Leftist lunacy:CA boosts illegals’ healthcare, wages…

….and even tackles global warming

The Los Angeles Times reports that California state senators have approved a measure that allows at least 2 million illegal aliens to sign up for special healthcare programs offering the same benefits as Medi-Cal. Most Republicans in the leftward lurching state opposed the bill.

Readers of this blog might have difficulty navigating the report’s terminology since it uses the words “immigrants,” “undocumented,”  and “people in the country without authorization,’ to  describe our invaders —- who have no reason to believe they and the rest of their friends and relatives are not welcome to keep flooding into the United States since they are so hospitably received. For ease in reading, we have thoughtfully provided “Lingo,” our still popular primer.

In pitching Senate Bill 4 to his colleagues, sponsoring Sen. Ricardo Lara said, “We are talking about our friends. We are talking about our neighbors and our families who are denied basic healthcare in the richest state of this union.” Democrat Lara, the son of illegals, failed to note that many cities and municipalities in the state are in financial meltdown or have actually filed for bankruptcy. Such facts are of no consequence. The bill passed 28 – 11.

The California senate has been on a roll. In passing job killing Senate Bill 3,  it also voted to raise the minimum wage to $13 an hour from $9. The argument is that an employee working full-time and earning $9 per hour takes home $18,000 annually before taxes, which is 75% of the federal poverty line for a family of four. But minimum wage jobs were never intended to support a family. They have long provided part-time employment for teens and college students who realize that education is the way out of poverty. Now with business feeling the pinch, and cutbacks occurring, many students will be priced out of the workplace.  

Still the senate liberals were not content.  They also passed Senate Bill  350, intended to combat global warming. Along with the dramatic reduction of petroleum in gasoline it requires, it also mandates state utilities generate at least 50 percent of their electricity from solar, wind and other renewable energy sources by 2030 and triggers a fundamental shift in the types of vehicles Californians drive and the way they power their homes. This report in the San Jose Mercury-News tells the story.

Less than a year ago we posted ‘Have you heard? The USA is “the other Mexico.”  It’s filled with information well worth reviewing. This video clip of California Gov. Jerry Brown greeting Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto is instructive. In response, Pena Nieto brassily called on other states to “evolve” like California so the United States can be more like his home country….. impoverished and crime ridden.

Jerry Brown stands as a monument of the insanity that undergirds liberalism.


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  1. MacBeth says:

    Mexifornia is not known as the ‘left coast’ and the ‘land of fruits and nuts” without reason.

  2. Tucson GOP says:

    Now that California is issuing drivers licenses to millions of illegals, citizens are taking their lives in their hands by driving on the roads with illiterate Hispanics who can’t read English. They still are given passing grades at the license bureaus around the state since they are being coached by liberal pro-amnesty groups intent on turning the US into Mexico Norte. Even with the test crib sheets, they still can’t read freeway warnings or roadside signs. Since they are already law breakers with no respect for America, most of them have been driving without licenses for years.

    It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why the number of wrong way drivers entering Arizona freeways have increased.

  3. Clementine says:

    When the country was saner, and the topic was hipness, Arizonans used to say that everything moved east from California. Let’s hope this insanity doesn’t spread.

  4. jon jensen says:

    It gets the democrats votes from their american citizen relatives. Something to keep in mind as 100 mexican american citizens turn 18 voting age every day and a 150 are born here every day. Unles they can be stopped from voting and the young are most likely to have ids.

  5. ZOO says:

    There is the old adage “as goes California, so goes the nation.” When I was in my teens that wisdom applied to popular music. The breakthrough songs of such notables as Jimi Hendrix and Cream were being heard in California two to three months before making their way across the country. Today, that eastward trend brings the destruction of America’s sovereignty, language, and culture along with a permanent Democratic majority in all future elections.

    In 1994, California voters passed Proposition 187 by 58.93% which would prohibit illegal aliens from using health care, public education, and other services in the state. Prop 187 was immediately challenged by the usual business and Mexican alliance groups and found to be “unconstitutional” by a federal court. In 1999 Democratic Governor Gray Davis halted any further appeals on the issue, and of course ‘the rest is history.’

    In 2004, Arizona voters passed Proposition 200 by 56% which avoided the issues of healthcare and education and concentrated on denying state-funded welfare programs to illegal aliens, and required proof of citizenship to register to vote – which also drew countless legal challenges.

    Most of the efforts of Prop 200 and other voter-approved measures have been quashed just as they were in the Golden State. In 2006, 77.9 percent of Arizona voters also passed Proposition 100 which prohibits bail for illegals in serious felony cases. In October 2014, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals found Prop 100 “unconstitutional.” Just days ago, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal, falling one vote short of the required four to let the case come to the docket. Only justices Scalia, Thomas, and Alito voted for the case to be heard.

    The all-inclusive “Treason Lobby” has been quite successful in perpetuating Mexico’s invasion of not only California, but Arizona and the rest of the nation as well. Arguably, Arizona has yet to reach to tipping point of California, but to anyone paying attention it is most assuredly in the cards.

    There are those who just refuse to give up. One of those is Arizona’s unofficial state patriot, Russell Pearce. Pearce’s latest effort is an online petition to be delivered to Governor Doug Ducey, which includes these demands from the people of Arizona:

    1. Deploy the Arizona National Guard to the border with Mexico

    2. Strict Enforcement of Arizona’s Fair and Legal Employment Act and SB1070 Arizona’s Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhood Act

    3. Prevent all unlawful entries into the State of Arizona in cooperation with U.S. Border Patrol officers and provide on-scene oversight to insist and ensure that is being accomplished

    4. Create a coalition of States, led by their Governors, dedicated to stopping illegal immigration by administering the enforcement of all existing laws

    5. Direct all law enforcement agencies and bureaucracies within the State to immediately enforce all Arizona and federal laws which were created to curb illegal alien activity (i.e. Prop 200, Prop100, Prop 103, Prop 300, SB1070, Employer sanctions, title 8 USC, and etc.)

    6. Enter into contract with county sheriffs throughout the State to provide temporary detention of all apprehended illegal aliens

    7. Repatriate all apprehended illegal aliens through all means available and utilize emergency funding to cover transportation costs. Recover those costs from the Federal Government

    8. Prosecute any local official who aids and abets illegal alien activity by refusing to enforce laws they are charged with administering

    9. Withdraw State funding from any municipal administration engaging in sanctuary policies

    10. Permanently suspend social benefits to illegal aliens within Arizona except for short-term emergency aid until repatriation is initiated (2 weeks maximum)

    11. Insist that relocation policies end and that all activities are directed towards deportation and repatriation

    12. Establish an account of how many illegal aliens have been relocated and determine where they were sent and if any means to track them were established

    13. Enforce all laws which prohibit the harboring, aiding and abetting of illegal aliens

    You can read the entire petition and sign it with this link, and I would urge all readers of Seeing Red Arizona to do so. Sign it for your children and grandchildren – you have nothing to lose.


    • azgary says:

      pearce should run for the senate against McCain or mcflake.

      he would get the max donation and shoe leather from me

      • ZOO says:

        Clair Van Steenwyk announced today. I would say that if patriots want to encourage Russell to run they should begin by signing this petition.

        Van Steenwyk has jumped in as the first (and my guess not the last) spoiler. Are we going to see Deakin as well? If they overload the ballot, it looks like the only way McCain will be ousted is by a ‘kirk’ of fate.

      • Doc says:

        …that’s all I’ve got…

  6. Former GOP PC says:

    Unfortunately the judges in Arizona’s federal district courts are already ensuring the spread of this lunacy here. Sheriff Arpaio is being mugged by the courts for enforcing the law. When the federal government did nothing to constrain the illegal flood into our state, SB 1070, (actually titled The Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act) was welcomed. Now it has been gutted and we are turning in a replica of Mexifornia. But we also have to face some hard to swallow facts. Conservatives can’t just blame the Democrats for this outrage, although they carry much of the responsibility. We also need to place a good portion of the blame on the business community represented by the illegal profiteers at the Chambers of Commerce, and let’s not forget our despicable US Senators Senor Juan McAmnesty and Jeff the Flake who campaign as border hardliners and then within hours of the ballots being counted, revert back to the open borders/amensty promoters they have always been. Now they are given cover from the top of the state republican party with Robert (Mc)Graham carrying their water. The deception is beyond disgusting, but we have only ourselves to blame for repeatedly sending these creeps back to DC and putting Robert (Mc)Graham back at the helm of the AZ GOP, even after it was known to one and all that McCain operatives were working to eliminate conservative precinct committeemen and replace them with his local Vietnamese supporters or naïve newbies who would be receptive to taking orders when it came to casting ballots for leadership posts at state and county meetings. We are screwed. My wife and I spent years busting our asses for Republican candidates and the state party and we were replaced by people we have never heard of before and who I’ve been told never attend the district meetings where we were regulars. Thanks to the McCain/Flake colluders like Graham are now reregistered as Independents.

  7. Former GOP PC says:

    PS The AZ 5 members of Congress are birds of the same McFeather.They all talk a good game and then cave to amnesty.

  8. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Californians – who pretty much can be called “Democrats” because that’s what’s left there, save a few Conservatives who can’t leave because of family, etc. – put Jerry Brown back into office again – after a 20 year gap – must be ok with it being turned into Mexico.

    They pay exorbitant property taxes, sales taxes and are now paying just under $4/gal. for gas. These taxes have to go toward paying illegal aliens’ way for healthcare, ‘education,’ and the rest of the handouts from the state. The big complaint in CA now is the poor condition of the roads. They’re being ignored.

    “In 1955, Brown entered Santa Clara University for a year, and left to attend Sacred Heart Novitiate, a Jesuit novice house, intent on becoming a Catholic priest. Brown left the novitiate after three years,[5] enrolling at the University of California, Berkeley in 1960.” (From Wikipedia) I don’t think he’s ever left the state. That’s not good.

    With a “leader” like Jerry Brown, things will keep going Left, favoring illegal aliens, etc. It’s pretty much a blue state forever and my concern is that they’re (CA Democrats) moving to a red state nearby and turn it blue as was done with Colorado.

  9. jon jensen says:

    to zoo on your petition. While half of the states voters agree with your petition when non voters are added to voters more then have of the people disagree. The white democrats are wusses like fred duval and terry goddard but if forced to make a choice they will choose the mexicans over you as the few conservative democrats are dying off and the fred duval wing of the democrat party was discredited in the last election for trying to appeal to rino republicans and mccainites. By the way california is going for automatic registration for all of its citizens which will add 10 million more democrats to voter rolls so california will make it impossible for republicans to win the popular vote again even if the g.o.p. wins electoral college making it difficult if not impossible for republican to govern. Mrs. clinton wants all blue states to do this to get millions of more votes for the democrats.

    • ZOO says:

      I would wonder how you arrived at the conclusion that half of voters agree with Pearce’s petition. Although I’ve haven’t seen any polls on the subject of late, most every poll I have ever read on any political topic is manufactured – or a ‘push’ poll. I think a more reliable source are election results on a myriad of anti-illegal immigration measures voted on by Arizona residents over the past 10 years. What the climate is today is anyone’s guess, but since the Arizona Chamber of Commerce took over the state legislature in March 2011, we most likely will never see another “test” on the will of the people in this state.

      As to the concept of ‘automatic voter registration’, in my opinion it will be challenged and found to be unconstitutional. Forced voter registration (mandatory) removes the process from being a choice, right, and privilege and converts it to a government demand – like paying income tax. There are millions of Americans not registered to vote simply because they don’t want their names on jury duty dockets. Making registration mandatory will not guarantee a higher voter turnout in elections, and will simply anger a lot of people primarily ignorant and indifferent of the issues anyway.

      I understand that your forte is ‘don’t anger the Mexicans because it hurts my business’ and soothsaying that increases in Mexican voters will defeat conservatives and Republicans. We get it. But since most everyone shares that knowledge with you, it is becoming quite tedious. You frequently run the bases, but never quite make it to home plate. Would your solution be to erase the border with Mexico, end all enforcement of immigration laws, and sanitize all discussions about it? That seems to be where you’re going – you have just picked the wrong place to tout it. Areola Huffington wants to hear from you.

      • jon jensen says:

        The chamber of commerce just wants to protect the business community and so do I The republican partys motto the business of america is business not radicalism! I don’t think huff post wants to do away with business taxes I do and so does gov. Ducey!

  10. LEO IN TSN says:

    Once again we, in the persons of our elected McGovernor and McAttorney General, sit back and watch a team of black-robed activist federal judges-for-life strip US of our freedoms while leftists from around the globe dismiss US with a one-fingered salute. We do nothing as we are driven further into the shadow of Mexifornia.

    Why don’t our state officials and our AZ5 know that an out-of-control federal judiciary, just like a muslim-in-chief tyrant, can be reined in by legislation? Why do our McGovernor and Puppet McBiggs refuse to address an Article 5 Convention? Why is our McGovernor now moving our tax money in the old shell game to increase funding to accommodate more illegal aliens in our government schools?

    How long will we the voters be afraid of conservative candidates because they talk patriotism, love their families and go to church on Sunday?

    Again I offer up a template for any governor to use. I offer this template, and give permission for any governor to use it, even AZ if we had one.

    “I am the Governor of the great and sovereign state of (state). In my state, the citizens create the laws that we will live by. We do that with a duly elected legislature, and duly appointed state judges to enforce our laws and protect our citizens. We do not invite direction or review from federal judicial legislators or regulators. We write and pass our laws by the will of the people, and our laws will stand until our people change those laws.

    I hereby declare that useless federal judicial legislation and regulation is null and void in this great state of (state). Our laws will stand. We have never, and will never, cede any authority to the federal government that is not specifically enumerated in the Constitution of the United States. Under that document and the Constitution of the great state of (state), we claim our sovereignty and freedom. For any federal judicial legislator or regulator or for any resident of this state who is unhappy with the meterological, legal, social or moral climate of this great state, I suggest you pack up and move to a more welcoming location such as San Francisco. If you aren’t even in this state, get off our backs.

    God bless the people of the great state of (state). God bless America.”