Ringside at AZ GOP: A.J. LaFaro takes on Robert Graham

LaFaro victorious, hoisting truth and fearlessness against McEstablishment

From the ICYMI Department:  Tucson’s conservative News & Talk 104.1 KQTH radio host James T. Harris interviewed former Maricopa County Chairman A.J. LaFaro regarding the boorish actions of Arizona Republican Chairman Robert Graham.

Unbelievably, Graham stopped payment on the rent check for the Maricopa County office that just opened July 13 in Tempe. County GOP officials were notified of Graham’s reprehensible action by the bank. The usually brash Graham went uncharacteristically mute, giving no prior notice of his inconceivable actions to either current Maricopa County Republican Chairman Tyler Bowyer or County GOP Treasurer David Ludwig.

Graham, a committed McCain and establishment ally was obviously engaging in political retribution against Bowyer, who hosted and appeared onstage with Donald Trump during his Phoenix appearance. The July 11, event drew 5,000 attendees, people later marginalized by John McCain as “crazies.”*

Seeing Red AZ covered Graham’s unconscionable behavior in “AZ GOP’s Robert Graham’s spiteful retribution,” using background information by Frosty Taylor, editor of MCRC Republican Briefs.

Opening his radio interview with A.J. LaFaro, James T. Harris read the Seeing Red AZ introduction and continued to discuss the matter with LaFaro, punctuated by the entire Briefs report.

Listen to the informative interview. You’ll quite possibly find out more than you ever knew about the ruthless hierarchy of the Arizona Republican Party. Conservative A.J. LaFaro does a fine job of exposing the unsavory McUnderbelly.

Here’s an example:

“Robert Graham is pathetic,” states LaFaro. “And his latest stunt is just one more reason he needs to resign immediately or be recalled   I’ve said all along that Robert Graham has sold his soul to the devil and to the RINO establishment here in AZ — John McCain, Jeff Flake and Jon Kyl to name a few….”

Our thanks to A.J. LaFaro for speaking the truth and continuing to give conservatives a voice.

* When interviewed by Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly Thursday evening, McCain was asked about his characterization of conservatives as “crazies.” The slippery McCain chuckled and said he was merely “joking.” Unfortunately, O’Reilly let the deceptive McCain off the hook without any further prodding. Arizonans are more attuned. McCain, known for brandishing insults and his salty tongue, brushed off his derogatory depiction of conservatives claiming it was made in jest while dismissing the term “crazies” as a warm tribute. “I have town hall meetings all over Arizona. A guy stands up and tells me I’m crazy, I view it as a term of endearment,” McCain said.

22 Responses to Ringside at AZ GOP: A.J. LaFaro takes on Robert Graham

  1. MacBeth says:

    Robert Graham should be ashamed of himself, though I doubt he’s capable of such an emotion. I’m ashamed for him. Pulling this stunt in advance of the upcoming elections is clear evidence of his lack of concern for the Republican Party. He’s more intent on currying favor with the McCain faction. That tells me he’s looking to them to give him the necessary leg up for his next political ladder climbing quest. I shudder to think what that might be.

  2. Doc says:

    I heard a clip of an interview mcStain gave yesterday this morning on AM 960 The Patriot, in which he was talking about ranchers along our lame southern border, & how he was “concerned” for their ?security?
    As if that lying moron actually cares! Remember 4.5 years ago when he walked along the border fence saying, “build th’ danged fence.” He’s done exactly…NUTHIN’…for our southern ranchers or our fence OR America’s security! He’s doing the same lame thing he always does as re-election time approaches. SKREW HIM! And A-N-Y-B-O-D-Y ASSociated with him! Especially robert mcGraham-nesty! That guy feels like he can do the disgusting things he does because his master does the same thing on a much larger scale. He feels like he’s untouchable. AZGOP needs to show him otherwise!

  3. CD 8 PC says:

    AJ LaFaro is heroic! I look forward to meeting him in person and shaking his hand.

    Robert Graham? Expect more of the same scheming actions from him. He’s already locked conservative PCs out of meetings where we have previously been welcomed and wants to keep crossover voters in Republican primaries in an unconcealed effort to aid John McCain, who needs them to win.. Graham’s curt reason for the newly imposed conservative lockout? “This is a new cycle and I’m shaking things up a bit.”  His arrogance is appalling.

  4. Hometown Guy says:

    What’s up with the love affair the supposedly conservative Fox News has with John McCain? O’Reilly and Greta Van Sistern can’t seem to get enough of the old RINO. When I see him being interviewed, I switch channels. Lately I find there are longer times between my return visits. Why have my intelligence insulted? I’m a lifelong Arizona resident and know McCain and his leftward lurches far better than they do.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      Greta’s in Washington, D.C. and McCain and his sidekick, Lindsey Graham love their faces on TV – so Greta obliges. I can’t watch when they’re on. O’Reilly is in it for the controversy. He was playing school monitor between Trump and McCain yesterday. He declared the rift between Trump & McCain “over” because he said so. He let McCain shine him on with that sarcastic laugh and fib that ‘crazies’ is a term of endearment.

      Now, McCain’s daughter has a show on Fox and has been popping up on Fox & Friends, O’Reilly and probably other shows.
      The McCains’ “good side” will be shown through the 2016 election – thanks to Fox. Free publicity.

  5. ZOO says:

    Before Trump’s Phoenix rally he had an extensive meeting in California with the families of Jamiel Shaw Jr., Sabine Durden, Don Rosenberg, Lupe Moreno, Brenda Sparks, and Robin Hvidston – all murdered by illegal aliens.

    His Phoenix rally featured Jamiel Shaw Sr. and our own Mary Ann Mendoza, mother of police officer Brandon Mendoza killed by an illegal in May 2014.

    Why would this country tolerate a U.S. Senator referring to these people as “crazies?” What would happen if McCain had used this term in reference to the families of the nine shooting victims in Charleston?

    “It was meant in jest,” the Arizona Senator told the Fox News host. “I view it as a term of endearment,” he continued, adding he’s been called crazy by hecklers at town halls and it’s all part of the political game.

    McCain needs to be strapped down and a insignia red bulls-eye tattooed on his unlimited forehead.

    • Kent says:

      Another on target assessment, ZOO. I question the description of McCain’s “unlimited forehead,” however. Given that the old fool has repeatedly revealed himself as brainless, I would characterize his forehead as very limited indeed.

    • Doc says:

      I’d like to take this opportunity to ask everyone here to acknowlege my judicious & monumental use of restraint regarding “Terms of endearment” for mr. mcStain….

  6. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Arizona has two of the least liked senators in the country.
    Jeff Flake is going to Africa with Obama. He’s the only Republican going. Do you think it’s because Flake is one of a small number of Republicans who have expressed openness to the White House’s nuclear agreement with Iran. After all, he worked with Obama on opening up Cuba to the U.S.

    Read more:

    With people like Robert Graham, we’ll continue to be stuck with McCain and Flake. That’s a fate worse than death.

  7. azgary says:


    I suppose there are a WHOLE lot of us “crazies” out there:

    YouGov Poll: After McCain Flap, Trump Trounces GOP Field

    The results of a new poll show that Donald Trump’s stock is rising among Republican voters, with nearly one-third supporting him in the crowded field of GOP candidates.

    A YouGov survey found that 28 percent of registered Republican voters would vote for Trump as their first choice, more than any of the other 15 Republican candidates in the race. That figure is up from the 15 percent who said they would support him in another YouGov poll earlier this month — a poll that Trump also led.

    When combined with the percentage of voters who said they would vote for the candidate as their second choice, Trump leads the field with 38 percent

    Trump’s surging numbers come in the wake of comments he made about Arizona Sen. John McCain, also a Republican. Last weekend, Trump questioned McCain’s status as a war hero during a speech at the Iowa Family Leadership Summit

    In another poll taken earlier this week, 52 percent of likely Republican voters said they viewed Trump at least somewhat favorably, compared to 51 percent who said the same about McCain.

    • azgary says:

      and apparently many of us veterans as well as active duty service members are “crazies” too:

      Shock Poll: Veterans Prefer Trump Over McCain By Double Digits
      A YouGov poll conducted through Wednesday not only shows that Donald Trump’s support has surged among Republicans in the wake of the backlash against unfortunate comments the billionaire businessman made about Senator Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)’s war record, veterans currently serving in the military view Trump more favorably than McCain.

      Among current veterans, a full 53% view Trump favorably compared to just 41% for McCain.

      McCain’s unfavorable rating with this group is also higher than Trump’s, 49% to 42% respectively.

  8. theprecinctproject says:

    If you want to change the Republican Party, the first step is to get inside it. Become a precinct committeeman in your precinct. The precinct committeemen in each legislative district elect one state committeeman for every three elected precinct committeemen. The state committeemen then go to the statutory meeting January and elect the state chairman.

    Consevatives, over half of the precinct committeeman slots are vacant. Fill up all the vacant slots, and you will OWN the Party. You will enjoy an overwhelming majority of conservatives who will in turn elect conservatives to the officer slots of the legislative district committees and county committees. And then you will also elect overwhelming majorities of conservatives into the state committeeman ranks.

    It’s really not that hard to do. IF you show up.

    Will you?

    Thank you.



    • azgary says:


      the party attacks us with pac money like McCain and graham do.

      eliminating conservative pc’s and harming them in the process.

      just stop with pretending what pc’s do matters, mccains henchmen destroy opposition,

      only answer is to vote principle and substance over symbolism.

      in other words do not vote for ANY seated, nationally elected office holder

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        Saw an ad twice already that McCain has on TV sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce. Regular folks out there think the CofC is “good” so McCain must be good. He’s already fighting. We need the opposition to put their dukes up too! He got where he is because he’s a nasty SOB. No other reason.

      • azgary says:

        War: Chamber of Commerce gearing up to take out conservative incumbents in the House next year

        the CoC and anybody they back are a good litmus test for who to vote AGAINST

      • theprecinctproject says:

        Dave Brat cleaned Eric Cantor’s clock in the primary because he focused on what matters: getting voters to the polls. He did that with precinct committeemen and volunteers using rVotes software.

        Conservatives who sit on the sidelines and complain are the problem. The only reason the Republican Party is not “conservative enough” in every precinct, in every legislative district, in every county committee and on the state committee is because there are not enough conservatives “in” the Party as precinct committeemen where they live.

        Over half of these slots are unoccupied.

        Want to change the Party? Get inside it.

        Don’t forget, the state committeemen who were elected by the precinct committeemen elected, and then reelected, Graham. If you are a conservative and you are not in the real ball game of politics, party politics, you really should not be complaining, as you could have gotten involved and then helped elect someone else besides Graham.

        If you want to fix things, become part of the solution. Please.

        Thank you.

  9. LEO IN TSN says:

    1- McFOX TV: The owners & leaders at FOX News, contrary to their propoganda, are not conservative. R Murdoch has been lobbying for AMNESTY for years. The “foreign” owners squelch any scrutiny of Islam. Greta is a DC insider. In 2010, Juan McTraitor became their DC postertroll during his re-election primary against JD Hayworth, a true conservative patriot. Sean “Willow Tree” McHannity had McTraitor on his radio & TV shows every day during the primary for comments on any and everything, if not live – then in sound bites.

    In 2012, McHannity did the campaign thing for RINO Orrin Hatch of Utah, who was also being primaried by a conservative. And by golly, I think he probably did the same thing for King RINO Mitch McConnell in 2014, also facing a tough primary challenge by a conservative patriot in Kentucky. And now, here comes 2016. McHannity and the other McFOXs do whatever they are told.

    2- PC’s who surrender: The conservative PC’s who suddenly wave the white flag of surrender, grab up their marbles and run home are abandoning their oaths and their fellow-PC’s. They are the reason that McTraitor and McGraham have had such success in “transforming” AZGOP. They are the reason we couldn’t get AJ LaFaro elected to a Party position at a state meeting in his home county of Maricopa. They are the reason that McGraham got re-elected in a contentious process. Surrender doesn’t help anyone except the tyrants who step in to take over.

    Instead of sitting home whining and throwing rocks at US (which accomplishes nothing), the energies would be better expended by taking up the role of PC (again, if it fits) and fighting to save the Party and the country. Tantrums won’t change anything – commitment and hard work will. I invite all to jump in and get involved. PC’s still have the right to support conservatives and to not support RINOS.

    God bless America.

    • azgary says:


      how is getting all those “republicans” elected working out for ya?

      • theprecinctproject says:

        You’re right. You probably wouldn’t make a very good PC. You know, all that going to meetings and then helping get out the vote in the primary business is just so mundane. And, the fact that precinct committeemen, and ONLY precinct committeemen, elect ALL of the Party officers, directly or indirectly, is just so unimportant.

        Thank you.

  10. Conservative Since Birth says:


    Power used against we the people.

  11. jojo says:

    DEFUND the GOP nationally, state, county, & city. Check to see if your local CC sends funds the state or national CC. In Green Valley we are not affiliated with any other chamber. They despise what the Chamber has become. Let your businesses know how you feel. GO TRUMP. Implode the republican party. I’m thinking we are on our way to truth telling…..no more PC. THANKS TRUMP. Thanks Maricopa County for sponsoring him.