Jeb! proves he’s politically tone deaf

Besides being an establishment backed RINO, Jeb! is also tone-deaf. Sunday, fearful about his prospects of coming in ahead of the Republican pack in the campaign donation department, Team Jeb! sent out two desperate calls for money before the FEC filing deadline for this quarter, which ends midnight Tuesday.

The first email solicitation was a colossal blunder. The subject line was “¡Todos por Jeb!” or “All for Jeb!” for English speakers. The message addressed in McCainese to “Friend,” was signed by Jeb’s Mexican-born and raised wife Columba, who stresses the importance of the “deadline.”

Within short order, that email was followed by another, also sporting the “Friend” salutation from George “P” Bush, the lawyer son of Jeb! and Columba — still quaintly using a last name —  who is laying his own political groundwork having been elected as the Texas Land Commissioner. “P” writes, “I know mom reached out, but I wanted to follow-up. Dad needs your help, no two ways about it. This is the first deadline of the campaign, and Dad is going to have to disclose just how many people are supporting his campaign — everyone will be watching,” implores “P.”

He says we must do our “duty to support Dad before this critical end-of-the-month deadline.”

Then comes the threat: ”There are only two outcomes when midnight Tuesday rolls around:

  1. We’ll hit our goal and send the other campaigns a clear message of our strength. 
  2. We’ll fail and send a message to Hillary that we’re not serious: that the path to the White House will be unobstructed.

Message to ”P”: At last count there were a dozen other Republicans besides your Dad who have thrown their hats in the ring. This is not a Jeb!/Hillary face-off.

Jeb! the third Bush presidential aspirant has marginalized himself with his support of Common Core and calling the illegal invasion “an act of love.“ He actually said the issue “shouldn’t rile people up.”  As if on cue, John McCain’s doppelganger Jeff Flake agreed with Jeb!, praising him for having “the guts to say it.” 

Even establishment Republicrat Karl Rove, who has taken his losing battle of bashing conservatives on the road, conceded that Jeb Bush was not artful (sly enough) in those remarks. 

We can do better. Jeb! is a Bush too far.

11 Responses to Jeb! proves he’s politically tone deaf

  1. jon jensen says:

    Bush has the best chance to beat hillary with Rand Paul then Scott Walker next possible and they are supported by us in the business community.

    • Vince says:

      Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio would be a Dream Ticket…for the illegals who have invaded our country, take jobs that rightfully should go to Americans, sap our benefits and think they have rights because Obama decreed them by executive fiat. You are an integral part of the problem.

    • ZOO says:

      Roadside vendors do not a “business community” make.

    • SmallGovt says:

      I agree with you and like it or not they are better than Hillary. SRAZ will likely have you marching to the call of Cruz and defeat. Remember 1964?

      • Villanova says:

        Nice to see that you’ve added mind reader to your resume of liberal trickery. I haven’t seen a presidential endorsement from Seeing Red AZ and I read the site daily. At the rate Republicans are foolishly jumping into the pool, there will be more before there are fewer candidates.

      • Maggie says:

        So yu’ve stopped beating up on Dr. Kelli Ward long enough to begin hammering Sen. Ted Cruz? Were your parents political conservatives who you think mistreated you as a youngster? Pathetic!!

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Jeb! started out with big donor money. The masses (like me) don’t like him so they need money – from the masses. Jeb! has his backers – his elitist family, FOX polls, Roger Ailes, Karl Rove, Britt Hume, Dana Perino and anyone else who works in front of the cameras at Fox nudging the viewer toward Jeb!

    A while back, Karl Rove said that Jeb! is the smartest one in the running. Hmmm That was before the last 9 or 10 jumped in. He doesn’t like Ted Cruz, whose book will be out soon telling of a tiff he and Rove had over getting an endorsement from Bush 1 for a Texas state position.

    Peter Schweizer’s next book about Jeb Bush’s! finances – to come out in September. Jeb! comes in #1 in Fox polls and nobody believes it. The mainstream media will prop him up until the Democrat in the running is made clear (probably Hillary but who knows) – they’ll get 100% behind the Democrat and watch Jeb! get easily trounced.

  3. VINOAZ says:

    He is a boring dolt who thinks he is entitled. He was on a long time with Hugh Hewitt on Friday. Finally changed the station. Made me sick. As bad as Hillary is, she along with the media and left wing hate groups will eat him alive. The Republican party is on a suicidal path and nominating that knucklehead may just finish them off.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Jeb demonstrates no energy.

    Even the exclamation point behind his name is depressed.

    Acts and appears as if he has been pre-programmed by a cult.

  5. LEO IN TSN says:

    Bush, Perry, Rubio, Graham, maybe even Walker and Fiorina and a few more, these are the big-government globalists who are the darlings of the Chamber of Commerce crowd. This is why they dance so well with the leftists. Just as Boehner, Ryan, McConnell, McTraitor, McFlake et al form a protective ring around obamao, these double-talking scripted liberal “R’s” will continue the sock-hop.

    The Globalists are as desperate for power as the marxists, and we are the slave fodder for their big-government machine.
    The globalist model for collapse

    Don’t be misled by the campaign ad talking points of these charlatans; look to their records and history. If the little folk – US – can’t get behind a real conservative patriot in this race, we will be giving them an open road to global government. Bye-bye USA.

    God bless America.