Grand Jury reinstates charges in dog deaths: Flakes excluded

Did prosecutor present sculpted facts to new Grand Jury omitting the actual responsible parties?

Hear that prolonged “phew” resonating across the Valley? That’s Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery breathing a deep sigh of relief after a County Grand Jury reinstated animal cruelty charges against the owners of Green Acre Dog Boarding in Gilbert in connection with the agonizing heat related suffocation deaths of nearly two dozen dogs that occurred during the searing summer heat of June 2014.

Todd Hughes, 32, and MaLeisa Hughes, 45, owners of the kennel each face 21 Class 6 felony counts and 7 Class 1 misdemeanor counts of cruelty to animals. Both also face one Class 2 felony count of fraudulent schemes and artifices.

The couple was vacationing in Florida when the deaths occurred last June. They are the expendable mother and stepfather of Logan Flake —- wife of Sen. Jeff Flake’s son Austin —- who were actually in charge of the facility when the dogs were crammed into a small laundry room overnight without air-conditioning, food or water.

Charging the Flakes is what gave Montgomery heartburn. So just before Christmas 2014, when he thought few were paying attention, Montgomery dismissed all felony and misdemeanor charges against Jeff Flake’s son and daughter-in-law. A single fraud charge remained against Todd and MaLeisa Hughes.

It was clear from the June 20 onset, when the dead and dying dogs were found, Bill Montgomery was loath to touch this case. He dillied and dallied, even after Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s extensive three-month examination of facts which included veterinarian performed necropsies. The sheriff’s office recommended numerous felony charges of animal neglect and cruelty in connection with the horrific abuse of the pets. The dogs suffered excruciating pain before dying. When the Flakes found them the next morning, they neglected to even call a veterinarian to aid the not yet dead pets, which they callously hosed down in a vain attempt to cool them. The dead dogs were carted off to a shed where they were stacked like cordwood.

As we noted last September in the post, “Bill Montgomery: Between a Flake and a hard place,” the politically ambitious Montgomery, who endorsed Jeff Flake in his senate race, has career aspirations that are rumored to include the state’s second senate seat, when McCain finally moves on. Obviously how he chose to handle this widely scrutinized case could have had devastating consequences for his ambitions.

This is the latest news release announcing the reinstatement of charges against the Hugheses.  Notice the tempered wording of this May 6 announcement as Montgomery refers to the dead pets as “beloved animals.”  Previously at a Sept. 10, 2014  press conference Montgomery exhibited raw insensitivity to the grieving pet owners as he provided insight as to his bent. “This isn’t to cheapen or minimize the loss of the pets to the families,” Montgomery said. “But we’re not talking about the deaths of 23 children.”

Without the weight of an indictment, Austin and Logan Flake have moved on. Now that Montgomery has dropped all felony charges against them, they’re suing Maricopa County and Sheriff Joe Arpaio, seeking $8 million to resurrect their formerly pristine reputations, claiming they were targeted by the Sheriff’s office and their sterling characters were ruined by this investigation. 

Maricopa County taxpayers should prepare to dig deep for this legal escapade by two marginal Flakes. Since the lawsuit against the county specifically names Sheriff Arpaio, the daily fish wrap will serve as lead cheerleader as these lightweights attempt to get rich on our backs and the carcasses of the dogs they allowed to suffer and die.

This post, “Bill Montgomery sets Flakes loose on county taxpayers” includes additional background.


11 Responses to Grand Jury reinstates charges in dog deaths: Flakes excluded

  1. East Valley Conservative says:

    Given the political connection between Bill Montgomery and Jeff Flake, Montgomery should have sent this case to another county to rid himself of the stench of impropriety.

    • ZOO says:

      Montgomery wriggled out of that connection recently (in his mind) by stating ‘I endorsed him (Flake), he didn’t endorse me.’ He and the GOPigs that he wallows with got a twofer with his dropping charges on the Flakettes by triggering the lawsuit against Joe Arpaio and Maricopa County. That handed fodder to the Arizona GOPe’s leftist partners who have Arpaio in their sights for defeat in his reelection campaign.

      How is Montgomery NOT responsible for inciting this lawsuit? The recall petitions should have started rolling off the press the day the privileged pimple pickers filed their notice of claim.

      • State Delegate says:

        We are being taken for a quite a ride and Bill Montgomery is providing the bullet train.

        BTW, ZOO, your description of the flakes as “privileged pimple pickers” is award winning prose!! Hope SRAZ is taking note.

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    If Austin and Logan Flake aren’t responsible for this unfortunate situation, who is?! (Rhetorical question)

    The politics here are no different than that of Democrats like Obama and Hillary. For anyone following this saga, it’s plain to see what’s going on.

    It’s got to take SOME chutzpah for the Little Flakes to sue for their ‘good name.’ How do they walk the streets among Arizona taxpayers. This is not your average family we have here. They’re entitled you see. They think they’re special.

  3. Vince says:

    Austin and Logan Flake are the ones deserving of criminal charges along with public contempt for their dishonesty and money grubbing lawsuit. Do these folks work? What do they do? They obviously want us to support them in grand style.

    Since they were the (ir)responsible caretakers, they are the ones who should have been charged. Although her parents helped perpetrate lies to the pet owners, they were not even in Arizona when the crimes occurred. I suspect Montgomery is angling for a jury to clear them and they all walk.

  4. Clementine says:

    Who determines what facts are presented to the Grand Jury? I seriously doubt its some underling in Montgomery’s office. This resubmittal minus the solely responsible flaky Flakes raises a lot of suspicions.

  5. Hometown Guy says:

    How dare these despicable dog killing losers sue Maricopa County taxpayers for $8 Million!!!! They don’t deserve 8 cents and should be glad they aren’t cooling their sorry asses in a cell. Chances are very good that would have been their fate but for the cozy relationship between prosecutor Bill Montgomery and Austin’s senator daddy Jeffy McFlake. These new charges are meant as a diversion. The Hughes duo are nothing more than deflectors. My guess is they will pay an insignificant fine and the matter will be as dead as the poor dogs.

    • Doc says:

      I’d say that mcMontgomery’s political career needs to be as dead as the poor dogs he’s allowing to be swept under th’ mcFlakey carpet!
      …suing to restore “their good name”…BWAH-HAHAHAHAH!!
      WHAT good name??? Their name’s “mcLIAR”!! How good’s THAT??

  6. jon jensen says:

    since I have lived here almost 60 years. It has always been mercy and forgiveness for the those in the establishment. And law and order for those who are not!

  7. Frankly Speaking says:

    There is a message here we all should heed: (With rare exceptions), REELECT NO ONE. That’s doubly true when they are connected to John McCain. The equally puke worthy Bill McMontgomery and Jeff McFlake are tied at the hip with him and his associates.

  8. Fed Up says:

    Many thanks to Seeing Red AZ for staying on this painful story. Bill Montgomery has tried playing us all for fools with his needless delays, finally bringing charges, then dropping those charges, and now refiling charges against the least culpable in this scenario, in an effort to placate those of us who see his deceptive schemes all too clearly. I don’t know if Montgomery has family pets, but imagining he does, how would he react to the news that beloved pets boarded at a “Disneyland like kennel’ had run away? Then finding out they were in fact dead, and then finding out that the ones responsible got off because their father is a US Senator who is also a pal of the prosecutor? This stinks beyond description. There are thousands of families who are pet lovers and will not vote for Montgomery OR Flake again, regardless of who runs against them.