Donald Trump expected to draw thousands in Phoenix

Focus on illegal immigration resonates

Due to overwhelming demand for tickets to hear presidential candidate Donald Trump, his Saturday, July 11 event is moving from the Arizona Biltmore Resort to the much larger Phoenix Convention Center.*

Within hours after it was announced that Trump was scheduling a visit, organizers began scrambling to locate a larger crowd accommodating venue. At last count, over 3,500 people have signed up for the free tickets at  Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio will accompany Trump, who will be speaking on illegal immigration.

Trump’s poll numbers have surged, topping out the GOP candidate list, according to this just released national survey. Rasmussen reports that most Americans agree with Trump on the criminality associated with illegals.

The Washington Post reports that Jeff Flake — who has the lowest rating in the U.S. Senate, 3-points below bottom-dragger John McCain — attempted to pressure Maricopa County GOP chairman Tyler Bowyer not to sponsor the event.

But Bowyer would have none of it, instead issuing a statement in response to Flake’s comments saying the party is “thrilled” to welcome Trump. Bowyer accused the senator of violating former president Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment: “Thou shall not speak ill of any other Republican.”

“It is saddening that at a time when Republicans should be exposing the negligence and failed policies of Democrats — from sanctuary cities to DACA and catch-and-release to Obama’s refusal to secure the border — some Republicans choose to instead gossip about which GOP presidential candidate was invited to meet with voters in their home county,” the statement read.

Amnesty-supporting Flake declared Trump’s views as not reflective of the Republican Party.

“As an elected official and as a Republican, I’m not excited about this, to say the least,” Flake said. “I don’t think that [Trump’s] views are reflective of the party, particularly in Arizona, a border state.” 

Yet in a case of views being “reflective” much closer to home, when Flake’s then 15-year-old son, Tanner, was exposed for his online spew of vile racist, anti-Semitic, and homophobic slurs, Jeff Flake actually apologized on behalf of his son, requiring nothing of him. Tanner, who used the name “ni**erkiller” as a game participant, was equally vicious in his insults of the very Hispanics his dad is working so hard to legalize, referring to Mexicans as “scum of the earth.”  Read our post “Generational Flakes.”

*Phoenix Convention Center, 100 North 3rd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004 — North Ballroom.  Saturday, July 11, 2015 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM


24 Responses to Donald Trump expected to draw thousands in Phoenix

  1. Not A McCainiac says:

    The GOP elites can’t bring themselves to acknowledge the truth about illegal immigration, bizarrely and mistakenly thinking the foreign nationals sneaking across our border are “just good people searching for better lives.”

    They are, in fact, uneducated socialists who are never going to miraculously morph into conservative voters if we just greet them warmly and give them enough taxpayer funded benefits. They disrespect our laws from the day they illegally cross and dishonor our history and flag. WE are the ones who have to bend to accommodate them and “push 1 for Spanish” and leave our finally mortgage-free homes when they turn our neighborhoods into the same barrios they left on Mexico or El Salvador.

    Our youngest son’s middle school actually had a Spanish interpreter for the Thanksgiving production several years ago. It was a predominately American population when our older daughter attended that same school but the population changed quickly once the trend began. We finally were forced to put a “For Sale’ sign in the yard of the home we loved. Most of us have had enough.

  2. East Valley PC says:

    I applaud the tenacity of Maricopa County Republican chairman Tyler Bowyer!
    Donald Trump trumps Jeff the Flake any day of the week. I’ve signed up to attend the Trump event. Let’s make this a crowd to reckon with. Sign up ASAP. The email confirmation address is in the second paragraph above.

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Good for Tyler Bowyer! Why should he listen to a most unpopular, bought-and-paid for Senator Flake. McCain was on the radio this morning saying that in ‘his’ state of Arizona, the people are too intelligent to attend. These two disgraceful senators have the same dictator quality as Obama. Freedom? That’s only for them (to work against us).

    This report tries to discredit Trump, and is published all over the world in Spanish.

    • azgary says:

      but A.J. is still out there for us.
      wish he would run for senate

      Trump’s Phoenix visit to highlight GOP immigration split
      Associated Press
      7 minutes ago
      “Sen. Jeff Flake, who with Sen. John McCain sponsored a 2013 comprehensive immigration reform bill that stalled when it reach the House, said Trump’s views “are coarse, ill-informed and inaccurate, and they are not representative of the Republican Party.
      “As an elected Republican official, I’m disappointed the county party would host a speaker that so damages the party’s image,” Flake said.
      McCain, in a lengthy statement issued Friday, said, “If the Republican nominee for president does not support comprehensive immigration reform and border security policy, we have no chance of defeating Hillary Clinton and winning the White House in 2016.”
      But A.J. LaFaro, former head of the Maricopa County Republican Party, said neither Flake’s nor McCain’s views matter to the state’s conservative Republican base.
      “With regards to McCain, Flake and the chambers, I don’t respect any of those people anyway, so why would I care?” Lafaro said. “They’re not representative of my conservative Christian values.
      “I understand that Mr. Trump is saying what a lot of people here in the United States, I would like to think a majority of the people here in the Unites States, are thinking,” he added.”–election.html

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Trump is Right: Illegal Alien Crime is Staggering in Scope and Savagery

    Brutal acts by illegal aliens that Jeb!, McCain and idiot Flake should try and rebut.

  5. Doc says:

    “Amnesty-supporting Flake declared Trump’s views as not reflective of the Republican Party.”

    …th’ NERVE of this liar to @$$-ume that he speaks for me. Where’s a nice, thick bolt-0-LIGHTNIN’ when ya’ need one?

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      Trump should invite Flake and his son to drop by for some HOT DOGS
      Some very very HOT DOGS

  6. John H. says:

    Doug Ducey ran on a platform of stopping illegal immigration, now he won’t even meet with Donald Trump. I voted for Ducey once, it won’t happen again. I also listened to the disgusting remarks of Greg Stanton about Donald Trump. I hope the citizens of Phoenix have sense enough not to re-elect him.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Doug Ducey absolutely lied about his stance on illegal immigration. He was thrilled to receive and use Joe Arpaio’s endorsement in the Primary Election. Then following his establishment Mcmentor’s instructions, obliterated any reference to Sheriff Arpaio’s endorsement on his campaign website. I was/am disgusted by his flagrant use of a good man when it suited his purposes.( Primary Campaign to the right, General Election: Run center left.) The best clue as to his true bent was gaining the Arizona Republic’s endorsement.

      Ducey is in bed with McCain, Flake, Kyl and Montgomery. They are all political sewage.

  7. William Heuisler says:

    So Flake and McCain don’t like Trump. Typical “Moderate” response to almost every Conservative candidate. They want veto power.
    A response to my recent 1000-word expose of McCain from a lady in Sun City made the point that we Arizona Republicans cannot attack McCain because we have no alternative, and we just might end up electing a Democrat to the US Senate.
    After worrying about this for a while, I remembered that was the exact same argument made when Evan Mecham ran against Barr – and when other Conservatives run against incumbents.
    McCain does not represent us. Why support him?
    Trump says what needs to be said and represents my views.

  8. Kathy says:

    McCain and Flake are afraid Trump will clearly state that the 2 AZ Senators have blood on their hands regarding all the AZ LEGAL citizens deaths caused by the hands of illegals!!!! I hope Trump clearly states this FACT!

  9. American Dad says:

    Flake is off the wall with his comments that Trump’s views aren’t “reflective of the party, particularly in Arizona, a border state” Where would they be more reflective? Our southern border is the major portal for illegals. We have no idea who’s entering. Many middle easterners who intend harm to America are learning Spanish, donning levis and baseball caps like the illegals and being transported into the US with Mexicancoyotes who are very willing to guide them for a fee. This WND article detailing Arab terrorists crossing Arizona’s border is from 2001. It’s a sure bet the situation has only worsened in the intervening years.

  10. John Dickerson says:

    I hope the Donald will address some of these issues as each is quite real and mounting.

    Our individual freedom, as a Nation, is about to expire. I’m afraid my 84 years, as a native born United States citizen, is coming to a climatic end. I find that there is NO ONE that we Americans can turn too except, GOD and each other, that will assist in the restoration of our once magnificent nation.

    God bless all of our American children for they will know not of the magnificent opportunity their fathers, mothers and grandparents had as they matured in life.

    Over 93.8 millions of the American CITIZEN Population are out of work. Over 163 millions of the TOTAL United States Population are on Welfare. Over 19.7 millions of ILLEGAL foreign nationals are living in the U.S.A. The borders are open to anyone who illegally walks in, including Criminals. Over 1.5 millions of Welfare recipients, while living in or around the United States, donate up to 30% of their welfare income to Foreign Nationals operating 27ISIS terrorist Communal Training Camp areas within the U.S.A. Large numbers of x-convicts, living in terrorist communal areas, are also collecting welfare and donating 30% of their income to Foreign Nationals also while living in United States ISIS training camps. Bradley County News 021515.The whole ISIS OPERATION is being run by Sheikh Mubarrack AL Gilani who is a Pakistani jihadist. This operative has been in the terrorist movement for the last ten (10) years. He also manages all 27 of the present ISIS camps and is the recipient of the 30% of each Welfare Check every month.
    American Industry, in large numbers, is moving overseas for the sole purpose of building their products for less then $2.35 per hour in an outside World Market and not having to pay a 30.5% tariff to bring earnings back home.
    The United States medical system is under siege costing this Nation hundreds of BILLIONS of public dollars supporting entitlement requests for service. Large numbers of foreign nationals are being brought into the United States and being trained for jobs replacing those of American citizens. The American GOVERNMENT wastefully spends One Hundred and Seventy-Six BILLIONS of dollars every twenty-four (24) HOURS. The United States infrastructure is deteriorating at an alarming rate with Highways, Railroads, Air Ports and Overpasses crumbling from neglect.Consumer necessity items such as fuel, food, clothing, prescription drugs and general services, are rising at an uncontrollable inflation rate.
    The American dollar is depleting in value, the World over, do to the United States Gold supply having been reduced to under seven hundred (700) tons. Foreign Nations, like China, are buying up our Lands. American Schools are removing American History and many other scholastic items from everyday curriculums. Drop out rates are over 62%.
    Industrial Trade Schools have been abolished including basic shop classes in High Schools oriented to constructive manual training. The United States Army is being reduced to reserve grade status with many officers being forced to retire. The Suicide rate is extremely high. More war ships are in dry dock since the second World War. Few are being built.Other Nations, such as China, are so far ahead of these United States it is totally UNBELIEVABLE. The Chinese yen is now worth Nineteen TRILLION on the WORLD MARKET. The U.S. DOLLAR, is a negative EIGHTEEN Trillion and digging deeper each hour of every day.We are no longer in a position to create an “Arsenal of Democracy” if we must fight a war. Buy ARMAMENT from CHINA? Unbelievable.


    Beginning July 15, 2015 thru September 15, 2015, what’s left of the United States of America – MILITARY WILL BE CONDUCTING ARMED MANEUVERS WITHIN TEN (10), UNITED STATES CIVILIAN NEIGHBORHOOD COMMUNITIES.

    ALSO WITH THE UNITED STATES ELECTION SYSTEM: Under the table operations, within political opposition P.A.C. groups, have been known to fund negative relations between various minority groups and neighborhood security organizations causing American public unrest. As a for instance — One P.A.C. group, spending one million dollars, is able to buy signatures on a minimum of five hundred thousand pre-voted election ballots while soliciting from door to door in low income neighborhoods. Members of various P.A.C. group’s volunteer their services and go from door to door throughout major United States city’s assisting residents in filling out their election ballots. Ballots are collected by these volunteers and then submitted to election centers for vote tabulation. IT WAS THIS TYPE OF OPERATION THAT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA WON HIS SECOND TURM. Thanks to the White House and the United States Supreme Court, on June 6, 2015, GAY MARRIAGE has now become a way of life within the United States of America.
    All of this for the purpose of getting the GAY COMMUNITY to contribute MONEY and VOTE for the DEMOCRATIC political PARTY.
    Sorry about all of this. Unfortunately, WE are ALL NOW FORCED to adjust our religious beliefs. We Americans must now accept another loss of our freedoms and further slide into a cultural sewer.

    I rest my case. GOD BLESS AMERICA for it’s in thy hands to secure a future.

  11. lowadobian says:

    …and no small surprise that the AZ Republic (AZCentral) left this little announcement about Trump in AZ out of its daily news feed.

  12. SmallGovt says:

    He has the money to rent the venue so anyone who wants a free ticket should go. Trump will get a lot of publicity but that is about it. But it should allow others to see what the thoughts of the public are on these issues.

  13. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Here are the results of the Rasmussen poll I was lucky enough to participate in this past Wednesday evening.

  14. ZOO says:

    Rupert Murdoch and his all-illegal-all-the time FOX News have one (1) story up on their board about Donald Trump:

    “Trump pinatas in demand as protestors gear up for California campaign stops”

    WATCH for coming continuous attacks on Trump by the well-dressed manure at KSAZ FOX 10 – Channel 10 – Phoenix – with anchor John Hook leading the charge. Wait for it.

  15. Borderhawk says:

    Michael Savage called Marco Rubio the Ice Cream Man for his pandering on amnesty.

    Doug Ducey is the real deal Ice Cream man.

    Trump needs to spend half the speech attacking Graham on closed primaries.

    Trump has called McCain unelectable.

    • Doc says:

      Ya’ knoooow….this guy’s looking more & more like th’ Real Deal…

      • azgary says:

        Arizona Chamber of Commerce: ‘Dump the Trump’
        The Arizona Chamber of Commerce says it wants to “Dump the Trump,” claiming that presidential contender Donald Trump “will never make the cut.”

        In his weekly column, president and CEO of the Arizona Chamber Glenn Hamer called Trump’s comments about Mexico “despicable” and indicative of “an individual who, despite his billions, is astonishingly ignorant about Mexico, trade and immigration.”

        Hamer’s outpouring of criticism against Trump – who is now leading the pack of GOP hopefuls – comes as Trump is scheduled to be in Arizona Saturday to give a speech about immigration alongside the state’s most famous outspoken sheriff, Joe Arpaio. Trump has had to change venues, however, from the smaller Arizona Biltmore resort in Phoenix to the Phoenix Convention Center, where his campaign is expecting at least 5,000 people in attendance. Hundreds more are reportedly on a waiting list to get into the event.

        Hamer’s attack on Trump is consistent with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s wholehearted support of amnesty for illegal immigrants – a way for big business in the United States to enjoy years of cheap labor within the country itself.

        Speaking about Arizona, Hamer writes, “Our bonds with Mexico are more than just economic. We have family ties that span the border, student exchanges, and shared cultural connections.”

        Hamer said the chamber learned on a recent trade mission that: “North America is the greatest current and future economic region of the world. We have great wealth and vibrant, liberal democratic institutions guided by the rule of law.”

  16. Saguaro Sam says:

    I Will Help You Build That Wall, Mr. Trump.