Dare challenge McCain? Attacks on Sen. Ward begin

Arizona State Sen. Kelli Ward has accomplished more in her four+ decades than most folks ever aspire to in a lifetime. In addition to representing the residents of Lake Havasu City as a two-tem Republican lawmaker, she is a mother of three, a family doctor, and a military wife married to a Colonel in the Arizona Air National Guard. Her husband Michael serves as Arizona’s State Air Surgeon.

Exceedingly accomplished, Sen. Ward, now a physician, previously worked as an environmental chemist. She holds an undergraduate degree in psychology. (Bio here)

But none of her successes are enough to keep her out of the grinding gears of the McCain Machine. Though not a declared candidate, Kelli Ward has committed the unpardonable sin of opening an exploratory campaign for U. S. Senate earlier this month, “testing the waters” for a possible run. 

Conservative elected state committeemen who censured McCain at their 2014 Statutory Meeting know all too well the ferocity of his retaliatory tactics. Keeping his distance, he uses surrogates to accomplish his disreputable deeds. His efforts to rid the Arizona Republican Party of dedicated precinct committeemen, elected by their Republican neighbors in their own precincts, resulted in a devastating blow to the grassroots election efforts. As FrontPage magazine reports, under the guise of the benign sounding “Arizona Grassroots Action PAC,” San Francisco-based Democrat McCain donors helped raise nearly $300,000 to oust and replace elected conservative committeemen —- the backbone activists of the AZ GOP —- who voted in a stinging rebuke to censure McCain.

Make no mistake. The coordinated attempts to marginalize Sen. Ward are underway. Within short order after her exploratory announcement came the choreographed “chemtrail” conspiracy hype from the team of slicksters at the McCain-endorsing newspaper. Its assigned sycophantic McReporter Dan Nowicki, created a vaporous contrivance that was followed by a supporting column by leftist pap peddler, EJ Montini.  She’s already been subjected to cartoonist Steve Benson’s toxic hit pen.

The latest in bogus contrivances is the attempt to declare her unfit for using a photo her husband took of her in her senate office on a fundraising email sent out to supporters. Over half a page in the daily is devoted to this effort. The accompanying Nowicki article illustrated the concern with a 6 ½ x 7 ½  inch depiction of the photo. The last sentence in the unintelligible article notes “Secretary of State Michele Reagan’s office signaled it won’t likely pursue the issue.”

A recent edition of the Mohave Valley Daily News quoted McCain saying he was aware that Sen. Ward is considering running against him.

Feigning joviality, he said, “I always enjoy a good campaign and have had a lot of good, exhilarating campaigns and I’m certainly looking forward to another campaign.” 

Translation: I will use whatever means and spend whatever is necessary to brutalize anyone who dares cross me.  

This time it could well be a woman who runs rings around him in the brains department and is not likely to fear the man who has spent decades in Washington D.C. giving aid and comfort to Democrats.

Haven’t you had enough? 

12 Responses to Dare challenge McCain? Attacks on Sen. Ward begin

  1. John H. says:

    If Montini, Benson, and the Arizona Republic are against her, that settles it. I will vote for her, or anyone else running against John McAmmnesty.

    • East Valley PC says:

      My wife and I are strongly in her corner, but not due to her enemies but because of her abilities and the need to rid ourselves and the nation of the deceiving John McCain. We also look forward to voting against Jeff Flake when he stands for reelection. These men are deceptive posers, not Republicans.

  2. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    SRAZ is right. If we are tired of McCain the time to act is NOW. Kelli Ward needs campaign contributions to fight this lobbyist fueled, amnesty supporting, leftwing McCain Machine. He has the media on his side. This good woman needs to have an army of conservatives!!

    Kelli Ward’s donation page is here:

    Talk is cheap. We all need to put our money where our mouths are and give what we can.

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I sometimes catch a local radio show on Saturday’s with a host named Steve Cates. He’s had Paul Gosar call in to the show often. I happened to hear the show this past Saturday and the next time Gosar calls in – they’re going to ask him if he’d run against McCain.
    I’d love to hear what he says and how he says it.

    McCain, Clinton’s, the news media are ferocious towards conservatives. Good people think twice before going up against the progressive line, sadly. J.D. Hayworth had name recognition and was well-liked and look at the flak he took. If Kelli Ward decides to run, I hope she can withstand the hell they’ll put her through. I would support her. McCain – that tiny little lying SOB has way outlived his usefulness, if he ever had any.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      We need to “support” her now because without money she won’t be able to wage a costly U.S. Senate campaign against McCain. If she can’t generate the necessary money to run, our support at the ballot box will be too little too late since her name won’t be there.

      • azgary says:

        none of it matters, that’s why little Robbie mcgraham wont let us have closed primaries.

        the gop/rnc chamber of commerce/lobbyist choices of McCain, flake, the az5, governor etc…. are undefeatable when democrats vote in the republican primary, which is what the state and national party wants.

        “lesser” of two evils……..

        I think not

      • State Delegate says:

        There’s nothing to argue with in your review of Robert Graham’s lies regarding a closed primary. Robert Graham is a tool of the McCain Establishment as is Doug Ducey. We’re merely the irate voices while they have the power to overrun us and promote their liberal agenda. Everyone from GOP party officers to elected office holders run as conservatives and after the ballots are tabulated, most show themselves to be nothing more than lefties in conservative clothing. Voting for incumbents — especially the batch we have now — is the tried and true method for more of the same. The few good ones are few and far between. McCain wins when Democrats register as Independents and skew our elections.

        I hope you will join me in sending a donation to Dr./Sen..Kelli Ward. We must get rid of McCain. If he’s reelected, and survives a full 6-year-term, he’ll be there until he’s nearly 90.

  4. azgary says:

    State Delegate,

    while I hate McCain I see spending money against him as long as we have the corrupt party and system in place here in az as a waste.

    we cannot outspend rinos, democrats and the chambers of commerce as has been proven repeatedly and their mccandidates. we have exactly the politicians and party leadership that is wanted, or little Robbie wouldn’t have been so overwhelmingly reelected.

    that being said, I personally cannot support Ward, who imho succumbed to the chambers and special interest when she attempted to see to it that voters were disenfranchised and strengthen common core in the state with her actions on HB124, which thankfully failed, but in the process arm twisted and corrupted my senator, Steve Smith into supporting at the last minute, rendering him now unworthy of being voted for.

    when we see “little” things like this, we know they are subjected to being corrupted by power brokers and I am tired of electing people who will not stand firm, as they say you cannot get “a little” bit pregnant, and one transgression always leads to larger ones (see McCain, flake, az5, ducey etc….) and yet they always get reelected.

    I will no longer be taking part in the charade, and will never again be a lesser of two evils voter, when McCain and mcflake are again nominated I will be voting for the democrats opposing them, there is no other way to rid ourselves of the traitors

    if it is not familiar to you or others what happened crossroads with van had an interesting take.

    remember, this is Wards committee and her addition to the process

    ‘Everyone really needs to take the time to watch & listen to this. It’s the hearing on HB 2184, to me the hearing wasn’t really necessary as the decisions had already been made to vote for it, however I believe Smith did change on Amendment and voted No, but then voted yes on the Bill.
    I hope you’ll all listen to the first 10 to 15 min. and then again to discussion from about 43 min. to 57 min., this shows what is really happening and how they even admit they’re handing over power to the Appointed Board and how the Chief of Staff Bradley is really the one who’s moving this forward all those who say this didn’t happen or the Political Spin being put on this is available for all to see the truth of it.From: Crossroads with Van / AZS Constitutional Conservative Coalition
    listen here:”

    No I cannot stand for politicians who will not stand for me, the state and the grassroots

    • State Delegate says:

      Obviously I erred in my interpretation of your comments. Kelli Ward is a reputable woman highly regarded by her conservative legislative colleagues, and without a doubt the best candidate to go against the despicable John McCain. If you think voting with Democrats and helping to elect their candidates benefits us in any way, you are sadly mistaken.

      Even with all of his beer heiress wife‘s money and financial backing of his lobbyist associates, McCain can’t beat up on Kelli Ward the way he did JD Hayworth, a man whose physical stature dwarfed the shriveled McCain. With a female opponent, McCain will have to moderate himself and turn the dirty work over to his subordinates. And Dr. Kelli Ward has something McCain can never possess…a real life familiarity of the draconian measures contained in Obamacare.

      While there are RINO Republicrats that make my stomach churn, I withhold my vote before ever turning my state, country and my children over to the liberals and smugly thinking I was doing them a favor.

      There are plenty of Republicans who disappoint me and I have stopped voting for them. John McCain is an egomaniacal foul mouthed compulsive liar. I haven’t voted for him in years. I will never vote for Jeff Flake or some of the more local GOP pretenders such as Adam Driggs, Kate McGee or the McCain bootlickers Bill Montgomery and Mark Bronovich. But your scheme sounds like one put in place by BarackO himself. No thanks. When I screw up, I do so big time. I did so with you.

      • azgary says:

        we have been voting lesser of two evils for decades and going backwards, you are advocating the same.

        and it doesn’t matter, people who choose “republican uber alles” has guaranteed elected politicians do not care what voters think.

        there is no other way to stop the leftist in the party since he money buying them wants the same outcome

      • ZOO says:

        If it wasn’t for roughly 69,000 votes, Jeff Flake would not have been mooning Arizona conservatives since 99.99% of a second after the 2012 general election. Oddly, that was the spread right chere in CoC County. Surely some Republican voters crossed the picket lines who weren’t quite content with “none of the above.” Who knows, if more conservatives had grown a pair right now Flake junior and his soon to be ex would be up for dogicide instead of commanding elite immunity and suing CoC County taxpayers for a cool 8 million.

  5. Seeing Red AZ says:

    Memo to SmallGovt:
    You accuse this site of censoring your comments. We will remind you that this has been an ongoing complaint of yours and our answer remains the same. Repetitive comments on identical topics (ie: national defense, Sen. Kelli Ward, public sector employees and what you regard as likely Arizona congressional posts for non-resident Janet Napolitano and severely injured Gabby Giffords) will not be re-posted. Your points have been made, remade, made again and noted.