“Reckless cowboys” stand up for free speech

First Amendment butts heads with violent Jihadists

In the warped world of the wizards at the Arizona Republic free speech should take a back seat on the politically correct bus. It’s incendiary, donch’a know?  On the other hand, they do purport to be journalists who value the protections granted in the First Amendment. Without a doubt they dance around the subject, weaving such differing opinions into the editorial that it’s not “difficult to imagine” heated debates surrounding the tone the message should take.

The opening words of Tuesday’s editorial which ran under two contradictory headlines in the hard copy and online editions:

“It is difficult to imagine a more provocative, indeed reckless, event: A contest among irreverent cartoonists to see who could draw the best caricature of the Prophet Mohammed.“

The editorial concludes with these words:

“As foolish as it may have been to engage in such an outrageous act of Islamist baiting, we cannot lose sight of the principle that prompted the gathering. The First Amendment does not exist to protect polite speech. It is there to defend obnoxious, even mean-spirited speech with enthusiasm.

The American Freedom Defense Initiative and its artists too willingly put the lives of others in jeopardy. There are better ways to make the point. But when terrorists are quick to kill those with whom they disagree, we’ll stand with the reckless, nose-thumbing First Amendment-riding cowboys.”

The Republic editorialists must be dizzy from spinning.

Andrew C. McCarthy, author and  policy fellow at the National Review Institute, has written a fine analysis in “Islam and Free Speech: Missing the Point in Garland.”

On Monday evening, Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch and vice president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, appeared on Fox News’ “The Kelly File,” discussing the jihad attack against the AFDI/Jihad Watch Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest in Garland, Texas.

This morning the New York Daily News reports ISIS terrorists —- dismissed by Barack Obama in 2014 as a “JV Team” —- have declared war on Atlas Shrugs blogger Pamela Geller who helped organize the event. An ominous online message claims ISIS has fighters across America ready to attack “any target we desire.”  They specifically target “Geller and anyone who hides or hosts her.”

Make up your own mind. You can do a much better job than those practiced bob and weavers at the daily. Are Americans supposed to cower in the face of this barbaric insanity?


14 Responses to “Reckless cowboys” stand up for free speech

  1. freedom4fighters says:

    See Winston Churchill’s speech on Victory. There is no way we lose to terrorist in the end. Not on our Watch, we are the next greatest generation to protect Americans.

  2. Orion says:

    I find it interesting that Mohammed is rarely written in Western publications without the capitalized word  “Prophet” preceding it as a respectful title. When Muslims mention Jesus do they similarly place the word “Lord” before his name? Somehow I doubt it. The AZ Repugnant plays this absurd politically correct word game, too. I’m not surprised, but I am repulsed.

  3. CD 8 PC says:

    We should never be intimidated by fear of extremists. They win if we cower in fear of offending their delicate sensibilities. I’m “offended” when they behead innocent Christians and slaughter Jews other non-Muslims in the name of Allah.

  4. Braveheart says:

    Americans are repeatedly told that Islamic terrorists are a faction that do not represent the Muslim religion, yet there is silence from the faithful whenever atrocious acts in the name of Islam occur. Mohammad can’t be “insulted,” but the National Endowment for the Arts supported “Piss Christ,” a depiction of a plastic crucifix of Jesus Christ submerged in a vat of the “artist’s urine and called it art. Christians and non Christians alike found it repulsive, but no acts of violence followed the exhibit from city to city. THAT’S the difference.

  5. John H. says:

    Google Brigete Gabriel and listen to the answer she gave to the Muslim woman who asked her about the peaceful, moderate Muslims.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      This was easy enough to find. I’ve seen this before and provide it here for all to see and hear Brigitte Gabriel’s fantastic answer to Muslim woman claiming all Muslims are portrayed badly. Ms. Gabriel speaks with absolute clarity and without notes. She is a genuine gift to America!

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        She is a hero and should be treated as such. She’s on the front lines of this ‘war on terror.’ She knows how to fight it – unlike the people ‘in charge.’

  6. Conservative Since Birth says:

    While the mainstream media, Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingraham, et al think Pamela Geller is the bad guy – they’re not talking about the fact that ISIS is in this country and wants to kill us. Obama is enabling the march of Islamic terrorists over the border or through his immigration push into towns across this country. It was happening during the GWBush administration when the ‘controversy’ was stopping illegal immigration and building a wall rather than who was entering illegally.

    No one speaks up when Christians are murdered or Jews are attacked by Muslims. This country fell for political correctness, perfected by the Soviets to take over a country. We have a Muslim/sympathizer in the White House who treats Christians and Jews like second class citizens and stands up for Muslims – even at the U.N. for all the world to see. We’re in a very dangerous time. If Ronald Reagan was president right now – things would be very different.

    A radical Muslim wants to kill you.
    A moderate Muslim wants a radical Muslim to kill you.

    • MacBeth says:

      Excellent summation regarding “moderate” and “radical” Muslims. I’ll commit that to memory.

  7. Villanova says:

    Don Feder is a rarity. He’s a conservative journalist who worked as an editorial writer for the Boston Herald for over twenty years. His insightful syndicated columns have appeared in numerous publications. Left wing student protestors have shut down his message on supposedly “enlightened“ university campuses, so he has excellent credentials.
    This is what he had to say on this topic ten years ago when then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice spoke of Islam as a “Religion of Peace and Love.”


    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      I read what you posted and really liked what he wrote back then (2005) about Condi Rice. I agree now – and thought so back then. That led me to Wikipedia and very happily found that Don Feder is the real deal…conservative since birth, if I may. Good to know he’s still making appearances and spreading the word.


  8. jon jensen says:

    The Westboro Baptist Church shows us the dilemma we must put up with for the Bill of Rights. The most sacred part of our Constitution.

  9. Doc says:

    Pardon me-1st, anything this cat-box liner of a print-media says…ANYTHING…is worthless drivel, ESPECIALLY when their drivel involves the 1st Amendment!

    2nd, apparently, mr. bill mcO’Rielly is an avid reader of the aforementioned cat-box liner! Check this out:


    …maybe he’d like to go hang out with th’ islamofascists! The islamofascists have insulted me, & my Country, mr. bootlicker…

  10. LEO IN TSN says:

    Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Andrew McCarthy, Brigitte Gabriel and others have been struggling for years to educate and alert American citizens to the very real DANGERS of Islam jihad against US and the rest of the free world. Many American citizens, because they relate to Judeo-Christian values, just can’t bring themselves to believe that there is an ideology that requires our violent elimination. They watch attack after attack, genocidal rampage after rampage, mass beheadings after mass beheadings, and blindly attribute the bloodthirsty jihad to a few crazies – WRONG.

    There are no “moderate” muslims, only irrelevant muslims who sit and watch, in waiting for the imposition of the caliphate. They cannot live alongside Christians, Jews, or any other religions group if they are muslims – their “holy” Koran and the hadith writings of all of their important “religious” leaders require they support this world conquest by the sword. So they lay in silence, breeding like rabbits and opening more mosque daycare and schools, carrying out their own stealth jihad by the population sword and by brainwashing gullible Americans. And the cowardly pc moderates in our media and government are complicit in this jihad.

    Special attention should go to our own Sen. Juan McTraitor, famous for his photo ops with the ISIS leaders in Libya/Syria and his vicious attacks on Rep. Michelle Bachmann and others for asking about the waves of muslim brotherhood operatives being imbedded in the obamao federal government. What a guy – you say he’s running for reelection?

    Wake up America and spread the word, we’re being led to the “showers.”

    Muslim conquest – stealth jihad

    God bless America.