Fed. Judge’s illegal lunacy: Admits biases affect judgment

Fox News reports on the order issued by Chief Judge Theodore A. McKee of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.  McKee instructed U.S. officials to intercept a 34-year-old mother and her 12-year-old daughter on a plane Friday and immediately return them to the United States. The pair, in the United States illegally, were being deported to their native Guatemala.

“If the government is unable to intercept Petitioners at the airport, they must locate Petitioners in Guatemala and return them to the United States as quickly as possible,” Judge McKee wrote in his June 19 order.

The fact that the “Petitioners” are in the United States illegally is of no consequence to Judge McKee, nominated to the federal bench by Bill Clinton in March 1994.  McKee was confirmed June 8, 1994 by a voice vote, rather than the usual roll call, so there is no record of which senators voted “yea” or “nay.”

The Third Circuit, based in Philadelphia, has appellate jurisdiction over the Districts of Delaware and New Jersey, and the Eastern, Middle and Western Districts of Pennsylvania. It also has appellate jurisdiction over the District Court of the Virgin Islands.

In this 1:30 minute video clip, McKee discusses biases and concludes with this thought: “How in the world can we say that those [our] biases don’t affect our judgments?”

And all along Americans foolishly believed it was adherence to the law.


10 Responses to Fed. Judge’s illegal lunacy: Admits biases affect judgment

  1. MacBeth says:

    National border have no meaning to either the invaders or the courts. This federal judge should be removed, but such things never happen. I was stunned watching that video. Thanks for including it Seeing Red AZ. It explains a lot.

  2. Villanova says:

    I found this article on removing federal judges in the Yale Law Journal:

  3. azgary says:

    ALL of you pro amnesty (BY WHATEVER NAME OR SCHEME) folks, be you politicians or those who vote for them don’t have kids going to schools where English is an afterthought, where gangs, drugs and crime dictate the rules, where an American flag T-shirt is banned because it is found to be offensive. You don’t see your neighborhoods, hospitals etc… being turned into third world hellholes because that is what has been delivered to them by democrats thirst for votes and republicans thirst for lobbyist bribes to deliver cheap labor.

    Or do you not care?

    You don’t see the violent crimes committed against American women and children at the hands of illegals, who even IF caught are not deported or come back afterwards. you don’t absorb the cost associated with these criminals when they are imprisoned, or Law Enforcement Officers who’s families suffer from loved ones murdered and taken away from them.

    Or do you not care?

    You don’t suffer the unemployment of American citizens, be it entry level teens, minorities, stem workers or those in between suffer so foreign slave labor can take American jobs from American citizens, and legislated amnesty/legalization will make it WORSE. Truck drivers, para professionals, govt jobs etc…. all will be replaced and undercut by low wage foreigners.

    Or Do you not care?

    I think You Do Not Care, its impossible not to know.

    ALL of you are selling out your country and your fellow citizens to turn us into a third world, democrat controlled muckhole.

    You are destroying the greatest nation on earth and you will not be forgiven

    • John Liberty says:

      The United States is 3rd in murders throughout the World, but if you take out just 4 cities: Chicago, Detroit, Washington DC, and New Orleans, the United States is 4th from the bottom, in the entire World for murders.
      These 4 Cities have the toughest gun control laws in the U.S. All 4 cities are controlled ….. by Democrats.

  4. CD 8 PC says:

    Here’s more illegal insanity closer to home!!! “AZ man in sanctuary gets stay of deportation, can spend Father’s Day with his kids.”

    An illegal alien father in Tucson was able to hide out in Tucson’s First Christian Church  that granted him sanctuary, to avoid deportation for the SECOND TIME. He’s getting another year’s reprieve from Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials just in time for Father’s Day.

    What’s the point of having laws or government agencies to deal with invaders when they are given special treatment rather than having to obey the law?


    • azgary says:

      why do the politicians who not only allow it, but encourage it keep getting elected?

      why have the az 5 not been censured, as well as flake to go along with McCain?

      they are encouraging the lawlessness and have the blood if innocents on their hands as well as the suffering of many unemployed or those whos schools etc… have been destroyed.

      but the party is more important than the country and the citizens, lesser of two evils and stuff, even though all the illegals and legal third worlders will be creating a permanent democrat majority.

      those voting for them are enriching them while destroying everything else in some strange suicide pact, where they survive and we are destroyed.

      drink that kool aid.
      The faithful drink the Kool Aid

      • jon jensen says:

        Its called demographics and thats why I am on the other side to protect my business when they take over in arizona they have already taken over in the country. Do the math!

      • azgary says:

        so in addition to being a sellout you are afraid?

  5. Ellsworth says:

    if this odd man and his liberal fringe ’biases” represents the American judiciary, we’re screwed.

  6. jon jensen says:

    to azgary Damn right I am!