AZ Republic wants to mute your voice, muzzle your vote

It wasn’t that long ago, the daily newspaper was rife with editorials, columns, contrivances and a variety of other machinations passing themselves off as reports, pushing what it termed the “non-partisan,” or “Top Two” Primary. In a nutshell, the scheme does away with party aligned voters selecting their own candidates to run in the General Election. The ideal scenario of the leftists at the newspaper would have the “Top Two” both Democrats, restricting voter’s choices to liberal or liberal. Swell for the leftists at the newspaper, bad for the rest of us.  

There have been other such schemes over the years. The warm and fuzzy sounding “Home Rule,” included provisions to appoint all county “line officers” as they were dismissively called, including the County Attorney, Sheriff, Treasurer and School Superintendent. Though its intent was to eliminate citizen’s ability to vote for these and other county officials —-  turning the immense appointment power over to the Board of Supervisors —- it was promoted as merely a “housekeeping” budgetary provision. Arizona voters caught on quickly as did the elected office holders, both successfully pushing back against this ruse.

Now the slippery tricksters at the Fish Wrap have taken the editorial route again to advocate for appointing the five members of the Arizona Corporation Commission, charged among numerous other tasks, with regulating utility rates. Ambiguous language is its tool in trade and denials of hazy allegations are flippantly dismissed. Regardless of the specious reasons the newspaper puts forward for taking away the vote of the people —- this time —- the actual reason is purely political. Commissioners Tom Forese, Doug Little, Bob Stump, Bob Burns and Chairman Susan Bitter Smith have one thing in common that rankles the folks at the Arizona Republic: They are all Republican.  So are the Maricopa County elected officeholders with the exception of a single County Supervisor.

 In July 2012 columnist Robert Robb candidly exposed the Republic’s angst regarding the Top Two. His words apply to the latest crusade to remove our vote:

“A little honesty and sobriety is in order about the top-two primary system initiative that apparently will be on the November ballot. The purpose of the initiative should be stated plainly and bluntly: It is to reduce the influence of conservative Republicans in Arizona. The rhetoric used to sell it will be more lofty. There will be a pretense of deploring extremism on both sides of the political divide. But what’s driving the initiative isn’t a concern that the Democrats who get elected in Arizona are too liberal. It’s a call-to-arms reaction to a bone-deep belief that the Republicans who run Arizona are too conservative.”

No wonder the liberals get testy.


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  1. Longtime PC says:

    Of course the only voices the Arizona Repugnant wants to restrict are those of conservatives. The newspaper can’t bring itself to define us by that word, preferring to call us ’”tea partiers.” I‘ve never been to a tea party meeting in my life, but I am an ardent conservative long active in the Republican Party. This isn‘t to marginalize tea party folks, but we are not one and the same although we are all Constitutional conservatives. For years I have chosen to work within the GOP party structure, although it has become branch of McCain headquarters under the current chairman, Robert Graham. As one who despises McCain, I prefer to stay close to my legislative district and work my precinct.

    • Doc says:

      Ya’ know what I don’t understand? How can ANYBODY be against a movement who’s name LITERALLY MEANS, “T.axed E.nough A.lready”?!?!? Do these crack-cocaine smoking morons WANT to pay more taxes & watch as THEIR money (along with ours) gets flushed down the political/bureaucratic toilet???

      ,,,just stupid, stupid & stupid….I don’t believe these idiots could BREATHE without the autonomic response….

      • Attila says:

        The concept of removing the vote of the people is not new. We lost our vote for superior court, appellate and AZ Supreme Court judges when voters ceded their own authority to merit selection commissions. Through the foolishness of uninformed voters we got appointed judges under the farcical Merit Selection scheme. It was a ballot measure voted in by those who weren’t paying attention and were duped by slick advertising paid for by the State Bar. Originally it effected Maricopa and Pima counties, but has now expanded to Pinal and soon will encompass Yavapai and Mohave counties since the appointment of superior court judges is founded on county population.

        Merit selection has very little to do with actual merit, but is based in large part on gender, ethnicity and insider connections. The commissions that vet the judicial applicants are political and stacked by appointing governors and the State Bar. The horse is now out of the barn with the legal system in three of our 15 counties currently functioning under appointed judges. Proponents will give numerous reasons claiming its superiority results from taking political influence out of the process to a higher quality of judges as a result of having our voices silenced. None of it is true, but we are just as silenced regardless. As a Constitutional Amendment, it is nearly impossible to undo.

      • azgary says:

        remember though, the party LEADERSHIP and ELECTED POLITICIANS joined forces in quashing our votes and voices and not only here. they have done it on the national level with demanding changes to primary dates, and rule changes to az’s rep to the rnc/gop bruce ash writing/sponsoring the pro amnesty plank of the republican platform:
        Arizona National Republican Committeeman Bruce Ash Co-Sponsored six of the resolutions adopted at the Aug 16 RNC summer meeting. Ash co-sponsored resolutions 1,3,4,5,6, and 7 listed below. AZ National Committeewoman Sharon Geise and AZ GOP Chairman Robert Graham, as well as Ash voted in favor of all seven resolutions.

        RESOLVED, that the Republican National Committee calls upon the President and Congress to implement immigration reform during the 2013 session based upon a merit system that emphasizes the economic contribution of each working immigrant can add to our nation; and, be it further

        RESOLVED, that the Republican National Committee calls upon the President and Congress to create a new class of work permit that allows illegal immigrants who were brought into our country as minor children, and who have not violated any other laws of the U.S. to come forward and register and be allowed to remain and work in the U. S. This new class of legal worker permit holders will not result in an application for citizenship or to petition citizenship for family members. The work permit will require renewal every five (5) years and will require proof of employment or attendance in school during that period; and, be it finally

        RESOLVED, that the Republican National Committee calls upon the President and Congress to create a new work permit program that will allow foreign nationals who are currently in the country and have not violated any other laws of the U.S. to come forward and register and be allowed to remain and work in the U.S. The work permit will not result in application for citizenship nor any family members entering the U.S. and will require renewal every two years upon proof of continuous employment with no more than two (2) months per two (2) year period unemployed or convicted of a crime.

        RNC is pushing amnesty, with a minor exception, (“no citizenship” but we know that’s just a delay) could be from the eight gangsters bill, or the DNC platform. the RNC/GOP like the azgop and elected republican politicians, all puppets of the COC in the U.S. oligarchy, join with democrats and the MSM constantly to attack and rebuke conservatives, yet scold us when we fight back.

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  3. Frankly Speaking says:

    The Corporation Commission’s meetings are televised and available online. I’ve watched them. Its mandated functions are defined by both the Arizona State Constitution and the Arizona Revised Statutes Title II.
    If the newspaper is so opposed to what it infers is collusion, will it stop holding editorial board meetings where liberal views are spoon fed to their staff and repeatedly regurgitated 7 ways from Sunday by their programmed robotic propagandists posing as reporters, editorialists, columnists and cartoonist?

    • ZOO says:

      I do not see any value in the existence of the CC’s alleged “control” over utilities. Most in the valley are under the unequalled burden of “summer” cooling with SRP – out of the CC’s jurisdiction – which allows them to do what they please. Along with an incalculable cost savings SRP is realizing with “smart meters” rate payers have seen nothing in rate relief and instead received more increases. The all-powerful SRP is a perpetual revenue grabbing machine while spending millions on parades, marathons, countless “community” events, used refrigerators, and lawn mowers.

      Then there is the sweetheart deal the ‘commission’ made with Southwest Gas in 2012. Now the warmer winters generate surcharges for natural gas NOT used to maintain SWG’s income flow. With unusual fluctuating temps the A/Cs are being switched on during months they would normally not be, so along with natural gas surcharges consumers get hit from both sides. That is outrageous.

      Maybe a solution is a statute that provides for automatic utility rate increases of 1% per year, applicable to ALL utilities and subsidized with the savings of getting the CC out of the rate regulating business. We spend millions to maintain this kangaroo process and wind up with the sh*t end of the stick every time.

  4. Seen It All says:

    Another fine post, SRAZ. I well remember the attempt to shove the appointment provisions of the bland sounding “Home Rule” down our throats back in the 1980’s. It wrapped two unrelated issues together under a noble sounding guise that would have resulted in taking our vote away and giving us appointed politicians. Nothing has changed in the intervening years. Liberals still want to neuter our potency and make us irrelevant. The fools who are registered as Dimocrats simply don’t give a damn and are willing to let others do their thinking for them.

    Thomas Jefferson‘s famous quote, “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty,” is all the more relevant today.

  5. Kent says:

    Robert Robb has “seen the light” since he wrote those words. Recently he was spewing the newspaper’s tripe on closed primaries. He could be worried about joining his pink slipped colleagues as the nearly dead Arizona Republic has morphed into little more than a restaurant and entertainment review rather than an instrument devoted to actual news delivery. They know their readership is dying off with each and every obituary they print. The age of readers of hard copy newspapers is 65+. This Pew study is three years old. The stats have no doubt worsened.

  6. Hometown Guy says:

    The staff that’s left at the Repulsive are hanging on as best they can, doing whatever it takes to survive and hoping to reach the magic mark and retire with benefits. Much of their garbage is written by journalism students from ASU’s far left Cronkite School, who believe in silencing free speech rather than protecting it. The First Amendment means nothing to them. They should have opted for careers as garbage collectors.

  7. jon jensen says:

    Be careful what you wish for! Sheriff Joe makes mexican americans angry. So what right? Wrong Sheriff Joe’s vote totals have gone down every election since 2000. In 2012 he only got 50.7% of vote as he brings mexican voters out of the woodwork to vote against him and they vote in other races also. Randy Parraz is registering 200,000 more mexican voters for 2016. Angry mexicans voting is not good for business including mine.

    • Pima Pal says:

      Home invasion is a crime. America is our home. Those who have no respect for America’s sovereign borders and Americans or the laws we have in place, are not welcome by the vast majority of citizens. Your vantage point appears to be we should not make these invaders and their relatives angry. What about those who commit other crimes? Should we stop charging bank robbers and pedophiles because it makes them angry? You say such actions are not good for your business, making it sound as though you employ illegals. Joe Arpaio is a hero to many Americans. He enforces the law. The ones who are anti-American are the federal judges who are hard at work constraining him and his deputies.

      Many American Hispanic agree with enforcement and actual border security

      • jon jensen says:

        I am writing about mexican-american citizen voters not illegals and if the sheriff is such a hero why has his vote totals been going down each election? Except for the fact 100 minority kids turn 18 every day in arizona and 140 are born every day. The republican business community has done the math.