AZ GOP’s Cap & Trade and Obamacare amnesia

Make no mistake. Although Seeing Red AZ, like the vast majority of Arizona conservatives, actively supports the defeat of John McCain, we are not onboard with liberal Ann Kirkpatrick who recently announced her challenge to the RINO senator. 

We optimistically look forward to a face-off led by state Sen. Kelli Ward, a uniquely qualified Mohave County whirlwind.  Sen. Ward, a family physician, has opened an exploratory campaign, impressing crowds as she travels the state with her well articulated conservative message.

In tackling the liberal Kirkpatrick, we found it curious that the AZ GOP chose to raise the issue of her votes in support of Obama endorsed Cap and Trade and his signature Obamacare.

They must have suffered a memory lapse regarding Jeff Flake’s stunning complicity when the votes on these mega-issues were taken. The appropriately named Flake was one of only two Republicans who didn’t bother to show up —- which was a good as voting for the so-called American Clean Energy and Security Act (Cap and Trade), a massive government expansion with dire consequences for American taxpayers and manufacturing. By his absence, Jeff Flake helped the Democrats pass a junk science, climate change-based, massive national energy tax, restricting carbon emissions by imposition of exorbitant penalties against the U.S., which other nations are able to skirt.

Flake claimed a “family conflict” due to his daughter’s participation in the talent portion of a teen beauty pageant in Alabama to be held the weekend following the vote. His fellow Republican dodger John Sullivan was in alcohol rehab, though the Dems thought the vote was crucial enough to pull Rep. Patrick Kennedy out of his drug treatment program.  

Another “family conflict” ensured Flake was also MIA on the crucial vote to restore funding of Obamacare. His mentor, John McCain, voted with the Democrats.

In giving cover to McCain, the AZ GOP oddly referred to the lackluster Kirkpatrick as Arizona’s “Most Progressive Democrat in Congress,”  completely obscuring the disastrous records of Raul Grijalva; Ed Pastor, succeeded last election by Ruben Gallego; and former Green Party member Kyrsten Sinema. The voters of the First Congressional District were so dissatisfied with Kirkpatrick’s performance they booted her out after her first term. She regained the seat by a slim margin in 2013 when U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar, who replaced her, relocated to CD 4 and was returned to congress representing that district.

Kirkpatrick is not formidable. Neither is she any different from either Flake or McCain. We have gotten the same treatment from them that she dishes out. The only difference is they deceptively run as Republicans.


13 Responses to AZ GOP’s Cap & Trade and Obamacare amnesia

  1. Conservative Since Birth says:

    The above was excellent reading and brought back Flake’s behavior which I had forgotten. McCain needs to go! Ann Kirkpatrick is a dull person. She has no charisma or solutions to problems. She was Nancy Pelosi’s lapdog in those dangerous beginning years of Obama’s dictatorship.

    I think a new face could be the answer to beat McCain. Kelli Ward just might be it.

  2. East Valley Conservative says:

    Kirkpatrick’s exit from the CD1 House post is great news!! Her move leaves open a very competitive seat that will be difficult for Democrats to defend. Paul Gosar easily defeated her previously. We need a solid conservative who is able to engage with the tribes in the district and explain how they win with the GOP’s solid values that encourage self reliance and let them know that education is the key to prosperity Being taken for granted by the Democrats has not helped them in any way. Look at Democrat-led cities across the USA and the massive failures they represent.

  3. East Valley Conservative says:

    PS: As to McCain and Flake…I haven’t voted for either of them for years. They are birds of a feather.

  4. John Dickerson says:

    Operation JADE HELM 15 will be invading AMERICAN CITIZEN RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY beginning July 15, 2015 thru September 15, 2015.

    Over TWENTY-SEVEN (27) ISIS TRAINING AREAS have been identified operating within these UNITED STATES. Each are enrolling WELFARE people and people released from PRISON’S. Thirty-Five PERCENT (35%) of the WELFARE CHECKS go to ISIS.




    • CD 8 PC says:

      I’ve never heard of Operation Jade Helm so I looked it up and found this troubling information.

      Why haven’t we heard anything about this exercise from any of our so-called “leaders“? For my money, they all stink. I’m a lifelong registered Republican and see little that actually distinguishes the two parties. There is plenty of pre-election rhetoric, but it’s all nothing more than that to gin up the base. Once elected they ALL collude and aisle cross. The low information voters say they want bi-partisanship and for the two parties to work together. How is that accomplished when their views and platforms are (and should be) diametrically opposed? I don’t want bi-partisan aisle crossing because it always involves Republicans caving to the demands of Democrats, NEVER the other way around. I want strong Republican leadership that actually stands for conservative values and doesn’t back down on doing what’s right. We sure as hell don’t get that from any Republicrats.

  5. jon jensen says:

    Its like when hitler attacked stalin you don’t know who to boo for!

  6. Former GOP PC says:

    Referring to McCain and Flake as RINOs is complimentary. They are both traitors to the Republican party. SRAZ is right in saying there is not a dime’s’ worth of difference between either of them and any worthless dimocrat. Immediately after they campaigned on strengthening border security the two of them formed and headed up the disgusting Gang of Eight, where they worked with the most liberal of democrats to push for amnesty. They are deceitful snakes who think we are easily duped. Sadly, they’re right, since they get reelected. When they vote like dems, they are no different than dems.

    Arizona Republican chairman Robert (Mc)Graham is in bed with them both, but we shouldn’t be. He needs to be shown the door right along with these two lowlife liars. My wife and I were longtime active precinct committeemen.

    Robert McGraham’s deceitful buddy was responsible for taking us out and repalcing us with Vietnamese who have never been involved in the GOP before.After they were elected, they never came to a district meeting.

    • azgary says:

      unfortunately McCain and flake are not rino’s, at least as far as republican politicians go, they are the most common sort of elected republicans and fit in splendidly.

      we conservatives, being in the minority are actually the rinos since we don’t actually have a political home. its long past time to offer any loyalty to a party that does nothing but spit on us

  7. ZOO says:

    It may be a little premature to dismiss Kirkpatrick altogether. I read elsewhere that Clair Van Steenwyk is contemplating yet another run against McCain. His supporters are urging him to abstain and pressure Matt “We Are A Nation of Immigrants” Salmon to run instead.

    “A Spoiler In The Works” isn’t a John Lennon novel, it’s a premonition. If third-string candidates and the GOPe jump into the fray, the primary will be splintered likely resulting in a McCain vs. Kirkpatrick main event. In that scenario, I’d even vote for Raul Grijalva to send McCain to the recently converted Hughes/Flake dog mortuary – Drool Acres.

    • azgary says:

      I still say we need Russell pearce to run for one of the senate seats, and need to look for another conservative for the other.

      im not comfortable with ward, her shenanigans in her education committee are disqualifiers for me, she even infected one of the few politicians I had hope for, steve smith, with her activities.

      its gone beyond being able to forgive past transgressions, we are always told WE must give into them so a “republican” can beat the democrat.

      no more
      all conservative, all the time or no vote.

  8. azgary says:

    Headline on Arizona Informer:

    “UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER: Biggs Releases Book Arguing AGAINST The Constitution

    “… “The Con of the Con-Con.” In the 172-page self-published book, he outlines his objections to what is known as an Article V convention to fix what critics feel ails the country…”

    biggs is another who should not be in office

  9. Borderhawk says:

    On April 24, 2007 Washington Post has an article with McCain calling Climate Change a National Security Issue.

    McCain and Lindsey Graham beat Obama to the talking point.