Stephanopoulos acted disreputably…but “for the best reasons”

The unbridled arrogance of the left exposed once again

George Stephanopoulos, chief political correspondent and anchor for ABC News, as well as the co-anchor of ABC’s “Good Morning America” and host of the Sunday show, “This Week,” has been exposed as a high dollar donor to the increasingly questionable Clinton Foundation. 

Among the myriad revelations to emerge regarding the donor list is the relationship between the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One, a former Canadian mining company that was taken over by Russia in 2013 with U.S. government approval. From 2009 through 2013, Uranium One’s chairman donated a whopping $2.35 million to the Clinton Foundation. Hillary Clinton claims that there is “not an inherent conflict of interest” between the foundation donations and her decisions at the State Department. Foreign governments with much to gain also contributed. 

Stephanopoulos, who had not previously disclosed his own donations, has now admitted he has given a total of $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation. That figure represents contributions of $25,000 each in three consecutive years. ABC News initially said that Stephanopoulos had given a total of $50,000 to the foundation —- which has raised nearly $2 billion since it was founded in 2001

Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer rightly refers to Stephanopoulos’ donations as a “massive ethical breach.” After Sens. Rand Paul and Mike Lee joined the chorus for him recuse himself from all 2016 coverage, he has finally acquiesced and will step aside.

This man is not a political novice. Prior to joining the network, Stephanopoulos was communications director and senior adviser for policy and strategy to President Clinton. He was also communications director on Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign. 

This video montage shows Stephanopoulos shamelessly acting as Clinton Defender-In Chief.

Stephanopoulos apologized for not making the contributions public knowledge. The left-of-center network issued a statement saying he was wrong not to disclose the contribution though calling it “an honest mistake.’ 

In an interview Stephanopoulos acknowledged that while he made the donations “for the best reasons,” he now realizes he “probably shouldn’t have” done so, even as he nobly characterized his “substantial donations” as given to “stop the spread of AIDS, help children and protect the environment in poor counties.” 

Would this newly selfless and benevolent, longtime Clinton political strategist, have come to that conclusion had he not gotten caught?


8 Responses to Stephanopoulos acted disreputably…but “for the best reasons”

  1. azgary says:

    no surprise to anybody with even half a brain, just as we know the rest of the networks are in the tank for democrats and the faux “conservative” FOX is a purely establishment gop network, with constant presentations of pro amnesty, johnny McCain, karl rove etc…..positions and personalities. it only seems conservative by comparison.

    all I can say is don’t let others do your thinking for you, find facts and form your own opinions, the outlets(including this one) all have an agenda they are pushing.

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Watching the above video montage is disgusting. The little Clinton War Room guy attacking Peter Schweizer is painful to watch after knowing what we know now about the $75,000 donation to the Clinton money-laundering ‘foundation.’

    He said to Schweizer that no smoking gun was found after investigation by ABC (joke) and The Sunlight Foundation. He neglected to say that the Sunlight Foundation was founded by George Soros. (The Clintons’ daughter had her wedding at Soros’ daughter’s ‘estate.’)

    The little snake in 2010 had a regular morning 6:00-7:00 A.M. conference call with Rahm Emanuel, James Carville and Paul Begala to set the talking points for the media each day.

    Stephanopoulis knew the $75,000 donation was wrong. That’s why he hid it. And for that, he should be fired.

    He’s been at it for a long time:

    • East Valley PC says:

      There are few reliable news outlets. Fox News which supposedly strives to be “fair and balanced” bends over backwards to showcase liberals and their skewed perspectives. Many of these folks are paid commentators on Fox. Bill O’Reilly, a Fox host, often spews the liberal line. He and Greta Van Cistern can’t get enough of the despicable John McCain. The same is true with local radio hosts on supposedly conservative talk radio shows.

      Breitbart and NewsMax (now even better with primetime host JD Hayworth !!) are reliably conservative. Even the Arizona Republican Party under the losership of Robert McGraham has sold out.

    • Night Owl says:

      Wow! That’s unexplainable.
      If NewsMax CEO Ruddy wants “NewsmaxTV, to be “a kinder, gentler Fox,” he ought not bother. Fox is too damn kind and gentle to all the wrong people most of the time. The only one who shows any cajones is the beautiful and brainy Megyn Kelly who doesn’t suffer fools or slicksters. My politically conservative wife, who also enjoys the winning combination of beauty and brains, also prefers Kelly to the rest of the squish lineup. We turn off O’Reilly.

  3. Maggie says:

    Good information here. I was unaware, but not surprised, Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky’s wedding was held at the estate of George Soros’ daughter. His parents were both in Congress and his father served time in the pen for corruption. A perfect set of in-laws for the equally fraudulant Clinton’s.