Scott Walker launches GOP presidential campaign

“Proven fighter, proven winner” begins race with ideological, geographical advantages

After a host of lackluster retreads and iffy Republicans have announced as 2016 GOP presidential candidates —- 14 others, to be exact —- Wisconsin Gov.Scott Walker declares his candidacy today. His late entry was hinged on getting the stalled state budget on his desk and signed.

Walker, 47, is the fifteenth candidate, but the one many conservatives have been waiting for since his energizing speech (video) at the  Iowa Freedom Summit in January.

After going head-to-head with the Wisconsin’s unions, he and his family endured threats. Walker faced thousands of protestors at the Capitol. But he prevailed, waging a successful battle against the $3.6 billion budget deficit, job losses and a double-digit tax increase. He won the race for governor three times in the last four years, winning a recall election in a state that was previously under Democrat control for over thirty years —- the only governor in U.S. history to declare victory in a gubernatorial recall election.

Scott Walker is a proven winner. In 2008 when running as county executive, he received  nearly 60 percent of the votes in a county that went two-thirds for Barack Obama.

National Review reported in May that Walker has visited border states and met with Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, causing him to adopt a firmer stance on illegal immigration, and in the process separating himself from the politically correct, open border, squish pack —- even moderating his own former position. National Review identifies Walker’s position as “hard-line.” We call it rational.

In advance of his announcement, the liberal media has been working overtime to marginalize him, though his successes stand as strong testament to his conservative commitment. Besides getting right-to-work legislation passed, he expanded  school-voucher availability, signed legislation repealing a 48-hour waiting period for gun purchases, implemented mandatory drug testing for food-stamp recipients and banned abortions after 20 weeks.

Democrats openly acknowledge, Scott Walker, not Jeb! Bush, is the man to watch. Our May 12, post on Walker can be read here. In it we noted the recent Quinnipiac Poll showing the as-yet-undeclared candidate Walker leading the Iowa Republican caucus pack, with establishment favorite Jeb Bush at a distant seventh. Across the polling board, Walker was hitting it out of the park.

Time will tell if the momentum holds.


14 Responses to Scott Walker launches GOP presidential campaign

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Democrats ARE worried. AOL rushed to put out a hit piece citing the “major hurdles” facing Walker. The left’s concern is so blatant, it made me laugh.

    I consider Walker’s announcement a great coup for conservatives. Jeb Bush is raising establishment money, but can’t move the base. He is the same kind of loser shoved down our throats by the Karl Rove contingent of the GOP which gave us losers Bob Dole and John McCain.

    I’m ready for Walker! I’ve waited a long time for youthful vitality and demonstrated conservative values to take us across the finish line.

  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    Even though Jeb is one of them, Democrats would rather select their own candidate.

    I’m also glad to see Scott Walker’s announcement.

    • Orion says:

      Bingo!! You nailed Jeb Bush’s candidacy perfectly! Jeb’s got the establishment donor money. Scott Walker needs ours. It’s time we put our money where are mouth is:.

      Two terms of Obama should tell us we won’t survive either Clinton or Bush. America needs real leadership.We’ve already done the Clinton/Bush deal once before.

  3. Maggie says:

    Scott Walker is being called “everyman.” I don’t think that’s an accurate description. A more fitting one would be, “every thinking man’s (and woman’s) candidate. He successfully fought the establishment and won! My hero…as well as that of the American Conservative Union, where he owned the attendees.

  4. Braveheart says:

    The best news yet is that AFL-CIO union honcho Richard Trumka said, “Scott Walker is a national disgrace.” Walker is the union’s worst nightmare.

    Trumka is the grimacing, mustachioed, second face you’ll see in this ad exposing Obama and his coonection to the NEA teacher’s union.

    Trumka’s BASE Salary, excluding bonuses, benefits and other perks is nearly $300,000–paid for by forced union membership dues.

  5. azgary says:

    my god does NOBODY do research or vet candidates anymore, no wonder we are in the frigging toilet swirling our way to the sewer:

    “Walker: I support a path to citizenship in comprehensive immigration reform”
    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Friday that he supports a pathway to citizenship to illegal immigrants but said that people who are waiting in line should have “first preference.”…..

    We just have a broken system. And to me, if somebody wants to come in and live the American dream and work hard … we should have a system that works and let’s people in……..

    What about 2016? Walker declined to comment on his own prospects, but offered a suggestion about who might have the best credentials to run — except for the last name: “I think it would have a major impact just because he’s a great performer. And I mean that in the best of sense,” Walker said. “You look at his two terms of governor of obviously a tremendously large and significant state — and he turned things around in terms of the economy… He’s got a great record of success.”
    And if it wasn’t for his last name, Bush might’ve been talked up to run for president sooner.
    “I think frankly in this election and in the past, if you took your finger and covered his last name and just talked about Jeb, there’d be a lot of us who would be talking about him running for president a lot sooner than now,” Walker said.

    NRO: Scott Walker approved Milwaukee county resolution in 2002 demanding comprehensive immigration reform
    The resolution, viewable here, did not mention or spell out such penalties, and expressed support for “comprehensive immigration reform” that would have provided “greater opportunity for undocumented working immigrants to obtain legal residency in the United States.”

    Scott Walker APPROVES TPP / ObamaTrade:

    Scott Walker Supports Common Core
    Walker Defunds Smarter Balanced Test, But Replacement
    Exam Also Aligned With Common Core

    Scott Walker Hires Brad Dayspring – RINO Hired Hit Man against

    See, I told you Scott Walker is a pro-amnesty RINO

    and MUCH more.
    sheesh people do some checking and demand answers, and look to the past not jus new rhetoric

    • Braveheart says:

      It looks as though you believe that stagnation is a way of life. Have your views always remained constant or have you grown as you acquired new information? Scott Walker is a conservative. Did you read the post and absorb what he has accomplished or do you prefer to blow hot air based on past ideas and the first line you read?

      Walker beats the socks off of any of the other GOP candidates. But then I’ve read your comments often enough to know you like none of them and prefer we sit the elections out rather than vote for the “lesser of two evils.”

      Although we agree on many issues, my vantage point differs from yours in that I’m not prepared to let your plea for inaction elect liberals. I’m a precinct committeeman, often frustrated, but still working hard to recruit other PCs and elect Republicans.

      No candidate is perfect. Conservative superstar Ronald Reagan got the illegal ball rolling with his naivety, thinking signing the 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli Act would be the cure all. The actual title of the bill was the ‘Immigration Reform and Control Act.’ It not only failed to control illegal immigration, it increased it many times over and with disastrous results.

      I adore my wife, but we don’t always agree. I’m not kicking her out hoping for unattainable perfection. She’s my perfection.

      • azgary says:

        sure I read the post, and I also have read numerous other articles about walker, who is far from conservative.

        but you go ahead and keep believing election year rhetoric, like build the dang fence LOL.

        oh and btw, how has electing all those “republicans” been working out for ya?

        seems like quite the democrat, big govt agenda has had smooth sailing.

        but that’s ok, because party uber alles and lesser of two evils has been working so well.

    • ZOO says:

      Add to that Walker has a Mc-problem at home. His sons fully support gay marriage and his wife is “torn” on the subject. Tonette Walker has a lesbian cousin married to her “partner.”

      Scroll down to “On opposite sides”:

      • Braveheart says:

        A problem at home? Do you know of anyone whose grown kids mirror their parents views down the line? Many spouses are registered with different parties. Few families march in lockstep on every issue.

        My parents were both registered Democrats. We got along well, but my political views were always vastly different than theirs. I registered as a Republican from Day One. They probably thought they failed, and I quietly wonder how I was fortunate enough to grow past their political vantage points.

        Most young people today hold different views than their parents on same sex marriage, since they have been acculturalized by way of public schools and entertainment to accept it.

      • ZOO says:

        I concur that the Gay Mafia has infiltrated the minds of youth (directly through the American Broadcasting Company/Disney), but the question arises on the influence Walker’s wife would have on him in protecting the religious and non-religious rights of Americans – where that battle is just beginning. I understand that this might pale to Walker being an amnesty monger for over ten years, but it is part of the vetting process.

  6. jakesez says:

    I agree that Scott Walker is a life line in a sea of Rinos but ZOO is correct. Listen to way he and other answer questions. When asked about immigration they always answer that we must build the fence first. Great, then what? Lets hear him in the debates first. Still like Cruz first , Walker and then Trump for fun.