Robert Graham promises to leave you alone — for a price

A bribe from Bobby

That Robert Graham!  The McEstablishment toady never seems to run out of clever ideas in his quest to attract new people to the Arizona Republican Party.  

In a post titled, “AZ GOP’s Robert Graham’s spiteful retribution,” SRAZ recently reported on his slippery deeds against the Maricopa County GOP, stopping payment on the rent for the Tempe office, within days after the ribbon-cutting grand opening. So committed is he to winning elections, Graham engaged in this trickery as the 2016 campaign season gets underway, and the city early ballots are hitting Valley mailboxes. And in a display of exquisite propriety, Graham neglected to notify either Maricopa County Republican Chairman Tyler Bowyer or Treasurer David Ludwig of his dastardly deed.

Now comes another first-rate idea. Graham promises to leave Republican activists alone — for a price.  For an $8.25 monthly deduction from your credit card, or a one-time donation of $99 to the Redroots Club, members are promised “the perks” of not receiving fundraising letters or phone solicitations from the AZGOP. Additionally he throws in the hook of 50% off all AZGOP events

There is even a mechanism for supporting your county. Given the dirty trick Graham pulled on Maricopa County’s Republican office, officers, and conservative base, our suggestion is to fill up the coffers with donations for Maricopa County Republican Party. It’s a good bet Graham’s deep pocket pals at the Chamber of Commerce will keep the state party’s doors open and the air conditioning humming.  

There is a catch. If you sign up, you’ll still have to endure a quarterly conference call with Chairman Robert Graham and a “special guest.”  If that includes John McCain, Jeff Flake, or Jon Kyl, you might want to request a refund.

9 Responses to Robert Graham promises to leave you alone — for a price

  1. Sparky Smith says:

    Robert must be so strapped for cash— I received my two “offers to join” postage due with a note from my carrier to pay $ 1.42 or just mark return to sender! Well I took the easy way out–I just marked return to sender on both envelopes!

  2. Tempe state committeeman says:

    If you want to help Tyler send any donations to help with the cost of running the Tempe office to 3030 S. Rural Rd, Tempe, AZ 85282 made out to the Maricopa County Republican Party in care of Tyler Bower . Thanks for your support against the vile establishment that would rather push their liberal candidates on us.

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      With Robert Graham at the helm of the AZGOP, I wouldn’t send a slim dime even if I thought it would buy my freedom from his incessant intrusions. Besides, he doesn’t promise to stop sending his self infatuated emails, which I am also sick and tired of receiving.. Our donations go directly to the candidates we support not to the party apparatus. I will be sending a check to MCRC chair Tyler Bowyer. Thanks for including the direct address and bypassing the untrustworthy McGraham machine.

  3. State Delegate says:

    Robert Graham has been a huge disappointment to the conservatives whose votes he curried in his run for state chairman. He and his establishment collaborators are working harder at losing the GOP base, than they are at winning elections.

    McCain colluded with leftacrat Carl Levin in urging the IRS to target tea party and other conservative groups.

    These are undisputed facts, but Graham continues to give McCain cover and follow his marching orders, while engaging in despicable shenanigans like stopping the rent payment on the new Maricopa County Republican office. Tyler Bowyer didn’t march to McGraham’s tune, so he tried to cut him off at the knees. Instead the conservatives I talk to view Bowyer as a conservative hero.

    • Tempe state committeeman says:

      Indeed he is and with young men like that we all should do everything in our power to rid the GOP of the vipers that have infested it. Liberty only lasts as long as citizens are willing to fight for it.

  4. azgary says:

    there will never be a penny of my money going anywhere near the azgop.

    I suggest giving directly to candidates if you are so inclined to support a politician.

    that being said I will be sending something to help Tyler out as a thank you for the middle finger salute he gave to the az mcgop by bringing trump to town, and im not even in Maricopa county.

    • Orion says:

      In this discussion of campaign contributions, you suggest giving directly to candidates, adding, “if you are so inclined to support a politician.”

      People running for office swearing to voters that they are “not a politician” are either abysmally ignorant or think we are. Once any candidate takes out nomination petitions, he or she becomes a politician. But what‘s so wrong with that?. Politician is not a dirty word. All of us are political in one way or another completely separate of running for office. Unless you work on an assembly line mindlessly driving rivets for a living, we all make “political” decisions each and every day at work. We make them in our interactions with others.

      As to politicians: Every elected official from George Washington on down was a politician. Politics is a noble pursuit. Would you vilify every priest because of the pedophiles in the church? The same is true of those you dismiss as politicians. Your knee jerk response is not up to your usual standard..

      • azgary says:

        your remarks are contradictory in themselves.

        I cast no aspersions on candidates or politicians I just suggested if anybody wants to contribute, giving money to them individually instead of through a party apparatus so the monies will not be given to other politicians who you otherwise would not support.

        it is you who associated my completely bland remarks to be derogatory in some manner, you are the one to seemingly associate the term “politicians” in the negative, not me.