Sen. Kelli Ward: Conservative leadership AZ needs in DC

Appearing on ‘Fox and Friends” (video) Wednesday, state Sen. Kelli Ward discusses with host Steve Doocy Arizona’s push for more jobs and fewer handouts for the majority of Arizona’s welfare recipients.

Sen. Ward, a physician, is serving her second term in the state senate. Her impressive bio can be read here.

She says, “While career politicians in Washington, D.C. fight to fund welfare for illegal immigrants, we are working in Arizona to scale back entitlement programs and get people back to work with good jobs.”

If you are tired of the status quo and want to see real reform, it’s time to replace a smug, career politician and elect a true conservative pragmatist who will fight against — not for — welfare for illegal immigrants and extended entitlements that discourage capable people from finding decent jobs.

The encouraging news is Sen. Kelli Ward, a Lake Havasu Republican, has opened an exploratory campaign for the U.S. Senate.

If you share her belief that capable workers should be hunting for jobs instead of hunting for handouts, and if you want your elected representatives to fight for conservative values, Sen. Kelli Ward is the obvious choice.

She needs our help to level the political playing field against Arizona’s very senior senator, who has spent over three decades in Washington, D.C.  During his 2010 senate campaign, he outspent his conservative challenger roughly 10 to 1, using 2008 taxpayer matching funds in addition to the mega cash infusions from the lobbying interests with whom he has spent his career currying favor.

John McCain, who tries to conceal his liberal bent by characterizing himself as simply a “maverick,” actually urged the IRS to target conservatives.  Concerned about his reelection, he was behind the statewide purge of conservative elected precinct committeemen as he colluded with Obama donors in the effort, detailed in FrontPage magazine.

Sen. Kelly Ward is a lawmaker, family physician, a military wife and mom, as well as a small business owner. She is uniquely qualified to represent Arizona’s citizens. 

Read this message titled, “Replace John McCain” by Ken Cuccinelli II, President of the Senate Conservatives Fund. The group includes a petition on its website urging the defeat of John McCain. Arizona Republican elected precinct committeemen who have previously censured him, are ready to replace the unpopular McCain. Join the effort to return principled leadership to our state.

Contribute to Sen. Kelli Ward here. It’s important.


11 Responses to Sen. Kelli Ward: Conservative leadership AZ needs in DC

  1. says:

    Is Ward the only opposition to McCain? Who else will challenge him in the GOP primary? What about Hayworth?

    • Tucson GOP PC says:

      Don’t discount Sen. Ward. She’s traveling the state and impacting audiences where ever she goes, receiving standing ovations.

      Hayworth has moved on. He’s now the host of NewsMax’s America’s Forum. A segment of his informative, tho shocking interview with Dick Morris was on this site a couple of days back. You really should check it out. The discussion centered on the terrifying ramifications of the latest Obama scheme to take down America which is being given the green light by lunatic Republic rats — such as McCain.

    • Doc says:

      So, is it a bad thing to get behind 1 (ONE) Candidate, instead of havin 7 or 8? I personally hope we only have 1 candidate to flush mcTraitor down th’ drain…

      • State Delegate says:

        You can bet your bottom dollar that McCain is hoping for more than one candidate to fractionalize the votes and allow him to slide in as the sole candidate running under the GOP banner. Notice I didn’t call him a Republican, because he certainly isn’t one. He had done his damnest to beat conservative Republicans down and remove us from the party ranks, running “moderate’ (liberals) against the conservative PCs. The link to the FrontPage magazine article in this post tells the whole story and his connection to Obama’s fundraisers.

        It was an open secret that McCain operatives were behind Jimmie Lee Deakin’s entry into the 2010 race. Interjecting a so-called “Tea party” candidate was an effective means of siphoning off votes from the actual conservative, J.D. Hayworth. That along with nearly $30 million dollars did the trick. Let’s be smarter this time. Support the one candidate who can win: Kelli Ward!

      • Kent says:

        The Deakin’s home was in foreclosure and after the election was magically saved from the auctioneer’s block.

  2. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    The Senate Conservatives Fund correctly describes John McCain, using these words: “There are few Republicans who have betrayed our conservative principles more than John McCain.”

    Throughout his excessively long time in Washington, he has sided with Democrats far more often than with the party he claims to represent. I haven’t voted for him in years.

  3. East Valley Conservative says:

    US Senate terms are six long years. If McCain is reelected, will be in his mid eighties by the end of this term. I notice the McCain loving AZ Repugnant newspaper is already propping up the old liberal by trying to brutalize Dr/Sen Ward. McCain has pathetically hauled out a fellow traveler, and frequent Democrat-endorsing RINO, Rick Romley to come to his aid. I saw this while reading the free newspapers provided by my favorite breakfast stop off on the way to the office. I nearly choked on my omelet. .

  4. Anthem Al says:

    Some guy no one has ever heard of is the latest version of Jimmie Lee Deakin. Someone needs to tell him how the cow ate the cabbage. He’s also a tea partier with zero chance, but his entry in the race will surely benefit McCain. Can’t these people control their egos? Yes, I know he got in first, but he has no base. A vote for him amounts to a vote for McAwful.

    • Doc says:

      The same thing could be said for our upcoming Presidential election, Al! All these “conservatives” are jumping in…They need to put their ego’s aside & get back to work. There’s only 1 or 2 guys that interest me (personally) for President.
      …Mike Huckabee…Donald Trump…really? Here’s 2 examples that need to listen to some Motley Crue…”Don’t go away mad…JUST GO AWAY!!”

      • This may very well not be the place to remind people of this however Mr. Deakin entered the race of US Senate shortly after the Presidential race of 08, and I had both JD & Jim on programs as well as Candidate Forums and found both to be genuine candidates with a Love of the Country and desire to remove Sen. McCain. I agree and have said that one would have been able to defeat Sen. McCain as all support would of then gone to that person and given them enough in the Polls to get the attention as a single Candidate and more than likely more Funds as well. I also believe since it’s so early all need to let those who chose to try to do so and allow them decide to pull out if they truly want Sen. McCain gone at the proper time which to me would be in say April of 16 when some in the General Public start paying attention and the weaker Challenger could then support the stronger, after all choice is what it’s about and One Candidate can Sharpen the other, so we’ll all benefit from the experience. God Bless You All; Van

  5. Doc says:

    Speaking of mcTraitor:

    …so 1st he nails it…then he retracts it. The truth in any situation must burn his lyin’ tongue as it come out. OF COURSE josh earnest IS AN IDIOT!!!