Jerk or liar? Biden v. Hillary Dem heartburn producer

Commie wealth confiscator Sanders warming liberal cockles

American liberals are suffering from Clinton Fatigue, just as Republicans are afflicted with a similar malady known as Chronic Bush Syndrome. Republicans however have an abundance of candidates from which to evaluate and eventually nominate. Democrats have Hillary — with a favorability rating at the flushable level of 40% — according to a recent Quinnipiac survey.  She tanks among Democrat voters when gauged as “honest and trustworthy.” This could be why. Or this. Or perhaps this. Maybe this.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, a self-described “Democratic Socialist,” who was elected as an Independent and is now running for the presidency as a wealth redistributionist (a basic tenet of communism) Democrat — is pulling some stronger numbers than Hillary, shocking seasoned politicos. Demonizing achievers is his gig.

Meanwhile, Obama’s VP Joe Biden, known as the gaffe machine, has reportedly been meeting with advisors to explore the idea of taking on Hillary in Iowa and New Hampshire.

On the Republican side, Business Insider picks Who’s In and Who’s Out for the Aug. 6, first GOP debate. The best popcorn is Orville Redenbacher’s.


13 Responses to Jerk or liar? Biden v. Hillary Dem heartburn producer

  1. azgary says:

    very sad that the commie sanders has a better take on illegals and to much legal immigration than the republicans or the democrats.

    “Bernie Sanders: ‘No Question in My Mind’ Immigration Hurts Jobs”

    yes he is still for amnesty, but at least he admits there is a problem, the majority of republican politicians will tell us illegals and increased immigration is a wonderful thing, deny they are for amnesty, all while giving us the reasons we cannot get rid of illegals, give us their amnesty scheme(while denying its amnesty) and plea for more legal immigration as an economic necessity.

    if they will not say illegals need to go, they are anti-American citizen and do not deserve a vote, only contempt and scorn, same goes for anybody who votes for them.

  2. American Dad says:

    With this leftist lineup, the only way Republicans can lose is due to major missteps. Then again, my prediction doesn’t take into consideration the intentionally dumbed down electorate—a product of the far left unionist teachers in the government schools (formerly known as public schools). Liberalism, not education, is their actual agenda. Listen to the NEA lawyer bragging about the union’s education “achievements.”

    • azgary says:

      if a republican is nominated who does not choose American citizens over foreign invaders and CoC/wall street lobbyist bribes and say the only option for illegal aliens is they MUST GET OUT OF THE COUNTRY by choice or by force they will not win.

      too many of us simply will not vote for them, we will not support our own destruction.

      and if we have no republican president in 2016, we will not have one again, through immigration both legal and illegal, democrats are creating a permanent voting majority.

      republicans know this and do not care as long as they have short term power and lobbyist bribes

      • Casper says:

        So you advocate aiding and abetting the destruction of America by electing a liberal? That definitely sounds like a solid plan. The next president will have the opportunity to make appointments to the US Supreme Court that will alter America in unimaginable ways. You must not have children and/or grandchildren that you care about, but most of us do. Voting irrationally is lunacy.

        BTW, how exactly do you envision rounding up the 30+ million illegals? (not 10 to 12 million we constantly hear about from illegal advocates.) Cattle cars? Will you then bulldoze or set fire to their homes and contents to ensure they don’t return? How would you deal with those who do? I want an end to the illegal invasion of America as much as you do, but your approach is not feasible and illegal to boot. Maybe I’ve missed it, but how would your roundup plan be carried out. Do you advocate sending the military pounding on doors in the dark of night and hauling families out of their homes or insisting they drive themselves to the border under the watchful eyes of armed guards? What about the illegals who fight back? Would they be shot? Would we have American military in tanks overseeing the mass deportation? How long do you figure it would take? I’ve repeatedly read your advocacy this plan but you’ve neglected to finish with how it would be implemented. I’m curious.

      • azgary says:

        nice laraza, chamber of commerce talking points regarding illegals, how long have you preferred illegals over American citizens?
        getting rid of illegals is easy enough, starting with enforcing current laws and how about crippling fines and long prison terms for employers of illegals?

        but no, you amnesty pimps cant have that, you need that cheap foreign labor to take American jobs and drive down wages for other americans.

        your rhetoric is pure laraza, Reconquista drivel with the rnc/gop garbage thrown in.

        when you say “we cant” its so much bullshirt. we have had mass deportations in the past, with much fewer assets and much less technology than we have today.

        just admit, you like everybody else who spews that baloney is for amnesty, and taking jobs from americans while lowering wages and creating a permanent democrat voting majority and have it over with.
        American citizens do not come first with you folks.

        oh, and btw… are those bush scotus appointments doing for you?

        you party uber alles, lesser of two evils people are why the politicians and the party ignore us, in fact they spit on us.

        but you kep doing the same thing you have always said and done and see what changes.

        heres a hint, nothing will

    • Strom says:

      You should be right but may not be. Will depend on the Republican. Just like our Senate race, would depend on the opponent. I am not hopeful!

      • State Delegate says:

        Engaging in defeatist, self fulfilling prophesy doesn’t get conservatives elected. Get out and talk to your neighbors, put yard signs up, work with other conservatives at getting the job done. Are you a precinct committeeman? Find out if there are vacancies in your precinct and get appointed. Call the AZ GOP at (602) 957-7770 and they’ll tell you if there are openings or use this link ro get the name and contact information of your district chairman.
        This is vitally important. Let’s start with defeating John McCain and electing Dr. Kelli Ward, a knowledgeable state senator and medical doctor.

        We welcome your involvement.

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Obama’s two terms sending this country into a downward spiral is why the GOP has 17 or so candidates for president. It would be suicidal if all Democrats are still enamored with where we are after 7 years of Obama. Hillary is turning into a cartoon character with her incessant lying every time she opens her mouth. And she’s not even a likable liar like goofy Joe Biden. The way he was ‘all in’ for Obamacare was pitiful to watch. Joe Biden has been a joke for decades. However, I have a friend (Los Angeles) who’s thrilled with the possibility of voting for him rather than Hillary. Also have friends in VT who are RINOs and who, for as long as I’ve known them, have never mentioned Bernie Sanders – negatively nor positively. It’s like he’s forever part of the landscape. He’s just ‘there.’ Maybe they just feel overwhelmed by the socialists in the formerly very conservative state.

    There’s a long way to go to the 2016 election and right now – it’s anybody’s guess as to who the candidates will be. The Democrats aren’t looking very prepared for what’s ahead.

  4. azgary says:

    in some good news, Boehner is still in trouble. don’t forget to keep the heat on the az reps to dump Boehner:

    Exclusive–John Boehner Embarrassed: His Whip Team Couldn’t Find Votes to Reelect Him Speaker Last Week
    Boehner’s team was getting ready to move the resolution to the floor—and their move actually backfired, because all of his leadership team now knows he’s too weak to get re-elected unless somehow the political dynamic changes between now and a vote. Of course, with politically hungry people everywhere on Capitol Hill, that means that one of them could turn on Boehner or that conservatives could muscle up the strength to get rid of him.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      Just saw that myself. Looks like I will call my Rep. for a third or 4th ? time – but I have a hunch he’s already on board. Boehner MUST go. Kevin McCarthy and the Rogers woman from WA should not be allowed near a Speaker’s job either. Scalise is questionable if not unacceptable. We need a Conservative as Speaker.

      • azgary says:

        most of the ones I would like are actually to junior to have a chance at being elected, but getting rid of Boehner would be great, it would also put a little backbone in the successor.

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Is this a ‘message’ to Hillary – from a former big Democrat player:

    Video MSNBC Guest Hillary Will Die A Death Of A Thousand Cuts

  6. jon jensen says:

    If joe biden is the answer what is the question?