Robert Graham’s McFishy message

AZ GOP Chairman Robert Graham has sent out a news update from the Arizona Republican Party, which includes a message of congratulation to Kurt Davis —-  referred to in the email as a “solid conservative.”

Ya think?

Davis, recently rotated into the chairmanship position at the Arizona Game and Fish Commission, is a longtime political consultant. Among his previous posts was a stint as Director of Intergovernmental Affairs (which has a more trustworthy ring than lobbyist) for former Attorney General Grant Woods. An iffy Republican, Woods has frequently threatened to switch parties, and has been notable for endorsing Democrats. Both men are close confidants of John McCain —- a questionable trio of solid conservatives, to be sure.

In this press release, Davis is referred to as an “avid angler,” a definition that applies whether or not he‘s casting a fishing line. Oddly missing from his bio is any mention of his association with the toxic John McCain.

And speaking of McCain, when the very senior senator (he’ll be 80 by Election Day) announced his intention to seek a sixth six-year senate term, who but McCain’s operative and former campaign strategist is called on to assess his chances? You guessed it!  None other than Kurt Davis, who tells The Hill, “I always call him the terminator candidate.”

Robert Graham concludes his message with, “Congratulations Kurt, see you on the water!”

A more fitting wrap-up might have been, “Congratulations, Kurt. Look forward to swimming with the McSharks with you!”


10 Responses to Robert Graham’s McFishy message

  1. Vince says:

    Seeing Red nailed it again. What appeared to be a benign congratulatory note from Robert Graham is actually very revealing with this back story. It was a ruse to be able to call Kurt Davis a conservative. Why congratulate someone for being rotated into a position each member gets in turn?

    • State Delegate says:

      Robert Graham is chummy with Kurt Davis because they are both BFF with John McCain. “Birds of a feather,” as my mom used to say. Graham can call Davis a “solid conservative” because he has no idea what a solid conservative actually is.

      Robert Graham dances to McCain’s tune, which is why he fakes his support for closing the primaries, an effort he has no intention of assisting. He and his establishment McCain cronies are all too aware that closed primaries, minus the crossover votes McCain needs to win, would be the end of the overly long career of the liberal McCain. I am proud to say I voted for the censure resolution against McCain. I also witnessed Graham’s brazen deception at the state Republican meeting this past January.

  2. Geoffrey Parker says:

    This is a wonderful email encouraging republicans to dislike one another . . . let’s instead invest some energy to pull together for 2016.


    • East Valley PC says:

      “Encouraging republicans to dislike one another”? Don’t you have the ability to recognize what’s happening to our party? It’s being taken over by establishment McCain supporters from the top down. If we hope to elect conservatives and reclaim our once Grand Old Party that valued Ronald Reagan, people who don’t grasp harsh reality better get a clue.
      Are you a precinct committeeman? Have you seen the effects of McCain’s underhanded purge of conservatives from the party as he conspired against us with democrats? This isn’t rocket science, but you do have to be attuned to what’s going on. I suspect you aren’t.
      This is a good starting point:

    • azgary says:

      lesser of two evils is just about finished, the attacks on conservative p.c.’s by McCain and graham has seen to that.

      the republican party attacks us more than they do democrats.

  3. William Heuisler says:

    Do these people really believe they can reelect McCain after the whole truth about the opportunistic money grubbing from criminals and his associations with thieves and mob-connected millionaires comes out?
    See below and spread the word:
    McCain’s Connections – by William Heuisler – Republican, former Marine and Tucson police officer.
    Most of us voted for him, but he seldom votes for us. Remember John McCain voted to fund Obamacare, bail out Wall Street, raise the debt limit 14 times, and voted for a $600 billion “fiscal cliff” tax hike. The McCain-Kennedy and “Gang of 8” immigration bills legalized the illegals. Soros-backed McCain-Feingold exempted media, but limited Conservative, pro-life and Tea Party political speech. In May 2013, a Treasury Inspector General audit found that in 2012, the IRS had targeted groups with Patriot and Tea Party in their names. Lois Lerner even admitted the IRS inappropriately had targeted conservatives. But Senators John McCain and Democrat Carl Levin insisted the IRS was not reining in political advocacy groups enough. (5) (9) (10)
    He’s survived due to his POW status, but other reasons for McCain’s success are dirty money and corrupt connections. McCain came to Arizona (AZ) in 1981 with a pension of $31,000. He ran for US Congress just a year later using influence from AZ Republic publisher Duke Tully and House Majority Leader Burton Barr. He also received a half million dollars from United Liquors, the employer of his new AZ father in law, James Willis Hensley. (1) (6) (11)
    Darrow “Duke” Tully was a decisive McCain connection: publisher of the AZ Republic, Phoenix Gazette and friend of Goldwaters, Barrs, Keatings and Hensleys. For years Tully had bragged he was a decorated fighter pilot in Vietnam, even speaking at military functions in the full-dress uniform of an Air Force Colonel. The problem? Tully never served in our Armed Forces. But remember: Senator Barry Goldwater was a retired Air Force General and Chairman of the Armed Services and Select Intelligence Committees with vast military connections. John McCain was a retired Navy pilot and Pentagon lobbyist with similar military connections. McCain became Duke’s best buddy – making Tully the Godfather to his daughter Meghan in 1984. But these veterans had to be fully aware the publisher of both AZ’s largest newspapers was a “Stolen Valor” fraud. (1) (2) (6) (11)
    And the Republic and Gazette publisher helped his friend. Tully ordered both of his editorial staffs to endorse the completely unknown McCain despite a long newspaper policy of strict neutrality in primaries. So McCain won the 1982 Republican primary against known Arizonans, with 32% of the vote, benefitting from phony newspaper endorsements and by extravagantly outspending the other candidates with over a half a million Hensley/Marley dollars – for a primary! (1) (2)
    Hensley/Marley dollars? Yes. McCain’s new AZ father in law, Jim Hensley, had managed United Liquors (AZ’s only beer/liquor monopoly distributer) since the 1940s. United Liquors was wholly owned by Kemper Marley, millionaire Scottsdale developer, owner-operator of Transamerica Wire Service and protégé of liquor Baron (Emprise co-founder) Sam Bronfman. McCain’s main money-connection was Kemper Marley, through Marley’s employee, Hensley. (3) (6) (7) (11)
    Charles Keating Jr. organized a massive AZ real estate fraud with his Taxpayer Insured Lincoln Savings and Loan. And Keating gave new Congressman McCain more than $112,000 in campaign contributions between 1982 and 1987. In 1986, McCain invested $359,000 Hensley /Marley money with Keating and nearly doubled his investment. When the Keating Five scandal broke in 1989, Keating was imprisoned for defrauding taxpayers of $1.1 billion dollars. But McCain was only scolded by the Senate Ethics Committee for “poor judgment.” (1) (11)
    McCain was also connected to AZ Majority Leader Burton Barr (whose net worth after 20 years in the AZ House had grown to $9 million). During Mecham’s 1986 primary with Barr, our investigation found Barr-invested companies selling hundreds of acres of land to County taxpayers for an Outer Loop route around Phoenix – the same route Barr “coincidentally” planned and mapped as senior member of the Maricopa Association of Governments. Remember, we mailed that damning information to Republican Primary Voters in 1986. Mecham became AZ’s Governor.
    Ironically, in 1987 McCain was the first Republican to accuse new Republican Governor Mecham of corruption. Courts later found this to be false, but McCain’s lie gave our State House to Democrat Rose Mofford and then to another big McCain campaign donor, Fife Symington. In a few years, Governor Symington was convicted of seven felonies for defrauding lenders and filing false financial statements for his real estate businesses in the 1980s and early 90s. (4) (8)
    I am a Republican, Marine, policeman and private investigator. McCain’s history was detailed to me by many policemen and reporters who also reminded me how McCain’s biggest connection had paid to have AZ Republic reporter, Don Bolles killed. Bolles’ dying words, “Mafia”, “Emprise” and “Adamson”, refer to the race track (Emprise) and Mafia-run wire service activities of Kemper Marley. Marley was an associate of Pulliam (Tully’s boss), Barr, Symington, Keating and 40-year-boss of John McCain’s father in law. After his arrest, long-time Marley crony, John Adamson, confessed in court that Kemper Marley had paid him and Max Dunlap $50,000 to kill Bolles. (6) (7) (11)
    County Attorney Donald Harris declared Adamson’s confession and Bolles’ dying declaration were sufficient for a grand jury indictment of Marley. But AZ’s Attorney General, Bruce Babbitt, cancelled the grand jury. Publishers Pulliam and Tully noticeably ignored the murder of their reporter. No official prosecuted, investigated, or bothered to interview Kemper Marley, the man accused of paying for the car-bomb execution of an AZ Republic reporter – and who also paid over a half a million dollars to elect newcomer John McCain to Congress five years later. (1) (6) (7)
    My fact-based book, “Casual Executions: assassinations in Arizona,” shows justice is blinded when newspapers misinform the public. Cover-ups of Soros links, Keating-Five and IRS-targeting are bad enough, but when newspapers ignore dying declarations, murder confessions and politicians using mobbed-up millionaires’ money, the result is John McCain. (7) (9) (10) (11)

    Questions? Email – or call William Heuisler (520)-403-2939 in Tucson.












  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Off topic, but just have to ask:
    Why has the four-day long prison riot in Kingman gone under wraps, with a minimum of coverage?

    The place is now nearly destroyed; several guards sustained injuries, including hospitalization, and 1000 inmates have had to be transferred to other facilities throughout the state.

    This prison is known for poor security. Recall the escape of some inmates just a few years ago, who ended up murdering two folks who were camping.

    Guess the Gov was celebrating out of town, or just waiting for McCain to tell him what to do.

  5. LD 23 PC says:

    None of these slicksters are trustworthy. There’s not a scintilla of difference between them. The question is, do they even trust one another?

  6. jakesez says:

    Graham and the rest of the establishment republicans count on using the old adage “lesser of two evils” to get the conservatives to vote for them instead of thinking for ourselves. Instead of lining up like good little soldiers and walking off the cliff when we hear “vote for us or you will get a democrat” we should be turning the tables on them and say, “vote for us or you will be out of a job”.

  7. Borderhawk says:

    Someone needs to get a message to Trump to call out Graham.

    Trump will already bash McCain but he needs to go after the McPuppets.