AZ U.S. Senate race 2016: What’s wrong with this McPicture?


After over three decades in congress, John McCain is reportedly not in a hurry to get his 2016 reelection campaign underway. He claims not to be worried about a credible conservative challenge, yet his ad campaign is already up and running. And where else but on conservative sites where he vainly tries to refurbish his very tarnished image.

Conservative precinct committeemen of his own party were the ones who repeatedly censured him in county meetings across Arizona. In 2014 elected statewide delegates overwhelmingly voted this censure resolution against McCain. The final vote was 1,150 in support with only 351 opposed. The following year the delegates’ ire had not abated. He was met with boos and turned backs. Many walked out as he took to the podium.  In retaliation, his surrogates worked with an out-of-state Obama donor to purge the GOP of conservative activists.

This past week, visits to the Drudge Report and Breitbart News brought up an ad announcing, “John McCain continues the fight for our veterans and military members.  Join us.” A click on the link asks for help with his campaign.

Though the nearly 80-year-old McCain has long shown signs of memory loss, most of the rest of us have our cognitive faculties intact. As examples, we recall the following:

This Oct. 16, 2011 article in titled, “ McCain Okay With Cutting Military Benefits,” tells a different story. The Army Times and the Navy Times substantiate the report.

Then watch his Feb. 2, 2008 performance, as he disgracefully insults and shuts down Delores Alfond, Chair of the National Alliance of Families, seeking information about American POW/MIAs unaccounted for since their service in Vietnam.

If John McCain actually cares about veterans and military members, he has a strange way of showing it. Conservatives are hoping Dr. Kelli Ward, a two-term state senator with an impressive bio will challenge the devious dodger.

Her concern for the military takes root in her own home. Ward, a family physician, is married to Michael Ward an Emergency Medicine physician. He is a Colonel in the AZ Air National Guard and currently serves as Arizona’s State Flight Surgeon. Kelli and Mike have three children.

Dr. Kelli Ward offers a conservative choice. The thought of six more years of the egocentric John McCain, who will celebrate his 80th birthday before Election Day in 2016, is more than most thinking Arizonans can tolerate.

Yet in words that sound like more of a threat than a promise, McCain chillingly tells us, “The reason why I want to seek re-election is that there’s a lot more to do, both for Arizona and the country.” 

God help us.


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  1. Seen It All says:

    McCain reminds me of two other liberal Senate counterparts. Robert Byrd of West Virginia spent FIFTY-SEVEN years in congress. Carl Hayden, born in the Arizona territory before statehood was first elected in 1912 and stayed in office until 1969, also FIFTY-SEVEN years. If the magic number is 57 years, does that mean McCain intends to run for 23 more years and make Arizona the first state to have an actual cadaver representing it?

  2. Army Of One says:

    Sadly the dedicated Ms. Alfond passed away the year following her encounter with the reprehensible John McCann, who has done all he can to block any information on US military personnel still MIA in Vietnam and Laos. He coldly declares it’s over and the families have put it behind them. I wonder if he would take that callous position if the soldiers were his relatives?
    Here is the heroic Delores Alfond’s obituary:

    • William Heuisler says:

      Sorry about the length here. If you would like a copy of the referenced mailer, please e mail me.
      A McCain expose letter/mailer will be sent to all Arizona Primary Voter Republican households (PVRH) in at least the three biggest AZ counties. We will start next year. We are not connected to any candidate. Preliminary polling shows almost 80% of PVRH are unaware of McCain’s embarrassing negatives.
      Many older PVRH have voted for him due to his so-called “War Hero” status, but, as an old friend, Sam Steiger said, “It doesn’t take a hero to get shot down and captured”. Evan Mecham was shot down and captured by the Germans, but he was a little ashamed of that fact – rather than boastful like McCain.
      The carefully researched information will convince PVRH that McCain is not only unworthy, but is a Republican in name only. Obviously the mailer will not be a “last minute hit piece”, but a careful, annotated exposition to be questioned and discussed. We intend to cut McCain’s primary vote – no matter the Republican opponent – by 20% to 25% in Pima County, and more in Maricopa.
      Bill Heuisler – 520-403-2939

      FYI, the “we” is the organization that placed a Tax Initiative on the 1980 ballot with over 350,000 signatures. That organization became the Southern Arizona portion of the Mecham Campaign that took out Burt Barr with a similar expose in 1986. The purpose of the effort is self-explanatory, but the timing is designed to promote discussions while encouraging Conservatives to run in a primary against McCain who ceased being a Republican some years ago while collaborating with Soros, Feingold and Kennedy.
      The Roman a clef, “Casual Executions: assassination in Arizona” referenced in the third page, is reviewed on Amazon and available on Kindle … or I will gladly send you a copy. The AZ Republic’s Pat Murphy threatened to sue over the obvious H&R allegations and lawyers for the Goldwaters have sent a polite, but threatening, letter. But Truth is the ultimate defense in any Libel suit.
      Bill Heuisler

      • Seeing Red AZ says:

        William Heuisler:
        Your comment is appreciated. However all comments must include an email address in order to be posted. Since you included yours in the body of your comment, we added it (internally) to allow this comment to appear. Email addresses are never seen by SRAZ’s readers.

  3. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    In order for Kelli Ward to mount an effective challenge, she needs campaign contibutions. John McCain already has millions sacked away.
    It can be done. Professor David Brat took out House Majority Leader Eric Cantor when his reelection seemed a certainty. We need to get behind Kelli Ward. Let’s put our money where our mouths are and get this done!!!

    • azgary says:

      David Brat Pulls Off Cantor Upset Despite Raising Just $231,000

      David Brat, the economics professor who toppled House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia in Tuesday’s primary, is suddenly a major tea-party star.

      He won the biggest House primary upset in generations even though he didn’t have much help. National groups such as the Club for Growth or Heritage Action that aim to pick off Republicans who stray from strict party orthodoxy didn’t get involved. Mr. Cantor outraised Mr. Brat $5.7 million to $231,000. The only national conservative figure to help Mr. Brat was talk-radio host Laura Ingraham, who touted him on the air and hosted a rally for him last week.

  4. Donnie Corbin says:

    U.S. Senator John McCain lies.

  5. jon jensen says:

    How is cutting benefits for veterans to use the money elsewhere as wounded veteran are of no more use to him fighting for are veterans?

    • Orion says:

      Huh? Have you had more than your allotted portion of joy juice today? That’s not even a stab at being a lucid comment, pal.

  6. Conservative Since Birth says:

    After the Vietnam war ended, the despicable McCain was the first one in line to go back to Vietnam to “open up trade” with them when we still have those missing in action.

    It took a congressman from FL to bring attention to the deplorable situation of the Phoenix VA. McCain was nowhere in sight until it came to light and the situation is still not ‘fixed.’ How much can he possibly care for our veterans when he’s so busy micromanaging Arizona politics and running yet again for the senate.

    It’s unbelievable how many people (low information voters) will just go and vote for the man who does more damage than he does good. He is as detestable as they come.

    • Enuff says:

      It’s beyond disgraceful that McCain passes himself off to the Sun City and Leisure World crowd as a champion of our vets and military personnel. In fact, he has screwed them over at every turn.

      You’re armed with facts, CSB. Make sure you inform people. It’s crucial this evil man is not returned to Washington, when we have an intelligent and courageous woman named Dr. Kelli Ward to replace him with. It’s way past time.

  7. azgary says:

    McCain and or flake are the nominees im voting for the democrat

  8. LEO IN TSN says:

    After the surrender in Viet Nam, there was ongoing public clamor over our remaining POWS/MIAS, and the Vietnamese communists offered to sell them back to us for $1.5 Billion. Congress refused, but the clamor continued. Congress then formed a two-man committee to investigate the status of our POWS/MIAS. Juan McTraitor was on the committee with John F’ing Kerry, the Swift Boat sell-out. They were The Committee. Their final report? -there was “no credible evidence there were POWS/MIAS remaining.” Hmmmmmm. [Kerry was later honored in the Vietnamese War Museum. Hmmmmmm]

    This duo, based on the parallel stories of their “service” over there, remain intensely close. That led to McTraitor volunteering to be Swift Boat Kerry’s vice-presidential partner in the 2004 campaign, and to his shameful treatment of Dolores Alfond and other Americans who lost loved ones in Viet Nam.

    Many of the returning POWS brought their own stories of the activities of Juan McTraitor during captivity. These stories have been obscured by the rich & powerful, to protect the status of McTraitor’s reputation. Hmmmmmm. Hopefully those truths will receive public exposure during this campaign.

    Final thought – it looks like we may have a great challenger in Sen. Kelli Ward. Start $upporting her efforts now. And be ready when the AZ McGOP and other “concerned conservatives” start flooding the primary with dozens of “concerned conservative” candidates. Get focused, and don’t let them split our votes.

    God bless America.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      It’s enough to make one ill. That picture is a thing of beauty too.
      For whatever reason, Marco Rubio has never resonated with me.
      Unlike someone like Scott Walker – he doesn’t seem to have a ‘core’ of strong beliefs and his iffy personal spending background is worrisome. Not to mention the amnesty subject.

      • Doc says:

        I believe th’ picture of th’ smiling senior senator & th’ madly cackeling mcFlake pretty much sums up any thoughts of senator rubio. THEY can vote for him….but I sure won’t.

  9. Saguaro Sam says:

    I was shocked to see that Bill O’Reilly had Megan McCain in studio with him recently. (You realize, of course, that her life experiences are so vast and so relevant because she is a graduate of Columbia University—and that’s about all.)

    If McCain would kick the bucket while still in office, would Megan be “gifted” with his chair in the Senate?