Perennial candidate Van Steenwyk aids McCain

Arrogance is never attractive. When it’s attached to a marginal man possessing little other than a colossal ego, it becomes a sight to turn away from. That’s exactly what serious Arizona voters need to do with perennial candidate Clair Van Steenwyk.

John McCain does not represent us. He has been in Washington D.C over three decades and is looking 80 squarely in the eye, yet he tells us he still has more to do. Thank you very much John, but we’ve had our fill of your leftward lurches and colluding with Democrats against the Republicans you claim to want to represent.

Clair Van Steenwyk, a Sun City West retiree, who has run for nearly every conceivable political office, is unfortunately back to his old tricks. Usually he is regarded as a gnat-like irritant. When he challenged U.S. Rep. Trent Franks last year he embarrassingly carried 27% of the vote to Franks’ 73%. 

This time it‘s serious, when every vote counts in the effort to unseat the multi-censured John McCain. Arizonans have an actual conservative choice with state senator Kelli Ward, a woman with brains and a following.  Van Steenwyk has decided that the time is right to reprise the spoiler role played by Jimmie Lee Deakin who gave McCain the boost he needed to defeat popular conservative challenger and former U.S. Rep. J.D. Hayworth in 2010 by dividing the vote.

Many regarded Jimmie Lee as a diversionary puppet for McCain. His home, which had been in foreclosure, was mysteriously rescued from a trustee sale after the election.

Though Clair Van Steenwyk engenders little support and wins even fewer votes, the narcissistic 70-year-old retiree who held a variety of unrelated jobs during his younger years, is much like a spoiled child craving attention. He struts and prances saying little of consequence, but clearly relishing his serial moments in the political spotlight.

In 2010, many conservatives suspected Deakin, who like Van Steenwyk claimed a tea party following, of being a covert McCain recruit. Money is not an issue to McCain. Besides being one of the wealthiest members of the U.S. Senate, his longtime lobbyist connections provide him with the ability to spend extravagantly on promoting and reinventing himself for the too often disengaged electorate.

Sen. Kelli Ward, 46, provides Arizona conservatives a vibrant choice.  We are all too familiar with the  rancid status quo rife with manipulation, colluding with liberals against us and not representative of our values.

U.S. Senate terms are six long years. It’s time to act smart and replace John McCain with a winner. Sen. Kelli Ward fills the bill. An accomplished woman —- a physician —- serving her second term in the Arizona senate, she has been traveling the state, sizing up her support. Unlike McCain, who receives jeers, boos and turned backs, she has been met with enthusiastic crowds who see her conservative perspective as manna from political heaven.

Thinking voters need to reject the ego-massaging candidacy of Clair Van Steenwyk.  The sole beneficiary of his senate run will be John McCain.



24 Responses to Perennial candidate Van Steenwyk aids McCain

  1. CD 8 PC says:

    “Van the Radio Man” as he calls himself, sponsors his own show as a means of inflating an ego already taller than he is. The man is a joke, but can still take enough votes from the naive and low information voters to skew this election and send McCain back to Washington to vote with the Democrats. Those who vote for him need to realize they are actually voting for Señor Juan McAmnesty.

  2. Orion says:

    Deakin would be unwelcome at most gatherings today. By entering this race, Clair Van Steenwyk is vying for, and deserving of, the same pariah standing. What’s up with these people??

  3. Attila the Hunny says:

    It’s worth noting that JD Hayworth was also outspent roughly 10 to 1 and was the recipient of the fearful McCain’s smear campaign. McCain used 2008 taxpayer matching funds money from his failed presidential race to pull his deceitful campaign off. He spent about $30 million, much of it from hardworking American taxpayers, to stay in the senate.

  4. Doc says:

    It’s truly a sad day here @ SRAZ when a poster, who reads the same quality educational info that we all read here…would do something like this.

    The (r)epublican Presidential candidate list grows each day, filled with arrogant (spelled G-R-E-E-D-Y) idjits who either aren’t intelligent enough to get offa’ their lazy butts & earn a living, or are so self consumed with themselves that they actually BELIEVE they have a shot. What they are actually DOING however…is ensuring another 4 years of marxist rule from another marxist dim-0-crap.

    Now here in Sunny Arizona, we’ve apparadently gotta’ endure this same level of arrogance & stupidity. We have a ‘not perfect’ but REALLY GREAT candidate in Dr. Kelli Ward to remove this r.i.n.o. liar mcTraitor from office and…”Van th’ radio man”…a guy who’s here amongst us all the time…gonna’ dive th’ hell in there & help this hypocrite stay in office another 6 years or until he’s gone to judgement, whichever comes 1st.

    Clair…FOR THE LOVE OF GOD & ARIZONA PLEASE, SERIOUSLY…PLEASE…stop it. Just stop it. Get behind a legitimate candidate who has an honest legitimate chance of sending this travesty of a ?senator? that we’ve endured for so long…away.

    Please, Clair. Just…..stop.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      The Arizona Senate race is becoming a haven for geriatrics. McCain will be 80 by the time of the election and Van Steenwyk is a septuagenarian. I agree that Sen. Kelli Ward represents the future. I’ve heard her speak and she’s clearly sharper than the two codgers rolled together.

      Clair/Van knows he hasn’t a prayer of winning any of the races he engages in. But it’s always all about him. I have to believe he was conscripted by Team McCain’s operatives and promised something in return for mucking up this election. He should be ashamed of himself for this traitorous collusion, but I doubt he has the capacity to be.

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    The mere sight of McCain is enough to turn my stomach. We all need to get behind one candidate and get our neighbors, friends and relatives out to vote for that one candidate (Kelli Ward?) and get the dishonest, hateful, evil McCain out of there. We should not be helping him get another term. He’s the major problem with AZ politics. Get him out of office and nobody will pay attention to him.

    People across the country want him gone. So let’s work to do it.
    Boehner and McConnell are hated by conservatives, but were voted back in this past November. Now look at what they’re doing – helping Obama and thumbing their noses at the “Republicans” who put them back in office. Just like McCain does.

  6. Justin says:

    Somewhat off topic, but during Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign I used a name other than my own to sign up for his campaign emails, just to see what the other side was up to. I have never used this name in any way again. Now I am receiving emails for Rick Sanatorium’s presidential campaign addressed to that name.
    Does anyone have a clue why a guy who calls himself a conservative would purchase Obama’s email list?

    • Doc says:

      I defer to my post above, paragraph 2. Mr. Santorum has a snowball’s chance on gettin’ th’ nod, yet dives in anyway. It’s all about th’ federal reserve notes. As to him getting obastard’s e-mail list, his campaign probably purchased it from them. Like these unprincipled goons aren’t in cahoots…

  7. azgary says:

    Rising: 25,098,000 Foreign-Born Workers Employed in U.S.A.
    The foreign born include legally-admitted immigrants, refugees, temporary residents such as students and temporary workers, and undocumented immigrants. The survey does not separately identify the numbers of persons in these categories.”

    Jobs Data: 92,986,000 People Not In the Workforce

    are there REALLY this many jobs “Americans just wont do”?

    this is all the fault of pro amnesty, chamber of commerce anti-American citizen politicians and those who vote for them. you also have to remember when voting not just the stance on illegals should be they need to be deported, but we also need to STOP importing foreign workers instead of increasing them as MOST republicans are pushing for their paymasters in the chambers of commerce

    and to be clear, amnesty is ANYTHING allowing illegals to stay in the country, including the status quo.

  8. azgary says:

    where does Obama go to get his agenda passed?

    White House, Ash Carter Drafting A Gitmo Closure Plan For Congress, McCain Is On Board…
    Time is running out for Obama to hand over Gitmo to the Cubans.

    Via Defense One
    After what he claims has been years of silence from the White House on Guantanamo, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said Thursday that senior Obama administration officials finally are drafting a plan for closing the facility to be submitted to lawmakers.
    McCain spoke with President Barack Obama three weeks ago about closing the military prison and shortly after received two high-profile visitors in his office: Defense Secretary Ash Carter and Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Lisa Monaco.
    McCain outlined to them a plan for closing the facility that he thought could pass the Republican-majority Congress, and Carter and Monaco told him they were working up a draft to be submitted to lawmakers, the Arizona Republican told Defense One Thursday.

    “Ash Carter and Lisa Monaco told me that they are working on a plan,” McCain said. “My indication was when they were both sitting in the couch in my office that they were together on this and they were going to come up with a plan … they wouldn’t have come over if they weren’t [going to send it to Congress].”

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      For that alone, he needs to go! What is wrong with the voters of AZ that they don’t see this leftist streak in this evil man.

  9. Vince says:

    If you’re not capable of understanding that concept, I feel ashamed on your behalf. You have more than an outsized ego, you possess pure gall, plus a vile streak. What a despicable character you are. If you actually prayed about this decision as you reportedly said you did, God must have been attending to business elsewhere or he would have stuck a lightening bolt up your butt.

  10. Night Owl says:

    According to Ballotpedia, Van Steenwyk’s formal education ended when he was handed a high school diploma at Bellflower (Calif.) High School in the early 1960’s. If you’ve ever read anything he’s written here in the comment section, it’s clear he didn’t excel in spelling or grammar. Dr. Kelli Ward has about double his education.

  11. jon jensen says:

    So whats new this is an old tradition in arizona politics. Any of you have the guts for anti incumbent legislation? Incumbent has to get 50% of vote or he is out and top challenger gets in. In a recall this happened to grey davis and would make politicians run scared and behave themselves

    • East Valley PC says:

      Apparently you’re unaware that imposition of congressional term limits would require a 2/3 approval vote in congress. How many of them do you think would vote for that?
      Term limits are a panacea for the disconnected and lazy. Try voting and getting out and encouraging other like thinkers to do the same. Support good candidates who run against incumbents. Where were you when JD Hayworth was drawn and quartered by the despicable McCain? Were you walking your precinct getting the word out? Did you contribute to JD’s campaign? McCain outspent him by tens of millions.

      • Clair Van Steenwyk says:

        We had JD on the show Twice, put on a Candidate forum in our community, MC for Political Event in Mesa, where JD spoke and at the event JD gave me the tag Van the Radio Man, derived from his statement when entering the room; There’s Van My Radio Man and it stuck to us. We also endorsed JD along with a couple of other Candidates who requested it of us, as we agreed with them, however most have not shifted to the left side of GOP. In the end Sen. McCain out spent JD almost 10 to 1 and couldn’t overcome that deficit, however a group of us did approach JD with a request to run in 2012 against Flake and JD declined.
        God Bless You All; Van

      • Doc says:

        Clair-Will you please address the post at hand? WHY on God’s green earth would you get into the AZ Senate race when you have no chance of doing ANYTHING EXCEPT siphoning off Senator Ward’s votes so that mcTraitor can AGAIN shame Arizona? For God’s Sake man WAKE-UP!!!!!

      • jon jensen says:

        I am not writing about term limits. The constitution say vote of the people. It does not specify how.

      • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

        To Clair Van Steenwyk, aka Van the Radio Man:
        If he could have seen into the future, it’s a good bet J.D. Hayworth would have named you “Clair the Spoiler.”

        Your entrance into the 2016 US Senate race is shameful. You have no credentials except as a loser. You can’t raise the necessary millions and have a non-existent base. All you have is your oversized ego. I am thoroughly disgusted by your efforts to divide the votes and help reelect John McCain. You will rightly be ostracized by conservatives.

  12. LEO IN TSN says:

    It seems there is a familiar name floating through here, of a sham candidate who entered the 2012 senatorial primary to siphon votes away from conservative Wil Cardon and give the seat to McTraitor’s own Jeffie “Blonde Boy” McFlake. This is now a favored and successful tactic used by the McEstablishment power brokers who can afford to encourage and direct multiple sham campaigns. We saw it work again in several congressional races in 2014. It will continue to work here in AZ, where there are huge pockets of gullible low-info “R” voters, and the self-proclaimed “conservatives” sit heavily on their wallets and hide in the shade. As McGraham expressed in 2014, he hearts lots of candidates in “R” primaries. Is that a clue?

    The only way to counter the McTraitor warchest is to WORK for a real conservative. That means hold signs, put them in your yard, pound pavement to talk to “R’s” and to knock on doors, make phone calls, and buy media time and mailers. The candidate will have an office in your town, with lots of help and guidance for you. If you cannot or will not work, at least give the good candidate a bankroll.

    What’s it gonna be, work or surrender? Don’t let the McCainiacs and their sham puppets continue to choke the life out of AZ. Get into the fight.

    God bless America,.

  13. Saguaro Sam says:

    Please, sir, reconsider your actions.
    You come here, to this website, and give us chapter and verse as to what is wrong with the Republican party in Arizona.

    And then you do THIS.
    There is no virtue in what you are doing.

  14. Matt Papke says:

    Before we can reassert our influence in the senate race , we need to reassert out influence in our Party. Close the primaries and McCain falls flat. It’s time to close the primaries right?