Arizonans are well acquainted with Fishwrap news


The Washington Examiner, using the provocative headline “Fishwrap: Just 2% of younger Americans trust media to ‘do the right thing,'” reports media limps in dead last among institutions younger voters trust. The Examiner cites a new Harvard University survey.

In the school’s Institute of Politics poll of over 3,000 18-29-year-olds, a miniscule 12 percent said they believe the media do the right thing. A whopping 88 percent said “sometimes” or “never.” Just 2 percent said they trusted the media to do the right thing “all of the time,” and 39 percent said “never.”

Here in Arizona, the daily statewide newspaper (the Periódico de la República de Arizona /Arizona Republic) is an agenda driven, far-left structure, teamed with the local Gannett owned NBC affiliate KPNX News 12. With all pretenses gone, they are now housed in the same building, facilitating their ability to use one another to substantiate their own skew.  This dual deception would be an engrossing study if not for the fact that, working in tandem, they foist the their pet issues on an often unsuspecting consumer base, who trust that the once noble profession of journalism still exists.

The poll results, best to worst:

Q – How often do you trust each of them to do the right thing?

1 – Scientists

— All/Most 56%

— Sometimes/Never 44%

2 – The United States military

— All/Most 53%

— Sometimes/Never 46%

3 – Your local police department

— All/Most 49%

— Sometimes/Never 50%

4 – Supreme Court

— All/Most 42%

— Sometimes/Never 58%

5 – United Nations

— All/Most 37%

— Sometimes/Never 62%

6 – President Obama

— All/Most 36%

— Sometimes/Never 63%

7 – Your local government

— All/Most 33%

— Sometimes/Never 67%

8 – Your state government

— All/Most 30%

— Sometimes/Never 69%

9 – Federal government

— All/Most 26%

— Sometimes/Never 74%

10 – Congress

— All/Most 18%

— Sometimes/Never 82%

11 – Wall Street

— All/Most 14%

— Sometimes/Never 86%

12 – The media

— All/Most 12%

— Sometimes/Never 88%

6 Responses to Arizonans are well acquainted with Fishwrap news

  1. LD 23 PC says:

    Though I’m encouraged to see that younger Americans are developing healthy dose of skepticism, we should not forget that the youth vote put Obama over the top in both elections. They supported him by 66% in 2008 in the largest turnout of young voters ever. In 2012, their vote declined somewhat, but was still a factor.

  2. American Dad says:

    We shouldn’t be too encouraged. Younger Americans don’t read actual news or columnists to form their political opinions. They get their news from late night comedians, who all skew to the left. This age group, taught in public schools to be brain numbed, wants to be entertained. We are on a downhill spiral, thanks in large part to the liberal bent of the far leftist members of the National Education Association and National Federation of Teachers. These two groups overwhelmingly supported Obama to the tune of $ MILLIONS of dollars. These unionist teachers influence American young people more than their own parents do.
    The facts are here for all to see:

  3. Villanova says:

    This is a political strategy, known as “Bread and Circuses.” It was used by the political elite to placate the Roman masses by providing them distracting pleasures before that once thriving civilization collapsed.

    • Army Of One says:

      It’s depressing to contemplate that the United States of America is on that same downhill spiral. I hope we’re not already so far gone that we’re unable to correct course.

  4. Doc says:

    The survey forgot 2 questions:

    13-The U.S. Senate

    14-The President