justices’ bias void impartiality claims

  1. Maggie says:

    What has long been regarded as perversion has incrementally and through slick campaigning morphed into something now known as “marriage equality” or “gay rights.“ If you oppose homosexual unions, you are labeled a bigot and or homophobe. Try wrapping your arms around that descriptive slur.

    I’d hate to be raising young children today and have to explain what this is about to an innocent child.

  2. CD 8 PC says:

    The liberal press is bonded to same sex issues. You name it, they embrace it. You can be regarded as cool by going along with the far left mindset and the Hollywood elite, who are onboard with whatever marginalizes the faith based .

  3. American Dad says:

    Homosexuals began adopting or using artificial insemination in order to show that they are just regular families, albeit just a tad different. Imagine the confusing impact on children growing up in such a family. Kids are not experimental devices to be used for changing society, but that’s exactly what has been occurring with the blessing of the liberal press and judicary.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Hugh Hewitt has asked three of the GOP candidates whether they would go to a gay wedding. Rubio – Yes – Santorum – No – and Cruz – didn’t answer the question by saying it never came up in his past so far.

    Hewitt “sprung” this question on all of them. Then he bragged about it to Chuck Todd – and said “do you think this is the new “it” question?” slobber, slobber. Chuck Todd said the question might be moot after June.

    Why is Hewitt so focused on asking a “controversial” question of candidates in his own party for the Left to exploit. Does he yearn to be the new George Stephanopoulos? I took no pleasure hearing him (haughtily) asking that question. It didn’t make for ‘good’ radio in my opinion.

    Ginsburg and Kagan should recuse themselves.

    • LD 23 PC says:

      Like many on FOX News, Hewitt also tries to position himself as a conservative, but he’s not in the least consistent. He originally supported David Schweikert‘s congressional bid, then after redistricting, jumped over to Ben Quayle who was clearly a silver-spooned mismatch for the job with zero credentials. Fortunately Quayle lost that race.. Hewitt is a flagrant self promoter.

      And yes, Ginsburg and Kagan should recuse themselves.

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        I don’t always listen to his show, but when I do – I always come away disgusted with something he says. He will be a moderator at one of the (9) Republican debates. I’m sure he’ll be his usual self – too cute by half. He puts O’Reilly to shame in the blowhard category.

  5. Braveheart says:

    Legitimacy began when Ellen DeGeneres and Rosie O’Donnell came into our homes with their comedy shows. Both women were clearly lesbians even then, but too many American parents overlooked their obvious dykiness, since they could plop their kids in front of the TV and do whatever suited them.

    Fast forward. When the comediennes “came out” to much fanfare, and then got “married” American kids were already used to them, having laughed at their jokes for years…right in their own homes.

    This is why I believe younger Americans are much more laissez-faire on the topic of same sex “marriage” than their parents.

  6. ZOO says:

    Slightly off-topic but in case you missed it, NBC Nightly News ran this story Tuesday night themed “Life as a Transgender 5-Year-Old.” It involves a ‘progressive’ couple who have ushered their 5-year old daughter’s whims into a new life as a “boy.”


    • Orion says:

      Just finished watching the video. Very sad all the way around. Especially troubling is the fact that the parents were very encouraging of this 5-year-old’s life altering change. This is a very young child who is not equipped to make the decisions his mother and father think he is capable of making.

      • ZOO says:

        NBC did another one (boy to girl 8yrs old) tonight – U.S Rep. Mike Honda’s (D-CA) grandson as part of a “series.” This is simply surreal – and how ‘family friendly’ of NBC to air it at dinnertime. What the hell has happened to people to make them actually believe this is reasonable in the nurturing and upbringing of a small child? And worse an agenda-driven media that wants to mainstream into the minds of children of similar ages.

    • Night Owl says:

      In my view this is child abuse and the parents should be tried and convicted as surely as if they didn’t watch their children around the swimming pool and a drowning took place. Oops. They don’t get charged either.

  7. Doc says:

    Off topic:


    …just simply un-freekin-believable…mcTraitor’s callin’ ANYBODY “The worst possible candidate”?!?!? Now THERE’S th’ pot callin’ th’ kettle scorched……………

  8. LEO IN TSN says:

    The SCOTUS is corrupted, thanks to a Senate that will confirm anything obamao throws against the wall (think McFlake supporting Loretta Lynch, McTraitor and McKyl supporting Kagan and Ginsburg).

    H Hewitt may be an idiot, but his question to the candidates is very appropriate on several levels. This is part of legitimate vetting, where the candidates are not given free rein for their scripted poses. They must be forced to talk about American values, if they are too timid to speak about them on their own.

    Homosexuality is evil, period. Do the candidates tolerate evil?—or even accept evil?—or maybe even dabble in it? That is one concern. And then there is the elephant in the room that nobody talks about.

    The homosexual revolution is not being orchestrated by less than 3% of the population. This is a Marxist tool to destroy the character of this country to recreate it in communism. The plan is clear – destroy religion, destroy the family and destroy patriotism and you have conquered US. The so-called social issues are the weapons being used against US to destroy US from within. It is entirely NECESSARY to know where presidential candidates stand on these and all aspects of godless recreation that will lead to our enslavement.

    Time to wake up folks, and support men who live the values and speak the values that created this country and made US the leader of the free world, morally and otherwise. We are already experiencing what the double-talkers will do to US, and it is not a pretty picture. If they can’t talk about moral character and biblical values, they probably ain’t got any.

    God bless America.

  9. SmallGovt says:

    Probably these 2 need to recuse themselves for other reasons!

    • Villanova says:

      Any specifics? Legitimate reasons for judicial recusal need to be specific to the matter at hand. “Probably” and “other reasons” don’t reach the legal threshold.

  10. LEO IN TSN says:

    AAAAAHHHHH, right in our own back yard that is rapidly becoming a slum…


    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      Good find. Ducey is Hugh Hewitt’s kind of politician…..”moderate” and not into social issues.
      We’re going to see a lot more of this…now that he’s been elected.