AZ Ed Dept web weirdness: It’s déjà vu all over again

The body snatchers seem to have their flashing neon lasers focused on the inhabitants of the executive offices of the Arizona Department of Education.

It’s not as though State Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas, who disdains the media spotlight, doesn’t’ have enough to keep her hopping. A foolish recall against her by her liberal opponents was announced within nanoseconds of her election based in large part on her campaign opposition to Common Core. By law they have to wait six months to collect 367,000 signatures, making a daunting task even more difficult in the blazing Arizona summer.

But we digress. The daily recently reported that the online activity of Douglas’ chief of staff Michael Bradley is raising more than a few eyebrows. 

In his off hours, according to the newspaper report, Bradley “runs a website featuring items of general interest, including pictures of dogs and quirky news items, as well as thousands of photos of scantily clad women in costumes, and sexually suggestive images and humor.”

Since the news of his blog surfaced, he has removed some of the most vulgar content. On his website, scroll down past the unfortunate costumed dogs and futuristic ships for Bradley’s sarcastic response to the news coverage regarding his peculiar hobby known as “cosplay,” or costume role-playing —- where adult participants oddly dress as characters (examples not from his site) inspired by comic books, video games or movies.

Bradley provides contact information for his followers to respond to the media and education community which find his posting content inappropriate for someone in his position. The state agency is responsible for educating over a million Arizona K-12 students.

It seems just a blink ago that Douglas’ immediate predecessor John Huppenthal was ousted due to his inappropriate blog postings. The two term Huppenthal posted anonymously and at all hours, including during the day when he was on the taxpayer’s dime at the Superintendent’s office. Bradley is engaging in his pursuits on his own time.

Over the weekend, Diane Douglas asserted that she was “absolutely not” going to replace him. “He serves as the chief of staff during the day, and after that it’s his personal life,” she said.

Like too many others, Douglas has disappointingly fallen short of her campaign promises. This instance provides her a much-needed opportunity to prove she can be trusted to lead.  She ought to do so without the costly entanglement of Michael Bradley —- pulling down a $150,000 salary —- besides causing her needless grief.


17 Responses to AZ Ed Dept web weirdness: It’s déjà vu all over again

  1. Villanova says:

    Diane Douglas needs to rethink her commitment to this guy who obviously has no commitment to her or the responsibilities of the office. Those who have high profile jobs never actually have a “personal life” independent of the person and post they represent.

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      I agree. Diane Douglas’ response regarding her chief of staff’s personal life is off base. I can think of many activities employees can engage in during their “personal time,” that would be highly inappropriate or even illegal. Let’s stick with the legal ones. Would she think habitually spending off hours time at the casino was OK? How about drinking to excess each evening or smoking “medicinal” pot for an “ongoing backache” was appropriate? How would she view an accumulation of speeding tickets that occurred after work hours? You can fill in the blanks with other such personal time activities.

  2. Kent says:

    Diane Douglas is currently traveling around the state on a Hillary-like “Listening Tour.” She should be getting an earful.

    • SmallGovt. says:

      Interesting to see her expenses. They should move her office to a public school.

    • LD 23 PC says:

      It’s a listening tour because she doesn’t do much speaking. Michael Bradley is her mouthpiece. My overwhelming memory of her is her bizarre effort to remove the news microphones from the table at a public meeting that she was supposed to be chairing. Although I voted for her and celebrated her longshot win, I have to admit his woman is clearly over her head.

      • Scott says:

        Beyond bizzaro. I never saw this video before. Does Douglas think she’s operating the department in a vacuum and is unanswerable to the people of the state of Arizona? Elected officeholders have to expect news media will cover them.

    • Longtime GOP PC says:

      It’s actually called the “We Are Listening” tour. Unless she has a mouse in her pocket I assume the “we” is Bradley…and his puppet Douglas.

  3. Clair Van Steenwyk says:

    Supt. Douglas followed bad advice in the firing, should have just transferred and replaced them. She’s already said that she has no authority over the Board or Education and for the most part her support of HB2184 along with Sen. Ed Committee Chair Ward took what authority she had away, and even though it never came to a full vote, the Senate Bill SB1469 did and passed by GOP with Ward’s support as well took authority away from Supt. and made the Board a full blown Agency and Supt. has remained silent on this one as well. I do believe the voters thought they’d voted for someone to represent them, however it appears to even some of those who were on her election team she’s over her head and has surrendered to the Gov.

    • MacBeth says:

      The advice she’s following is supplied by none other than Chief of Staff Michael Bradley. For all intents and purposes, Bradley is running the office of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Douglas won’t fire him because she relies on him to such an extent, she’d be unable to function without his input. Conservatives were duped again. If the recall does take place, which I don’t think it should since she did nothing to warrant removal, I will not vote for this inept and ineffective woman.

      • Clair Van Steenwyk says:

        MacBeth; I agree with you and believe the bureaucracy in place in most of government is one of the main problems, along of course with office holders who have no idea of how to manage even a small business let alone government. Supt. was obviously not prepared for the job and still isn’t, I don’t believe there’ll be a recall as all they needed to do they’ve done by her being ineffective at the very least and not willing to pay the Political Price to fight for US and against them. As to being Duped well maybe, however believe she started with the right motives however just overwhelmed by both the scope of the job and political maneuvering of most, along with not depending on those who got her there but pulled into the easiest most traveled road of going along to get along and of course no support from the Gov. or those in the GOP Senate. God Bless You; Van

      • SmallGovt. says:

        Agree, she is there and should do her job but she shouldn’t be promoted as the great answer to all problems when she wasn’t even close!

  4. SmallGovt. says:

    I totally opposed her because while everyone on SRAZ was frothing over her, she refused to discuss the pay / benefit package of the job. “Listening Tours” are simply games to look like you have empathy and then you do as you want. The Governor needs to make sure she is on the team and on the beam. As in other states, a huge amount of $$$ has been spent on Arizona education in the last decade without any positive results.

    • Ajo Joe says:

      Her salary and those of other elected officials are out of their control. Often the elected office holder makes far less than the chief of staff or top deputies in the office. Your fixation on salaries is wrongheaded. As an example, our state legislators make far too little, making it a job only retirees, business owners or housewives can take. We need more people who support families and deal with the realities of an average taxpayer in those 90 seats, but they can’t afford to take the job and pay their rent and feed their families. It is not a part-time job since governors often call “special sessions’ and constituents expect service whether or not they are in session. Compare Arizona to our neighbor California on this list:

    • The $$$$$$$$$$$$$s spent on Education in AZ should bring about great results, however far to much is spent at the upper levels and not enough in the classroom, we need to consolidate districts, set up a procurement process similar to say a Walmart,Costco,Kroger system and then have items delivered to each school, rather than the Good Ole Boys Co Op system as we know it. As to the Supt. Asst. behavior away from the office, well goes to character and look at the decisions he’s making for the kids, who Common Core will control but he has no concern over giving big government more power whether Federal or State. We need to clean house in AZ at all levels, however don’t see this happening as long as politics are a team sport more that one to serve US and the Children they claim to be concerned about. The Supt. is I believe on the team and the Listening Tour and Gov. Commission is just to keep those in line until Common Core is fully in place and next session addresses all over again to get the Political cover they need for the upcoming election cycle so they can say we tried, failed but tried, and the voters will say as always no ones perfect as the Children are led down the Path to a future of Government Enslavement.

  5. tamargladtidings says:

    The article states “He serves as the chief of staff during the day, and after that it’s his personal life,” – WELL… that is NOT true! The morality of a person is a clear indication of what they will do 24-7! Look at the requirements of teacher back when education actually worked! Teachers had to have squeaky clean personal lives in order to lead children! Have you ever attended, or talk to a person who did attend, am NEA convention??? The debauchery displayed and condoned at them is appalling, and leads to the headlines we see everyday in the news, describing the horrid offense against children BY TEACHERS!
    PC is destroying this country!

    • I agree with you 150%, however remember the two party system now states very clearly that Unity is the key and better of two evils is the choice they give voters, and like sheep the voters/fans march to the beat of that drum. Until we as Americans realize this is Our Country and have the desire to protect it more than the RINO/Liars, Better of Two Evils then the future for our children is indeed bleak. God Bless You; Van