Phoenix election: Vote NO on Props, YES for Brennan

Phoenix will officially hold its city election Aug. 25, 2015  The ballot includes the race for mayor, four of the eight city council seats and five propositions.

There is a pretence of the offices being non-partisan, which is a charade of major proportions — fooling no one. Greg Stanton, running for his second term as mayor received a congratulatory call on his 2011 victory from Barack Obama and Janet Napolitano. Last week, a month preceding  Election Day, the leftwing Arizona Republic blew him a fawning kiss in a presumptuous  editorial titled, “Stanton’s second act.”  Stanton is so sure of himself, as of this date, he has not bothered to put up campaign signs.

We support Republican Anna Brennan. She’s a long shot in a city that hasn’t elected a Republican mayor in two decades. But so was conservative David Brat who spectacularly toppled House Majority Leader Eric Cantor last year, after being outspent $5.7 million to $231,000.

The editorial was notable for admitting, Stanton “was lifted to office on the shoulders of public sector labor unions, especially police and fire.”  Therein lies a significant part of the puzzle as to why liberals like Greg Stanton get elected in the nation’s sixth largest city in a red state.

Voter turnout is notoriously low during August in Phoenix. Many residents have not yet returned from their summer vacations, contributing to the abysmally low voter participation. The solid voting blocs are those reliable unions who “lifted Stanton on their shoulders”: police, fire fighters and unionized teachers. Stir into that mix other City of Phoenix employees, and the outcome becomes obvious as special interest groups disproportionately skew the vote to the left.

General participation would be greater and the costs lowered if city elections were consolidated with state and federal elections rather than off-year stand-alones. Keeping them as they are is doubtless part of the status quo strategy.

Three of the four city council candidates, those in districts 1, 3, and 7 are unopposed incumbents. Only first-term council member Daniel Valenzuela, a Democrat and former firefighter union boss faces an opponent. Felix Garcia is the Republican in the District 5 race.

The five propositions are numbered 100, 101, 102, 103 and 104. In reading the 104-page yellow “publicity pamphlet,” issued by the City of Phoenix, we focused on the “arguments in support and opposition” to the measures.  With the exception of Prop. 104 which has arguments in opposition, the others are notable for their support by city insiders, unionists, Democrat state legislators, former mayors and Chamber of Commerce members.  We strongly urge a NO vote on them all, some of which are slickly worded in an effort to deceive. The city is not in favor of actual pension reform and desires unfettered control over its purse strings.

Americans for Prosperity answers the questions and exposes the fallacies about Arizona ballot Proposition 104. SRAZ urges a NO vote against doubling the city transit tax over 35 years and spending over $31 billion on the unaccountable light rail expansion. Notice all of the campaign signs in support and none in opposition?  That alone tells who has the money and benefits from the expansion. The Arizona Free Enterprise Club recently released its study on the Phoenix Transit Plan Tax Hike, which debunks many of the claims made by the tax increase proponents.

13 Responses to Phoenix election: Vote NO on Props, YES for Brennan

  1. azgary says:

    District 6 Phx City Councilman Sal DiCiccio: Warning: Politicians Inserted the word “MAY” to Deceive Voters Please Read the Ballot Language Vote NO on 104, 103, 102 & 101. Mayor Stanton and other like-minded politicians inserted the word “MAY” on the $31.5 Billion Tax Increase for transportation at the last minute. The politicians at City Hall passed this at the last minute to help their cronies and other insiders who are spending millions to pass this proposal. Please don’t be fooled and read the ballot before you vote. A few examples what the government unions got in the budget approved at the last minute. The $31.5 Billion will be used to pay:

    ü $109,000- Average compensation for over 12,000 government union workers

    ü 40.5-Days off for a starting union clerk at city hall on their first year on the job

    ü $17 Million-Inserted as “New Pay Raises” for Union workers this year alone

    ü $19 Million-Used to pay for “Pension Spiking”

    ü $183 Million-What the top 50 Pensioners at City Hall will receive by the age of 75

    Do not trust the politicians that wrote this proposal. Do Not Be Fooled, Look At Their Ballot Ruse! “May” Means They Have Intent To Deceive So They Can Spend The $31.5 Billion For Their Friends! Prop 104: Too Much, Too Long: No Blank Check! Again, Please Vote No On Props 101,102, 103 And 104.

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I don’t live in Phoenix and don’t vote in that election, but that 2 minute video shows Greg Stanton to be just a typical big-spending Democrat and that’s what’s wrong with big cities in this country, run by Democrats.

    Anna Brennan was on ‘Politics Unplugged’ last night and she has the right ideas as to how to run a city: Don’t spend so much taxpayer money. They asked Stanton to appear on the show and he ‘wasn’t available.’

    SRAZ plays a very important role during elections, explaining the propositions and a little background politics. It makes it easier for voters to decide how to vote.

  3. State Delegate says:

    Thanks for this informative piece, SRAZ. I’m a Phoenix native and remember when the city elected candidates ran in support of the city’s charter not attempting to nullify it. In fact they were known as Charter Government candidates. The council members were elected at large rather than representing sculpted districts. That required them to work in unity as they represented the entire city rather than various and often ethnic-based segments of the whole, encouraging separation among our citizens. Now Chamber of Commerce entities call the shots. Today Phoenix is a “Sanctuary City” for illegals. Zoning ordinances have become toothless with the city’s blessings and the grossly overpaid city manager essentially has free rein.

    District voting has given rise to the worst elements in society feeling free to race bait. During a recent council election liberal leaders within the black community derogatorily blasted a Democrat white woman Kate Gallego, married to a Hispanic state legislator as an “interloper” and called her “a white sham candidate in brown face.” Former councilman Calvin Goode, a black man who was repeatedly reelected by the at-large voters (not district) beginning in the early 1970’s wrote this despicable letter to the editor about Kate Gallego. Even worse, the newspaper printed it!

    She won despite the racial slurs aimed her way. Her husband is now representing CD 7 in Congress. I’m a Republican and don’t live in her district, but can anyone imagine this letter being printed had it been written by a white person in opposition to a minority candidate? This is the shoddy reality of city council district representation.

    • azgary says:


      all white people, especially heterosexual males are racist,sexist, homophobes who kick puppies and kittens.

      no people of any other color sexual orientation or unusual “gender” are or can be prejudice in any fashion. all of the ills in the world are also caused by the same white people.

      so anything anybody who is non white does is wonderful and we must praise it.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      Why doesn’t Calvin C. Goode tell that to Barack Obama. I don’t remember the last time Obama came to the aide of the White population. He and his administration are only interested in the Blacks and Hispanics — even though he couldn’t possibly be elected twice without the White population. He’s bent on destroying America, a product of White people.

  4. azgary says:

    This is the power of using the word “DEPORT” as I have been saying, if a Republican politician will not say illegals must LEAVE the country period, end of sentence, they will not be elected. the stand on deporting even pulls democrats. everybody is harmed by illegals, other than republican politicians who get bribed to provide slave labor to the CoC and the democrat party who gets a permanent voting majority from the imported democrat voters.

    illegals leaving by choice or by force is the ONLY ACCEPTABLE POSITION

    SHOCK POLL: 36% of GOP Voters Likely to Vote for Trump If He Runs Third Party…
    Worrisome for Republicans, however, is the finding that over a third (36%) of Likely GOP Voters say they are likely to vote for Trump if he’s a third-party candidate, with 18% who are Very Likely to do so. One-in-three (33%) voters who are not affiliated with either major party also are likely Trump voters, including 16% who say they are Very Likely to vote for him if he runs third-party.

    Even 19% of Democrats describe themselves as likely Trump voters

    • Enuff says:

      Why doesn’t the fact that Trump himself is inconsistent in his views on deportation of illegals register with you? He says after they are made to leave (he won’t specify how that would be accomplished) he would “expedite” returning the “good ones.” He says the same thing about the American born children of illegals, explaining he has a “big heart.” I’d like to hear a presidential candidate address rectifying the misinterpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment, allowing for birthright citizenship. THAT person would get my vote in a heartbeat.

      The Fourteenth Amendment was enacted immediately after the Civil War to address the citizenship of American born children of newly freed African born slaves. It was never intended to give American citizenship to those in our country illegally or the babies born to wealthy Asian and Middle Eastern women who specifically travel to the U.S. to give birth to American born children. “Birth tourism” has become a major industry and our congress is too brain dead to put an end to it. Try raising the issue with ANY of the AZ Congressional Republicans and see what response you’ll get.

      This news report in the Orange County Register (California) tells of just one of these booming “birth mills.” The headline is. “Birth tourism: An Irvine company makes $2 million in 2013 enticing foreign women to give birth to hundreds of babies in O.C., feds say.”
      READ IT:–.html

      THEN WATCH THIS: (3:36 is where he vacillates on illegal immigration)

      • azgary says:

        he is the only one who will say the word deport, all of the others will tell us why it cannot be done and that illegals are great, plus we need more legal immigration.
        no one else will even say the word deport, at least trump gives us some hope
        I Know at times his message has been mixed but….

        in this Trump stands alone, none of the others has even approached this:

        Donald Trump: “All Illegals Must Leave US And Apply To Return.”

    • Observer says:

      You point to what you call the “power of using the word DEPORT.” That’s fine, but he’s short on substance when it comes to how he intends to accomplish this deed.

      Let me say I am not a bleeding heart and I have no use for anyone slithering into the United States illegally with utter contempt of our laws. Once here they stomp on our flag as we saw at the state capitol, demand benefits, refuse to assimilate, learn our language and value our heritage as actual legal immigrants from countless other countries have done. I refuse to call these people immigrants since actual immigrants arrive legally and are grateful for the opportunity to be Americans.

      That said, for Donald Trump to “use the word DEPORT,” means nothing. It’s a word calculated to generate enthusiasm from people like the two of us and many others who are sick and tired of being overrun by emboldened, impoverished illiterates who cost us billions and view us as fools to underwrite their lives.

      Trump is a showman. He plays for moment. In many ways he‘s immature. After nearly two terms of Obama, the United States needs a statesman. We might not agree on every issue, (I was furious with Reagan’s 1986 amnesty) but the egomaniacal Trump is not the answer. He’s surging now. It will be interesting to see how he stacks up during the Thursday night debate on Fox.

      Watch this newscast showing the $ billions in fraud tied to the IRS’s child tax credit. Illegal Mexicans are milking us dry.

      • azgary says:

        we need somebody to stop the bleeding, the illegals and mass immigration needs to stop, and I don’t care if their etiquette or comportment is not up to your standards.

        no matter the candidate, they must say illegals have to go, anything else means americans murdered, their jobs taken and wages driven down, plus a permanent democrat voting majority.

        nope, I don’t care if hes blunt and a little abrasive. maybe we need that to push back against our opposition that always beats us, pushing us leftward.

        illegals have to leave, and none of the others will even say it, let alone do it

  5. Saguaro Sam says:


    The Four Corners coal-powered generating Plant in New Mexico was evacuated today (Monday) after several suspicious devices were found.

    APS is the majority owner of that power plant.

    Yesterday (Sunday), two churches in Las Cruces, New Mexico sustained damage after bombs exploded right outside of the church doors, during Sunday services.

    Everyone be careful out there.

  6. Sonya says:

    Let’s not forget Felix Garcia, a conservative businessman running against big lib, union insider, Prop. 104 lover, Daniel Valenzuela.

    For more about Valenzuela’s double life check out

    Let’s get Felix on the Council.